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    Ferguson Zone for a Russian Tortoise

    In fact different meshes do allow some UV to pass through, but it very much depends on the mesh. Some reduce it by 35-50%
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    Light Bulb Ban

    Similar problem in the uk...halogen and other incandescent bulbs gradually phased out. I have relied on “Homebase” PAR 38 halogen floodlights for many years, and bought up quite a few when they were being reduced and phased out. Sadly my stock has now been used up, and I’m forced to buy...
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    Does anyone know if my tortoises are boys or girls

    Might be useful to see the vents?
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    So now the masses are panic buying temp guns...

    Oh no! That’s what my wife’s been saying to me! (You could have maintained a bit of male solidairty there, Tom!) 😂
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    "...two nations divided by a common language" (attributed to G B Shaw)
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    My Hermanns tortoise constantly sleeping

    Re hibernation, you say you’re not sure how all that works. Well, my understanding is that tortoises that would probably naturally hibernate in their home ranges do so when they respond to falling light levels, a drop in temperature, and probably a consequent decline in their natural food...
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    This language thing is confusing! Are US “fir” trees not “pine” trees then? Here in the UK we’re warned not to use pine chippings* as a substrate because apparently it can give off injurious fumes when heated. (And I think I’ve read the same warnings on this Forum?) That NZ Orchiata stuff is...
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    Please help! Baby Hermann not eating/sleeping all day

    Agreed that the basking spot is a little too warm, evidenced by the tortoise preferring to keep away from being right under it. And here’s the key to keeping Mediterranean tortoises. They actually benefit from having a temperature gradient available to them, so they can thermoregulate by...
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    Please help! Baby Hermann not eating/sleeping all day

    Not sure what the substrate is? Pine bark chippings? I believe pine can give off noxious fumes/vapours when heated? Could that be an issue?
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    Moving tortoise outside, still nervous about her returning to her heated house when cold

    Is it that “ he always likes the cold for some reason” or more that as temperatures drop, being ectothermic, he finds he has no choice but to stay where he finds himself. Although curious that the other one manages to go in by itself! Interesting!
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    Scheduling an appointment

    Just looking at the “lip smacking”: some kind of problem in his mouth then? Fungal infection maybe?That’s either putting him off, or actually preventing him from eating?
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    Moving tortoise outside, still nervous about her returning to her heated house when cold

    Unlike some other tortoises, leopards seem not learn to seek the shelter and the heat of their housing. Mine pretty much parks up as soon as the sun goes in and/or temps drop.
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    Graeca ibera not drinking!

    "Humidity is 50ish in the summer but 30ish percent now. Too low." Why do you say it is "too low"?
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    Graeca ibera not drinking!

    If you tent the whole enclosure to get the humidity up, that doesn't give the tortoise many options. They're not a high humidity species. Instead, provide a variety of different hides, maybe, to allow the tortoise to self-regulate its temperature and humidity?