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    Tortoise Cozy

    I was perusing Etsy tonight and came across these: There are many other designs. I think they are so funny!
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    Box Turtle in Denver (reposted)

    reposted from Craigslist. This looks very sad. Maybe someone here has room for this one.
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    Can tortoises eat garden mums?

    The Tortoise table says "feed in moderation". Remember that "mum" is short for Chrysanthemum.
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    Our Russian always hisses at me when I go to pick him up in the morning to take him outside. I didn't know it was air being expelled, but I suppose that makes sense since his head always shrinks back when I do this. Anyway, it doesn't bother me. I just assume he's scared which he probably has...
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    Raccoon proof an outdoor enclosure

    We have a large raised garden bed and I use wire shelving pieces during the day to cover it. At night, we bring him in side.
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    BEST diet for russian tortoise..?

    Ours eats Spring mix and lots of stuff from the great outdoors. If you provide your location, I'm sure lots of people have suggestions for plants that may be growing in your area already. In addition to tropical hisbiscus, there are many more hardy hibiscus species that may be available in...
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    How do you plant seed mixes?

    I just fill a long, shallow planter box with soil. Moisten, sprinkle seeds, cover lightly with more soil and moisten again. Then I leave it outside. Water daily. It takes about a week or so to sprout them to about a few inches above ground. Then I put that whole box in his outside...
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    Foods to plant??

    RE: Foods Ours loves sedums of all varieties. He also loves mallow (malva sylvestris, you can buy seeds on ebay). I've also purchased a seed mix from Carolina Pet Supply which he grazes. Beyond that, I usually give him some Spring mix and throw in whatever I find elsewhere in the yard...
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    Raised planter box

    I think it's 6' x 3'.
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    Where can I find dandelions greens at?

    I buy them at Sprouts in the Winter. This time of year, I pick them out of my own yard or look for them in abandoned lots.
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    Raised planter box

    Here is another pic
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    Raised planter box

    Yes, that's what I have for our Russian. I completely agree you need a lid. I lost one Russian from this enclosure last year and the other one escaped a few days ago because I had one side uncovered. I made changes to it and now have it fully covered. I don't have a bottom on this. I...
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    Hibiscus Palustris another cold hardy one

    Well that sure is beautiful. I have a couple of similar varieties here in Zone 5 and they do quite well. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
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    New Outdoor Russian Enclosure!

    Looks great to me. Gives him a chance to soak up some sun. They love that!
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    Wasps around the enclosure

    Last year we had a terribly high population of wasps, mostly European paper wasps. This year I know there is a ground wasp nest near my tort's enclosure. They do like the water in the enclosure (and elsewhere). I've never seen them bother the tortoise, but I dislike them. I tried all sorts...