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    Where to buy a golden greek

    We got ours from the classifieds on this forum. Sent from my Nexus 4 using TortForum mobile app
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    Are these Mulberry?

    I think so, but I'm no botanist!
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    Common Mallow or something else?

    No flowers on it, yet
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    Common Mallow or something else?

    I think this is Common Mallow, but am looking for some further assurance?
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    Babies and burrowing

    We finally got our new babies (2mnth olds from CGKeith:)) late last week, and they have been burrowing like crazy. Seems like all the time. I've been giving them nightly warm soaks, but immediately afterwards they go off and find a good spot to burrow some more. I understand they are young and...
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    Hermann's Toroises

    Hi everyone! We are looking to purchase 2 Hermann's hatchlings, preferably no older than 1 year. Please let us know if anyone is selling any!!!
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    Help Heating Enclosure

    Just a couple of clarifications, based on tortoisenerd's feedback: MVB bulb is parallel to substrate @ a height of 12". Temp under it is low 80's. We understand that enclosure will be too small for adults, plan to double the size when they outgrow this one. We have a temp gun (PE1), temps...
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    Help Heating Enclosure

    Giving the pic another try...
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    Help Heating Enclosure

    Below is a pic of our recently constructed tort table. Size is 2' x 4'. We'll be getting our tortoises (hopefully hermanns), soon, with spring right around the corner. Our problem is obtaining our desired temperature gradient. We'd like to have 65-90. Problem is, we're getting 65-80...
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    Aspen Bedding v. Cypress Mulch

    As we are getting ready to load up our tort table with substrate, we've basically narrowed it down to Aspen Bedding and Cypress Mulch. For you experienced Hermanns owners, what do you recommend and what are some of the advantages and disadvantages you (or your torts) have experienced?
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    Any Michigan Members

    We're from MI. Metro-Detroit. The Taylor show was today, did anybody go? We werent sure if it would be worth it. Might go next month. So how do you all deal with the cold? Do you have to put extra lights in your enclosures? What kind of tortoises do you all have? How big are your enclosures?
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    Oh right sorry Yvonne!! I was in such a hurry to ask the question that I forgot there was a whole species section!!! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!! It was very informative!
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    Does anyone know what the difference between the Western and the Eastern Hermanns Tortoises are? I didn't know there were two different kinds. Anyone with a western or an eastern please feel free to post pictures of yours and say which one you have. Thanks!!!! :)
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    Where did you get your tortoise from?

    The ones thaey have that they said they got from a breeder are babies.
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    Where did you get your tortoise from?

    Okay so Egyptian Dan, Cory, Tom, and Carl, since you all seem to be experts and people keep getting tortoises from you, where do you suggest we get our tortoises from? We want either baby Russians or baby Hermanns.