baby sulcata

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    Over Weight Sulcata

    Hey Everyone, My sulcata just turned 1 and he was super normal and healthy. Then all of a sudden, within like a week or two he got a really fat neck kind of like a double chin, and his bottom seemed fatter. The only difference in his diet was we started giving him Rep-Cal tortoise food, as a...
  2. P

    Feeding baby Sulcata

    I have a baby Sulcata ~7 months old. It has 68mm shell's length, 81gr weight. My problem is it doesn't eat anything except Mazuri Tortoise Diet. When I got it in age 1 or 2 month it ate only Romaine lettuce. I have been trying to switch his habits to grass since February, no way. It started...

    Substrate for baby sulcata tortoise

    Hi! I’m planning on getting a baby sulcata in a couple months and was curious about substrate. I’ve heard that cypress mulch is one of the best things. I also heard you can mix in a bit of soil for added humidity. So I was just wondering peoples opinions! Also, if I go with the cypress mulch can...
  4. R

    Baby sulcata Broken claws and leg scales

    So, I’ve had this little guy for about a month and a half. Steadily gaining weight and is becoming more active and eats everyday. I give it calcium with vit-d3 and vitmamins 3 times a week mixed in with grasses/ veggies and Mazuri/zoo med grassland pellets that I moisten. His Humidity is good in...
  5. O

    My baby sulcata doesn't seem to grow

    Hi everyone, I need your opinion about this situation, I bought a year old sulcata last month. I named him Michelangelo (Mikhel for short). He's around 2.3 inch long and weigh 50 grams when I bought him which is relatively small if I follow the growth sheet. At first I don't worry much because...

    Need help with baby sulcata please, im so stressed

    Hello friends, I am new to this forum but I have been reading publications for a year, I am from Spain, sorry for my English, two and a half years ago I bought a sulcata supposedly 1 year old in a store (I checked its weight and it was 45g) I think that He was not even 1 year old yet. The...
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    Zippy had another photo shoot this morning. What a ham! 4 mos old, 120 grams, 8.5 cm
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    Was taken a month ago
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    Can’t return Timothy hay, what should I do with it?

    I was looking for sulcata tortoise supplies online and heard that hay is a part of its diet. But what I didn’t notice is that it’s not for baby sulcatas. I already bought it, and it’s not returnable, tried re-selling it no body seems to be interested. What can I do with it? I was looking around...
  10. D

    Help! Are these ridges on a baby Sulcata Normal?

    Hi guys. I just got my lil guy back in January. He’s 4 months old now. I was checking out his shell the other day and noticed little ridges between the scutes. Very small and I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid, and these were always here, or if it’s getting worse. Some opinions would be greatly...
  11. ashleymiller28

    Night time temperature for young Sulcata?

    Hello, I was wondering which way I should go about temperatures during the night for my young sulcata. I recently just purchased a 100W CHE to use during the night to keep temperatures warm, however under the CHE my thermometer is reading 92-95 degrees while it is 82-84 degrees on the opposite...
  12. ashleymiller28

    Young Sulcata has URI, should I bring her to the vet?

    Hello, about a month ago I took my sulcata to the vet and she prescribed her ciprofloxacin to be taken orally every other day over the course of two weeks. As my tortoise finished up her medicine, she began to go back to normal (being very active, eating and going to the bathroom regularly)...
  13. U

    Baby sulcata not eating? Pls help

    Hello there, I’m new to having a tort so suggestions and advice are most definitely welcome. I got my baby sulcata last Friday. For the past few days he has not been eating very well.. I don’t know what else I should do to stimulate an appetite? I’ve read all the posted sticky threads on how...
  14. ashleymiller28

    Baby sulcata lethargic and barely eating

    Hello, I am extremely worried while typing this. The past few days my 9month old sulcata tortoise has been extremely lethargic when she is usually very active and eating twice a day. I have only been able to get her to take a few bites of pure pumpkin but nothing more each day. Basking temps are...
  15. ashleymiller28

    Dark spots under shell for sulcata tortoise?

    Hello! Just this morning I picked up my sulcata tortoise (I am guessing she is around 7-8 months, I received her in May of this year) and inspected the underside of her shell. I was surprised to see those dark little half circles near the bottom as just a few weeks ago I checked her underside...
  16. P

    Nose Clogged on Baby Sulcata

    Hi everyone I like some advice on my baby Sulcata BBY Yolli . I got him 17 days ago from a pest store in East LA. My housemate got one too, hers seems to be a little older as it is still a baby but much bigger. I notice in the past 4 day that BBY Yolli would make squeaking noises during soaking...
  17. K

    Shell health

    Hello! How can I tell if my baby is starting to pyramid? I got this baby sulcata 2 months ago. I was told that he was about 7 months old when I obtained him. His husbandry and diet was poor before I got him. This is my first sulcata but I think I’m on the right track now.
  18. K

    Is this normal behavior? (Baby sulcata)

    hey everyone, I have my baby for about a month now. He (assuming its a he) is still a literal baby. Normally once I turn out the lights at night he just goes to sleep, however tonight I noticed he was kinda just sitting there. He wasn't sleeping because his eyes were open but he wasn't moving...
  19. R

    Getting a new baby sulcata tortoises. Is this soil ok for their enclosure?

    It is Virgoro all purpose garden soil. Would it be ok for their bedding? Below is the ingredients in the pictures.
  20. SpeedyMeister

    Hello! We are new here!

    We just adopted a baby sulcata - 2 months old. Wondering best care (soaking, food, play time) etc. There is so much out there we are confused as to which way is best! In need of advice. Thank you in advance