Symmetrical Black Spots on Dalmatian Hermanns back legs


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Nov 25, 2016
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Hi All!

My tortoise has these black spots on her back legs, but she is still eating and moving around, any idea if this is normal? I havent found another thread of this. She has been sick before (pinworms when we got her at 3 months old) and acted very lethargic, so I am not as concerned, but would appreciate everyones thoughts!

I will give more details about her below, but my theory is that this was some irritation from her nesting and perhaps her skin was rubbing her shell. Laid eggs back in January, and is eating a lot of calcium again, so I wonder if another is on the way. As I type this she is chomping away on her cuttlebone.


Mila (7 years old, Female, Laid eggs in January and last year) seems all good. She is eating, she is drinking, and she I think has pooped (its been about 3 days but it is sometimes hard to find them). My tank is coconut coir mats on the bottom and then loose coconut coir on top everywhere. Her warm end has a heat lamp that goes up to 95 and the cool end is 68. humidity is not great so I spray her tank regularly with water and keep the coir damp. her tank is 5 feet by 3 feet and she has a heat lamp and a UVB lamp.

She eats Mazuri Small tortoise diet, romaine, endive, bok choy and sometimes cucumber. The mazuri gets given to her every few days. she gets fresh water very day and normally hops in the water bowl in the morning so she kind-of soaks herself. That said, I also soak her about 1-2 times a month.

What are everyones theories? Thank you for your time.


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