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Jul 7, 2010
So I got an Aldabra tortoise about 2 years ago from dr. Sam in Florida and this lil tortoise become one of my family since then. Now my wife and I have a plan to move back to my country in a couple years but I want to take my tortoise back home with me. The problem is I don't have a Cites permit. I've tried to contact dr. Sam many times and Im willing to pay for it but only one answer I got is "I am so sorry, always so busy but know it is important to you, i will work on it.". It is almost a year since I email him but the answer is always the same that he is so busy and still work on it.
My point is can I apply a permit by myself? since dr.Sam is not willing to help, I guess :-(
If anyone knows how to apply please help me out. I want him to be in my family for the rest of my life.

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Apr 27, 2012
Exporting can be a difficult and complicated task, especially for those unfamiliar. For a single pet animal like this, your best bet is to work with an export broker and let them do the legwork and use their expertise. You can try Michael Cole at Ballroom Pythons South, he is the broker we regularly refer folks to. Best of luck!
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