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    Saved a life today

    While I was doing my daily jog pushing my daughter around the nature trail next to my house I came upon these two trouble makers. The one on his back is male so I first thought this was a mating accident but I checked the upright tort and he was also male. These are the first torts I've seen...
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    Man buys sea turtles from food market to set them free.

    Came across this nice story of a man who saves sea turtles from the food market to set the free back in the ocean.
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    Antenna TV Guide ? is this what your looking for?
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    Are oil heater good idea

    From what I've seen in tom's design it needs to be running on a thermostat set around 80F. Also with a wall keeping from direct contact to prevent burning.
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    What's that scratching at the door?

    Yea I am starting to think he is finally opening up. The three years I have had him he still hides when I try to rub his head. He will let me rub his nose and between his eyes. He also tells me in his own way when he is ready for bed each night too. When I go check on him around 4-5 I he will...
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    What's that scratching at the door?

    So I was sitting in the house looking at the reef tank and I heard a scratching noise at the back door. I don't know why but I instantly thought Thor was in trouble and went to investigate. When I opened the door I found Thor trying to break into the house. It's been a couple months now that he...
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    Sulcata Tortoise

    They reach maturity around 12" in length. To tell if the sex look at the bottom of the shell the male has a concave bottom shell to set on top of the female. Also the shell near the business end has a V shape for male and U shape for female.
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    How important is organic?

    Since there isn't a completed study on Gmo's and and the sprays we use on how it effects us years later down the road (we are the test subjects) I would say organic is important. Especially since the torts will be eating more and for a long life than us. I wouldn't say eating something that a...
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    StarWars: The Force Awakens

    I agree with you there :D, I'm just trying to say it's not only for one group of people everyone should watch it. Too many people over look these movies because they think it's too nerdy.
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    When I grow up...

    Ahh I see say the blind man :)
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    When I grow up...

    I wanted to be a vet or a pilot I am fascinated with flying. It's not baby sitting if it's your own child I too am a stay at home parent of my 1.5 year old girl Evelyn.
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    Found this Halloween gem

    Came across this one on Instagram and figured I should share it.
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    StarWars: The Force Awakens

    I would say it is definitely an action movie. Don't look at it as a "geek" or "nerd" movie all of them are really well done and are a fun adventure to experience just give one a try.
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    Thank you for the tortoise forum

    I am so glad that I found this forum and corrected all of the things I didn't know I was doing wrong for my torts. I will say my tortoises were living but not to the best of care possible and some tortoise aren't as lucky as mine to have made it ok until I had found this forum. So I was thinking...