RT eggs - fertile or not?


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Apr 3, 2015
Hi guys!

I have 4 RT females - 2 of them laid egs. Now I am incubating 10 eggs - 4 of them are properly developing, 1 is definately infertile, 3 were laid toady so I am still waiting.

About 4 days ago one of them laid 3 eggs and up to day there is no sign of fertilisation. Is there any hope that there will be any tortoises from that?

Looking back at my past experiences ( my torts "produced" 17 little ones) time is not on my side but maybe I have to wait?

What are you experiences with RT eggs?


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Jan 9, 2010
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What are you looking at from the outside of the egg that makes you so sure that there is development or not?

Just incubate all of them and leave them in the incubator until they either start to rot, or hatch. I think all of us have had some pleasant surprises from eggs that we thought were not fertile or developing.