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Should My Tortoise Be Allowed To Roam around on the Floor of my Room?

Discussion in 'Tortoise FAQs - New and need help?' started by Yvonne G, Nov 30, 2017.

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  1. Yvonne G

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    Ascott said:
    To let a tort roam our habitats or not? Always a question that will offer up a bunch of opinions, stories of what happened to some, stories of how dumb it is and success stories....so if you see the trend here, it is that folks do alot of different things based on their own lives. Now, I would love nothing more than to have a posse of torts cruising through the house at will...well, except for the huge puddles of urine, and some species offer up white gooey urates mixed in with the pee....so much fun to clean and then disinfect (especially if there are children in the home, or dogs that lick floors)..oh and then there is the moments where the tort will be set on moving behind the electronic equipment and get all caught up in the cords....and now way will the cords stop them, they have no problem continuing on their path and all kinds of things come crashing to the floor (you see, torts will rarely throw it in exact reverse to get out of a situation, onward and upward) and a total score if they come across any little doo dads they may come across on the floor, hair from the humans (which is awesome when intwined within their gut as it attempts to move through) or a piece of something that is hard or broken off of something else and sharp (again, a great item for causing rips and tears to their system...and not nice at all if it does actually make it through and out the end---ouch)...and then there is the awesome dash, or be smashed by one of those cumbersome humans along with the smaller versions of them....and if there are any dogs in the house...awesome, the tort can get to experience what it may be like to be a rawhide treat....

    So, while there may be a few hazards...there is always the eventual reality to the tort that has been allowed to roam a large area, that well, it is there... a large area. Once a tort has been exposed to a large space, it will be unsatisfied and unable to settle into an appropriate enclosure set up for its safety....see, when you take on the responsibility of hosting a tort---it is kinda your task to do what is best for the health and well being of the tort....so perhaps making the indoor time enclosure the best it can be...at so be it, the tort will learn its environment and will get a routine down there just as you feel he will in your habitat...you may also want to invest a bit of time in researching what is involved in supporting a healthy brumation for this species, they are deeply driven to brumate....just some sharing here....again, no judging--seriously.
    Thanks, Angela
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