Open top tank vs closed chamber for baby Burmese star


Aug 10, 2021
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25CDA99A 0DCE 46BB B3F7 EF1D264E417C This is Stella, an 8 month old Burmese star tortoise. When I first got her 2 months ago I kept her in a 20L as a temporary enclosure while I awaited my PVC cage from Dragonhaus. Even with foil over the top it was impossible to keep the humidity up high enough, so I made do with misting and daily soaks. Now she’s in a closed chamber and she’s so much more active. She used to hunker in the humid hide and come out to eat, that was it. Now she’s all over the place. I just wanted to thank the authors of the 2 pinned care sheets, I must have read each one 10 times. Stella thanks you too!

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Old cage, impossible to keep humid