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    Can't Get Cactus To Grow

    the roots (cactus) will rot if wet/cold during winter. start pads in a clay flower pot in sunlight keep soil dry if the pad hardens up it is taking. water when it gets warmer along in spring .some pads will take others will rot
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    Moral/Ethical Business Dilemma

    the star Tom sold and shipped clear across the country could not have been any healthier , if anything ever happens to her it would be 100% my fault. something happened after that tortoise left Tom. bet on it !
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    Sexing my Sulcata Named Leo

    my guess is Leodora ?
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    Adult Leopard is Sick

    warm water soaks
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    New Tortoise Keeper - 14 week Tortoise

    you are in the right place now these guys and gals know tortoises
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    are they capable of flipping each other over in the pond ? that would be bad
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    Hi, it's me again...

    read the thread on "why does my tortoise stay buried" in russian tortoise section. my russian tortoises slow down toward the end of august when they are housed outdoors for summer. i have to gather them up before they bury themselves too deep for me to find . they know it's winter even when i...
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    New property on the Imperial River

    Aldabraman best dog i ever had a stray German Shepherd . took me a week to get near him but then i had to chain him he wouldn't let anyone near me. best dog to keep out the riff raff old school pit bulldog breeders called the man aggressive dogs "fence dogs" they chained them near a hole in the...
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    New Tortoise Owner =)

    careful with the lights . they get way hot. notice how quick the inside of tank dries up after being sprayed down with a spray bottle .the same will happen to a baby tortoise. i soak my babies two to three times a day and give them a way to get away from the heat from lights at all times...
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    Update on my little Leopard tort!

    get some dandelion , clover
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    Tom , how do i go about purchasing one of your Burmese star hatchlings ? chris in NY

    Tom , how do i go about purchasing one of your Burmese star hatchlings ? chris in NY
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    Big brown...

    watch when outside they can climb
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    2 female Sulcatas

    hello, still looking for a home ? chris on long island they would not be sold and have the whole back yard may till oct.
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    Leopard Tort tank/soft shell/I am in over my head

    soak him don't drown him , some morning real sunlight not too much at first be careful with those bulbs they get too hot a hide box to get away from the bulbs if he wants. he is a grass eater chop up some grass