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Hello Dee57. Teddy here in Leesburg. I have 7 red foots. 5 youngsters from 1 to 2 years and 2 adults of 9 years. Great outdoor terrariums, fresh foods and water daily. If I qualify I could pick them up in JAX after the 1st week of July. Phone. 954-815-7402. Thanks
I have two Ornate Box Turtles from West Texas Border area. They've been with my for a year and have grown from 2 and 3 grams to 111 grams and 112 grams for the other in that year. I have learned everything about them, so far, on my own through research, they are a difficult breed to to tend to for sure!
Hey Tom new to the group and tortoise husbandry, I read your article on care for leopards and found all the information fascinating.
My question is….is this information and guidelines just for hatchlings? I believe I have a yearling and I want to make sure I have everything correct.
The enclosure is a 4x4x8 ft everything to your specs as well. Just wondering when to switch to different specs as they grow
I wrote it with hatchlings in mind, but it includes info about what to do as they grow, such as reducing soaks and giving them more time outside.
Tom my tortoise was born in 2019 is he still classed as a hatchling ?
No. Hatchling = up to about 6 weeks. 6 weeks to one year = baby. Yearling or juvenile after that, depending on size and species. These are generally accepted colloquial terms. Not "scientific" in any way.
Turtle was lost in backyrd winter 2020-21. Tho relatively mild, there were 5-6(?) freezing nites. He didn't bury deep enuf & top half of keratin froze off, leaving him mostly "bald". 5 mos after he was found "black stuff" started growing UNDER shell at seams of scutes. Is the black replacement keratin? or? He acts ok. (the single herp-vet in Eugene,Ore. is NO help at all.) Tried attaching pic w/o luck.
No offense but your website becomes extremely slow in my cellphone after you changed it several times. The old one 1-2 years ago was super fast to load. I am in Seattle and use Xfinity for wifi and AT&T for cellphone data plan
I’m curious as to the 4’x8’ size requirement for a Russian tortoise. Is this from a hepetologist or opinion? I’m asking because my Russian is In a 2x6’ enclosure. Two zoomed habitats put together.

Do you or are any of you scientist with data? I’m only asking because I feel horribly guilty.

I live in a condo. I hear him digging and scratching now and then.
What supplements do you recommend?
Calcium once or twice a week, Herptivite once a week. For most species I also like the original Mazuri, 5M21, as a good supplemental food. The Mazuri LS and both of the ZooMed chows are good. Will @Kapidolo Farms sells all sorts of good dried leaf options as well as cactus flour for calcium and other great products.
Having said all of that, the best thing you can do is feed a varied diet with a whole bunch of different weeds, leaves, flowers, and grasses for grass eating species.
Hi Tom, I live in So. Cal. With the drought and water restrictions going on I need to significantly reduce the lawn irrigation. I have a sulcate desert tortoise who loves his back yard and eat the fresh Bermuda grass. I’m considering using the grass and lawn amendment AquaSmart, I would appreciate any input/advise whether this is safe for my tortoise or not. I would appreciate your input so I can order it. Thank you!
Sulcatas are not desert tortoises. I don't know what AquaSmart is but whatever it is I would not want my tortoise eating it. I say to hell with their stupid restrictions. I can't water my lawn, but they can build thousands of new homes all around me? You aren't watering your lawn. You are growing food for your animal to eat.
Luzmary Holt
Hi Tom, thanks for the reply, I love your hearth fell fire regarding the water restrictions, trust me I feel the same, as a law avidin citizen I thought I would try to accommodate without endangering my pet. Thanks again, have a nice weekend
Hi Tom,
New to site. so here's my question? I built the cinder block burrow for my tortoise put the cover on it but before covering it with dirt I peeked in on her and she's digging under the cinder blocks.. How do I prevent the blocks from caving in on top of her. She's got her head under one as I write. help..removing her from burrow for now..thank you
Bonita and Brownie..
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Cinder block burrows don't work. This is why.

What species are we talking about? What size? Where are you? Best to make a thread in the general discussion area, or in the area for your species, instead of on my profile.
got it..Thank you
Owner of sulcata and leopard tortoise
Lyn W
Lyn W
Hi, not many people read profile posts but if you post on the main forum - in the Introductions thread - you'll get a big welcome and more responses.
I assume the 2 torts are being housed separately (different species shouldn't be housed together and even the same species shouldn't be kept in pairs), but if you need advice about this then please ask on the main forum.
Hi there fellow RF keeper! I am a new member that also live in beautiful PR. I am wondering if you know a good tortoise vet? Planning a first check up for my 7 months old Redfoot.
Muchísimas gracias!
Maybe hes been watching too much tv..and violence..How about happy music classical..and a warm hot soak in the tub..Afterall you want a happy tortie right?
Hello i am new to the forum. I have some knowledge about tortoises, but i am a lil confused about my species. Please let me know what you think my tortoise is. Thank you. How do i post a pic on this?

I put a pic of my tortoise on my
Profile. Hope this helps
Cashew this past weekend catching some sun. I made a tiktok for them if you'd like to follow. The @ is the same :)
Cashew is cute !! Must have ate already. My tortoise wouldn't sit that still with all that food around.