Odin (sulcata) thinks spring is delicious!


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Jan 5, 2013
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Odin's Gma

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Dec 21, 2014
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Hilarious! My parents-in-law have this gnome in their yard. I had to send her the photo of yours! :D

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How is the juice bar this season?
That is fantastic!
The juice bar is great! The roses are already starting to bloom with tasty little rosehips at their bases, there are unripe cherries on the tree, the golden raspberries are stretching their legs and sprouting outside the garden, both mulberries died to the ground but came back, the blueberries are back and I added something called a honey berry a couple weeks ago! I don't know anything about it but it was $20 and I couldn't resist!
Also, in other areas of the yard the wild blackberries are absolutely BURSTING with unripe fruit! and have taken over the corner of the yard

And that stinker Odin loves to make me dig him out of their brambles :mad:

And the wild raspberries I nabbed from my folks lake place are spreading like crazy behind the birdbath, which you can't see because the grapevines are going wild! the one in the center of the pic is the smaller of the 3, the other two are taking over the fence to the left of the pic.

We also added a 4' x 16' raised bed this year to keep Mr. Grumpy away from some of the veggies so we get some, but it has attracted more bunnies than ever, so I don't anticipate getting any more than the tomatoes, onions and peppers we get every year, but that is okay with me. LOVE the bunnies!

It has been a busy BUSY spring!

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