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  1. KaitlovesLeopardTortoise
    I already contacted him he awesome thank you!!!! I contacted him after I left you the comment lol you guys are fast!
  2. Jenna kamenski
    @KaitlovesLeopardTortoise I’m not 100% sure on the answers, I’m still in the learning process as well but let me direct you towards @Tom ??
  3. KaitlovesLeopardTortoise
    And your tort is so adorable I also have a babcocki leopard tortoise
  4. KaitlovesLeopardTortoise
    Hey guys I'm new here and have a few questions how much food should a leopard tortoise about four months old and 59-60 grams in weight eat how much do you think it should be weighing and eating...
  5. Robertchrisroph
    @Kevn Horton that would be Mazuri I know it looks like dog food lol. I use both kinds of Muzuri the white thing is his cuddlebone. Thank you

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