baby tortoise

  1. R

    First timer help please

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this I know it’s a lot! I will attach photos, please let me know what I can do to improve the quality of life for our newest family member. Any suggestions/advice is welcome :) My family and I recently adopted a baby red foot after building...
  2. S


    About a months difference in Henry’s shell. Little baby boy is becoming a man 😂😍
  3. R

    Baby red foot hasn’t ate in 2 weeks!!

    Hi! My baby red foot has not eaten in about 2 weeks. At first her temps were not good but I now recently got her new ceramic heat bulb and a humidifier to keep her temps steady. Temp is always now at 80°+ and humidity at 80%. She is staying hydrated all the time. I’ve only seen her take a couple...
  4. Pungent

    Wanted to know what species was this tortoise and if identified any care tips?

    I got this turtle earlier today, with its supplies and i wanted to know what species it was, so i can take care of them safely, also how do i distinguish a boy from a girl?
  5. ayrgrn

    permanent outdoor enclosure for Hermann's?

    Hi, I'm planning on making a permanent (or semi-permanent) outdoor enclosure for my 1yr8month old Hermann's tortoise and need some advice/guidance on what to do if anyone would be willing? I've looked at some other threads on outdoor enclosures but they all seem to be on adult torts but not...
  6. B

    Baby spur thighed tortoise

    Hi, I am getting a baby spur thighed tort at the end of next week, I've been doing my research but seem to be hearing completely different ways on what's best. I have a tortoise table as I read that it is better but I've read a few comments on this forum saying otherwise, my house isn't the...
  7. L

    Greek tort lighting

    Hi! So I need a new lamp of some sort, my current one is a UVB but I fear that the effectiveness of a UVB lamp has worn out (I bought it secondhand). I recently acquired two young Greek torts, Luna is 6 weeks old, Neville is 4 months old. The live i a 90x40cm wooden enclosure, after days of...
  8. whortoise

    What to feed baby tortoise

    Hello, I'm about to get my tortoise in a couple days and I was wondering if I need any additional food and supplements. I'm planning to give my tortoise the greens as well as a calcium block. Should I add Mazuri into the mix? Would it be beneficial? (the tortoise is young and will be kept...
  9. Esyun

    Help my baby turtle is not eating :(

    I recently got 2 baby tortoise 2 days ago and the one on the left in the picture is eating well, however the one on the right refuses to eat the tortoise food even thought I put it right infront of him. I and scared that he will die due to not eating :( plz help
  10. tortycher

    Beginner Questions (Humidity, Diet, Temperature, Sleep) for Hermann's

    I am a new tortoise owner. Very beginner so I have a lot of questions. I have a baby Hermann's which is about 6 months old. I've done my research but I still got confused or maybe still suffering from information overload. I have few questions: 1. Humidity - What is the right humidity for a...
  11. H

    HFS "treatment" options

    Hey! I just figured out with the help of some members here that it is quite likely my baby sulcata has HFS. I've been brainstorming "treatment" options, since there are no medicines that will help. If come up with 2 possible ones. I hope you guys can help me decide. Idea 1: Micromanaging He...
  12. g4mobile

    Burmese Star Baby - Thriving in a Humid Enclosure

    I purchased a Burmese Star Tortoise from @Tom recently and she/he is really thriving in a humid environment. I am maintaining 88 degree ambient temps with 95 degree basking spot. I have a hide on the cool side of the cage that stays around 80 degrees. Night temps never drop below 80F...
  13. S

    Need advice! Brand new tortoise owner.

    Hello, My in laws just gave me two baby desert tortoises. They keep theirs in an outdoor area but where I live I’m a little worried that isn’t such a good idea yet due to the amount of predators we have. I had a few questions I was hoping y’all would be kind enough to answer . 1. What is...
  14. K

    Newcomer from So Cal!

    Hello all! I recently joined this forum the other day, and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kelsey and I live in Southern California. I’m the proud owner of a 20 year old Texas Box Tortoise (I think that’s what she is, a vet suggested it), but recently rescued a tiny adorable baby...
  15. B

    HELP - brand spanking new Desert Tortoise babies in Las Vegas

    Hi there - we weren't even expecting new babies as our male tortoise died a few months ago ... we had no clue that our girl tortoise would have laid any eggs... obviously she did .... while doing yardwork, my husband was leveling the yard, and scraped and broke 3 tortoise eggs and we dont...
  16. Emptysea

    Choosing a Breeder

    Hi everyone, I had a question about picking a breeder or where you purchase your baby from. There are dozens and dozens of websites that offer baby torts and I was wondering how you pick one? Prices vary from shop to shop but overall, each website says similar things about their animals. Is...
  17. Rings? Help!

    Rings? Help!

    Small white rings on all of my tortoises.. And they are all over the shell!!
  18. Hey, wait for me!!

    Hey, wait for me!!

    The Doctor was here!!
  19. Russian_Rupert

    Please tell me Rupert is okay!?

    Hi all, I'm new to the tortoise scene but I'm loving being a tortoise mummy. When I bought Rupert, I was told he was born in the back end of 2016 early 2017 which would make him at least a year old. He sleeps ALOT and he really doesn't eat all that much, maybe a few bits of leaves. Also when...
  20. Samyak Dadda

    Do Indian Star Tortoises drink water??

    My Indian Star Tortoises have never drank water from a container or when i soak them in warm water. So do they drink water???