New tortoise table for our rescued Greek tort

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Nov 3, 2012
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Today is moving day for Boo! I finally finished his tort table - here is a pic of his table - I still have to add his basking light and the substrate and water dish (still with him).

The table is 4'x a little under 2' - not as large as I'd like, but I had to work with the surface space we had. He'll get a bigger enclosure in a couple of years, and this one will become the RT nursery (keeping fingers crossed for RT eggs!).
The front is glass with a 4" sight barrier painted on. The back has a mural painted on that matches the curtains and pillows in the room. The wood stain turned out a bit darker than I intended, but I still like it. The hide house also doubles as a plant stand.

Boo\'s new table.JPG

I'll post pics of the inside as soon as I've added the substrate and moved Boo over.

For those who are new to the forum, I HIGHLY recommend building/buying the tortoise enclosure WELL before getting the tortoise. Boo needed to be rescued from a bad situation (tethered by a ring in his shell!), so being in a tiny 20gal aquarium for 4 weeks while I built the table was the lesser of two evils.
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