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  1. Jenna kamenski
    @PatrickDannyandDanielle thank you :)
  2. PatrickDannyandDanielle
    Big and cute too
  3. Usairbloom
    One thing I would suggest is Tortoise Eye Drops. They can be found at the pet shop. Ours had eye infections a couple of times. We put them in once a day and after about a week/week and a half, she...
  4. SweetKaykes
    This is all very true. I just posted worried about my little guy because he kept rubbing his eyes and it looked like the left eye was starting to become swollen. I changed my coil bulb out for a...
  5. Ayushjain101
    Can you show her legs? Kidney failure can also cause heavy swollen eyes. I don't want to scare you off but if you know the problem earlier you can get it saughted quickly. I would recommend to...

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