baby tortoise

  1. L

    Baby Tortoise Won't Eat Grass

    Hello! My nearly 1 year old Desert Sulcata tortoise won't eat any grass. He's always been this way, he only wants greens (kale, romaine, collards, etc) with the occasional tomato or bit of strawberry as a treat. I know he should have a mostly grass based diet but he refuses to touch it. I've...
  2. biochemnerd808

    Well started Russian tortoise babies

    I have several well-started CB2 (2nd gen captive bred!) 2023 Russian tortoise babies available. I have raised these horsfields tortoises to 100g+ to ensure they are thriving. They are ready to ship, temperatures permitting. Fed a varied diet of weeds and garden-grown tortoise-safe greens...
  3. biochemnerd808

    17 month old leopard tortoise SPB/SPP mixy

    I have a beautiful, nearly 400g yearling+ leopard tortoise available. I got it at 2 months old from a TX breeder who soaks their babies daily. I also soaked daily and have raised it in a high humidity closed chamber, fed on weeds and garden greens and grass. Good eater, friendly, used to...
  4. M

    Injured tortoise in garden

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum. I joined because my wife just came upon a baby tortoise in the garden. The tortoise is either injured or has a deformed left front foot. He or she was under a plant, partially dug in on the right side (the side with good feet and claws). Active and alert...
  5. biochemnerd808

    Pebble, my "great grand tortoise" - CB2.

    Pebble is getting so big. She is the granddaughter of my first tortoise. She turns 1 in June and is just shy of 200g. Her coloring is really interesting, she was a very 'plain' baby with no speckling when she hatched, but is turning out to be quite the beauty! She lives outside now full...
  6. Sallythehermanntortoise

    Sally enjoying some much

    Sally 1st time eating dandelions
  7. Sallythehermanntortoise

    New tortoise mummy

    Hello group! I'm new to the community and being a tortoise mum. Meet Sally, she turned one in march, she's a Hermann tortoise who's full of character. I've had her since February and I'm totally in love with her 😍 Any advice I would love to hear..
  8. C

    8 month hermman foaming at mouth and bobbing head in and out of shell. Help

    My Hermmans tortoise (about 8 months old) isn't eating for days (about 4 or 5 days) now and it is foaming at the mouth and taking its head in and out of its shell fast continuously. Seems to be struggling to walk. Dragging back legs. (Have had my tort for 4 months so far & its is supposed to...
  9. Cass96

    Hello! First time poster :)

    Hello all 😊 I’ve been following along for a while now, but never introduced myself! I’m Cassandra, I live in Ontario, Canada. I’ve been a turtle/ tortoise lover my whole life. I finally have the privilege of owning and caring for an Egyptian Tortoise! Something I never even dreamed of as a...
  10. Melodieyy

    Can a baby hermanns eat Timothy hay?

    I’ve seen a few threads saying that they have Timothy hay in there with their hermanns tortoises, however usually they don’t have an age listed so I was wondering is it alright for a 2 month old to have some? I just want to be extra cautious! Thank you so much for any help! I’ve attached some...
  11. Melodieyy

    Baby Hermans tortoise basking temp

    Hello, I purchased a baby hermanns tortoise this weekend from the reptile convention I went to and I was wondering what her basking temps should be at? I’ve seen so many variations but I want to be sure that I get it right. I’ve seen 90-95 but I’ve also seen 95-100. What should it be? She is...
  12. gregcalverley0327


    Just a little update on my little Indian star, he’s a little over a year old now, weighs 103 grams and has been growing about 5-6 grams a month. Loves to just lay around, wake up for some food and go back to sleep lol it has been awesome keeping him!
  13. LakersSteve

    Is this prolapse? (Desert Tortoise)

    So this is a roughly 5 month old desert tortoise that I recently noticed a small bulging “sac” coming from her rectum. I was told she was a female when she was given to my family. Her enclosure is pure coco coir, with nothing she could have accidentally eaten since I’ve had her at 3 days old...
  14. C

    Little Desert Tortoise in the Lakewood/LB Area

    Hello all! I am hoping to pick the brains of a few members here who seem to really understand desert tortoises so that I can raise my baby right! I recently received what I think is a gopherus agassizii from a neighbor whose tortoises accidentally bred. He (I say he for now just to make life...
  15. gregcalverley0327

    Hollywood loving lunch time

  16. S

    Can I keep a baby Central Bearded Dragon with my baby tortoise

    So my dad out of the blue brought home a baby (I think) Central Beaded Dragon, the dragon was then dropped into my baby Padloper tortoises' enclosure, with about 6 very small crickets :/... Unfortunately the planned bigger enclosure for my tortoise won't here until at least Saturday, so they...
  17. gregcalverley0327

    Hollywood’s new home!!

    Finally was able to build my 7 month old Indian star a new setup, not completely finished as I’m still waiting for some plants for him but so far so good, temps are all perfect and he seems to be loving it, besides pooping in it 2 seconds after I put him in there lol
  18. gregcalverley0327

    New baby Indian star, Hollywood!

    Hey everyone just wanted to show my new baby star tortoise, roughly 5 months old. Not sure on the sex but very excited to own a star tortoise, the name is Hollywood of course
  19. Y

    Thought you guys could appreciate turbos update too!!

    Let me know any signs of concern, tips or just all around love for the Lil guy!
  20. A

    4 months still wet nose ?

    He is spike Less than 1 year Old baby Indian star tortoise, he has wet nose since 4 months now. His nose was completely blocked by mucus at the start of this sickness, then I decided to increase the enclosure temperature at 95 to 100°f..... Now his nose is not blocked by mucus but watery...