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    Let's discuss tortoise evolution

    I agree. When you say evolution, immediately you think about genotypes, being passed on, shaped by nature as some pass due to their environments and others live, passing their life saving gene on. But in human captivity, we save them, even sometimes preserving a gene that could have caused their...
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    My brother has the same type of thing, on and off for the last month! But anyway, hope you guys get better soon! How's your torts settling in? They must like the new weather. Here it's cold nights and slightly windy, dropping to about 8C, but staying 23C in the day, winter's coming quick here!
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    Môre môre! I have some news. Our family's been ill for the last few days, including myself. I woke up and my brother told me his covid test result, positive. So after 2 years of dodging it through the pandemic, we got it
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    Beautiful! Straw flowers/everlastings/sewejaartjies are extremly special to us Did you know if you snip it off by it's stem (leaving a few inches beneath the flower), and you hang it upside down it will stay like that forever? By our farm in the Drakensberge we have these everlastings (Second...
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    Can anyone ID?

    I think it's Aechmea fasciata, @RosemaryDW might know what it is?
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    Sh-h-h-h. . . Don't tell anyone. . .

    Happy Birthday @maggie3fan !
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    We also bought some other pansies today, thought you might like to see thrm
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    Beautiful flowers, and a cute kitty cat, if I remember right, his name is Simon?
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    Just checked on google, they're apparently horned pansies, but here we would just call them pansies
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    I finally got round to planting them The flowers are alyssum flowers (or just honey flowers), gesiggies (already chucked their little name card) and chamomile. I've sowed forget me not flowers and a winter mix of poppies, cornflowers etc. Have a good day!
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    Curious- Why do people view the obvious Spam?

    I think it could be bots I often times see bing, google or yandex on the list. Some of the thread titles are interesting, some even mention it's a scam! So it could be that as well
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    Chow down

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    Morning all! A nice and busy morning here Fall is coming quick! @Cathie G I remember you said it was weird to think that it's the opposite season down here, well here Autumn is coming quickly! Before After Today I'm going to the nursery, (in Afrikaans kwekery, meaning growery) to get a few...
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    I agree with both Tom and Thomas. Here where they are native (we call them tarentale), we see them a lot. They can easily jump upwards around 6m and then glide to escape. You do have the added benefit that you'll get free eggs from them. They'll like the tall grass, and coincedentally that's...
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    To build a house in Stilbaai

    Lol, they know, I'd always ask if they've seen any torts. He is big indeed! I wonder how old he is? His carapace seems to be old, but it would be difficult to guess the age with any wild tort. He does seem different than the other one I saw though. I would guess this fella is atleast 5, about...