Rodriguez Chelonians

My husband, Chris, and I run Rodriguez Chelonians. With over 20 years of tortoise experience, we have been able to successfully breed, hatch and raise a variety of species with vastly different husbandry requirements. Our combined backgrounds in animal husbandry, biology and veterinary technology gives us an extra edge in raising healthy tortoises and other reptile species that will thrive.
We stand out from the crowd with our dedication to properly raise all of our tortoises to reach triple their hatch weight before going to their new homes. This service gets them over the most sensitive and difficult stage of a tortoise’s life; when they first emerge from the egg, absorb their yolk sac and start to calcify their shell. On average this process takes 4-6 months depending on the species.
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Reptile Breeder, Keeper, Biologist, Registered Veterinary Technician


Amber Rodriguez
Rodriguez Chelonians


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