1. D

    Help (with new Russian tortoise)

    Hi my name is Terrell I have always kept reptiles but never a tortoise so anyway had lizards and snakes but I know tortoises are completely different. So my mum's next door neighbours dog kept barking at her tortoise and she said this was unfair so I decided to take her on. She's in a crappie...
  2. TenTonTurtle

    Hello from Ohio! New Tort-father.

    Hello friends, I'm Steve and I recently adopted a male Russian tortoise. His name is Gregori (He is my display picture). I have two aquatic turtles but this is my first Tortoise ever. Just looking to make friends, chat about tortoises, turtles, and much more. I am also looking to discuss indoor...
  3. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    How long should my uvb light be

    Hi, I’m currently planning to build a bigger enclosure for my two marginated tortoises. They are around 6 inches long so I’m going to a 4 x 8 foot enclosure. How big should my I’ve light be for that size enclosure?
  4. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    What substrate should I use for my Marginated Tortoises?

    Hi I have two marginated tortoises and was wondering what substrate I should use that‘s as close to the soil in their native habitat. Thanks!
  5. J

    Russian Tortoise Enclosure Advice

    I'm very seriously considering a Russian Tortoise as a new addition to my family. Right now I have a 55 gallon aquarium that I'm a bit lost on how to best set up for my unaquired new friend. Due to the climate that I live in I'll be able to set up a small outdoor "playpen" but the large and main...
  6. F

    New Russian Tortoise

    Hello! I just brought my Russian Tortoise home today. I’m feeling pretty confident about how his enclosure is looking so far, but I have found some conflicting information on a few topics: 1. I have a heat lamp as well as a UVB lamp. Currently I only have a heat lamp that emits light as well. I...
  7. L

    Beginner In Need Of Advice (getting another tortoise)

    Last year I got a baby Greek Tortoise and everything necessary for him however, even after following everything I had read he still died. I still have the enclosure, substrate, etc. so I wanna get another one but I would like to know if there's anything you think I should know beforehand? I'm...
  8. K

    Please give me all the information on lighting and everything else

    I’ve had my sulcata for 3 months. I researched so much but I’m getting so much different information and im so confused. I’ve had such bad anxiety because I don’t want to mess him up. I use a 100w basking light. A uvb strip from reptisun I forgot the exact one. What’s the best one to get? At...
  9. P

    Looking for a safe and caring breeder!!

    Hello, I’m looking for recommendations for tortoise breeders in the United States. I’m from Minnesota but am unable to find a breeder anywhere remotely close to me. I’m still not 100% sure on the species of tortoise I’m planning on getting yet, but looking into Russians and Hermanns (as I’m...
  10. V

    A Beginner to Beginner Advice - Plus "Thank You!"

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the amazing, inspirational tort owners and the helpful information I've received on this site. (Long post - strap in) I spent a long time considering what animal to get as a pet. I live in rented accommodation and a cat or dog would not be...
  11. I

    Have a couple questions

    I am looking into getting a Russian tortoise and I have a couple of questions. What UVB and heating lamp do you guys suggest using? How many days a week should I feed my tortoise? Should I give it a grassland diet? and if so how many days a week? What type of wood should I use to build the...
  12. torttywaffle

    New to tortoises please help!

    I am planning to get a tortoise and have an outdoor enclosure for him, however, I do not want a tortoise that will hibernate because I don't trust myself in doing so. And with an outdoor enclosure, I cannot keep it warm 24/7 so that he will not hibernate. What kind of tortoises will not...
  13. W


    is this a good enclosure for my baby Sulcata? It’s a mixture of cypress mulch, organic top soil, and sphagnum moss. I planted some grass seeds, as well as an aloe plant and 2 other succulents. It stays about 80 degrees in there with the lights on and between 30-50 humidity if i spray it a few...
  14. 5

    How interactive/fun are tortoises?

    Hi TortoiseForum. Recently I've been interested in reptiles. I'm debating between getting a ball python and a tortoise this summer (most likely a Russian or a Hermann's, maybe even a Redfooted), but I'm stuck between the two. The main deciding factor for me is which one is more interactive or...
  15. B

    Things you wish you knew before getting a tortoise

    Hi guys! :) I'm new here and I don't have any tortoises (yet!). I have been doing my research for about half a year, but I want to as knowledgable as possible before bringing a tortoise into my life. Title of the thread explains it all really. What are some things that you wish you knew...
  16. jcha2013


    Hi Everyone! My name is Julie and I am the new owner to Franklin (don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but going with that name for right now), my Sulcata Tortoise (~4 months old). I live in the Northern part of California and for those who live where I am, you all know it's rainy season + cold...
  17. Jude curran

    Scotland winter

    Im from scotland and in 2 weeks i am getting a russian tortoise it will be kept in my conservatory wich can be really cold how can i heat the enclosure on top of using the heat and uvb lamp. It is and open top table , pleanty big enough for him ( I am really worried he will be to cold, should i...
  18. C

    New Tortoise Owner: tips please!

    Hello :-) My name is Chloe. I am 19 and I have been researching into getting a tortoise for a pet for two or so years now. I just haven’t made the leap yet! I came very close to getting a young Russian tortoise a few days ago but chickened out. I want to provide my tortoise with the best love...
  19. T

    Noob pre-purchase questions: Leopard, Russian, or other?

    Greetings TF family! My wife and I want to get our son a turtle for Christmas. I have been doing a bit of research and lurking a bit on TF, and today I decided to create an account in order to get the best use out of the forum. We live in Los Angeles and own to dogs. -I want to get either a...
  20. T

    Help! (diet and care)

    You will have to excuse me I've never posted on something like this before and im not exactly tech savvy or an english major but I needed help and didn't know how else to find it. I have a hatchling (missouri) 3 toed box turtle. I saved it from a cat about a month (maybe a hair over, Maybe)...