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Hi Tom. I’m looking for a few Burmese stars (platynota) to bring home. When will you have babies next?
Not until spring time. Try @Markw84 or Gus @G-stars Both start babies as well or better than I do. I'd buy from either of them.
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I am looking to adopt a horsefield tortoise in the Denver area if anyone has any contact me
Hello my name is Yevo (not really) and I am getting a horsefield tortoise you can ask me questions about torts
Lyn W
Lyn W
Hi and welcome. If you post on the main forum in Introductions you'll get more responses. Meanwhile this will help you make sure you have everything set up correctly to give your tort everything he needs
Hi Kingsley , Tom had mentioned on the tortoise forum you might have some Indian stars, looking for some females. If you possibly have some I would be very interested.

Hi, I would like to buy some radiated tortoises, I have got a large backyard with a shed for shade and will feed these tortoises mixed vegetables including few carrots from time to time, romaine lettuce, collard greens, mustard greens, and cactus pads from time to time. Please reply to me if interested, Thank you!!!
Hi Tom,
I've been wanting a radiated tortoise and I live in Cali. Do you have any breeder you would recommend?
thank you

Hi Zovick, I want to seek advice about radiated tortoises diapause period and hatching some of the questions, convenient to consult
I do not have time to write a narrative on hatching Radiated Tortoise eggs. If you have some specific questions, ask them and I will try to answer them.
Hi Zovick,
Do you know any breeders in California that sell radiated tortoises?
Hope you have a nice day!
Hi Zovick
Do you know any breeder sell radiated tortoise in California?
Thank you
Check your personal conversations. I replied to you there.
Jordan C
Thank you
New sulcata owner. Need food advice. All links welcomed.
Well sand is gone from Tippys enclosure and the first wetting down of mulch has taken place. I will wet it a couple more times before Tippy goes out there to ensure is is good and moist. Allow the bark to soak it up.
When I opened his enclosure I seen a sanoran lizard.. hope that will be ok.. it was a 1 inch baby. I have tons here because of my yard I also have house geckos.
Ive had a spur thighed tortoise for 45 years. She's hardly grown but her shell's only grown one side so she waddles. Why?
I just got a turtoise 2 days ago but I can't even determine the specy and how to feed it
Hi I'm Leanie my Birthday present was a beautiful 3 year old SpurThighed tortoiseim totally new to her care but love her already
Lyn W
Lyn W
Hi Leanie, If you post in the Introduction threads you'll get a lot more responses and a big welcome. We'd love to hear more about your tort and see photos and we can point you in the direction of the right carehseet and help you avoid common mistakes we all make.
Lyn W
Lyn W
This is the caresheet you need and of you follow that as closely as possible your tort should do well
I am looking for a Radiated Tortoise in TX. Can you please point me in the direction of a breeder?