Southern Ibera Greeks, CB'21, direct from the breeder

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Feb 27, 2009
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The Catskill Mountains of New York State
Southern Ibera Greek tortoises, Testudo ibera. These are true Southern race Ibera born from my original wild caught adults that were imported into the U.S. in small numbers back in the late 1980's. Very few have been imported since and there are just a hand full of people breeding them. The adults are surprisingly cold hardy and fully brumate. The babies are very active and strong. They are currently being housed outdoors in natural enclosures.
All of the babies that I offer come with lifetime care support.
Live delivery is guaranteed.
I accept Paypal as payment.
Shipping cost is in addition to the selling price. Interested buyers can send me their zip code to determine their actual shipping cost.
I ship FedEx Next Day Delivery anywhere within the lower 48 states.
Please contact me directly with any questions at: [email protected]
$200 each.

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