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Apr 9, 2018
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New Jersey
My Insta-hatch Egg from Tortstork.
About a year ago, I came across something cool on Instagram. There was a guy who was selling not just hatchling tortoises... but also the option to buy one still in the egg. I reached out to him, wondering if that was even possible. The only thing i knew about eggs was that if your box turtle laid an egg and you were careless enough to even roll the egg over, you would kill the embryo. So of course i thought there is no way someone could send an unhatched egg through the mail. Within minutes of me reaching out, I met Randy. The stork himself. He explained the whole process to me. Whats more he offered me testimony from people who had already bought from him. They hatched tiny little tortoises in their own home. I stayed in touch with Tortstork over the next few months. I had never owned a tortoise. I always wanted one but they can be quite an investment. But I knew that if i made the investment i wanted to do it big. Not Sulcata big. I wanted to get my tortoise still in it’s egg and watch it see the world for the first time. I expected to be overwhelmed. But it couldn’t be farther from what happened. Over the months i asked a million questions. Randy answered every one and even showed me where I could find out more. Places like Tortoise Forum. I finally settled on a Cherry Head Egg. My egg was sent out, arriving the next day. Expertly packed. He was already cracking through his shell. I followed the instructions given and within the first day his little face was peering out at me. By the next morning he had cracked a section and shifted position. Full on Tortoise Butt was sticking out. 48 hours later the shell was almost completely cracked. Around hour 72 i lifted a loose piece of shell to see my first tortoise. Sleeping in his little paper towel nest. Overall it has been an amazing experience. Every step of the way I had full support from this Vendor. I never felt overwhelmed. As cool as it was, it was also just as easy. I’m already trying to decide what Tort number 2 will be.