1. J

    Indoors or outdoors??

    Hi guys, I have a (roughly) 2 year old Russian tortoise that currently lives inside in a large table I’ve built for him, he has coco coir for substrate, a basking area with a humid hide, shade and everything else he needs. But I’m just unsure if he should be inside? He’s only small currently...
  2. C

    Substrate feels a bit cold and damp

    I have a baby red foot ( just got it two days ago ) and I do have a CHE and a UVB light. The CHE is on one side of the enclosure and it gets to about 90 degrees. The middle of the enclosure is also fairly warm with about 80 degrees, but the problem is the far ( dark/cold side ) it’s about 75...
  3. CliffordtheredfootTORT

    Redfoot Hatchling temps

    Hey everyone I have another question for you guys about temps. So I set up a 40 gallon breeder for my hatchling I closed the top of it so it’s basically a closed chamber now should I have a cold and a hot side or should I just keep the whole tank at one temp right now the humidity is at around...
  4. rachmodawg

    LONG BUT NEED HELP! Mediterranean Tortoise...winter in NY?? Thoughts from experts??

    Hello! I am very inconsistent with my posting, but you are all so helpful when I have a concern, and I couldn't be more grateful. For background, I have a 1 year old Jordanian Greek named Sgt. Pepper. He is the light of my life, he lives in my living room (forcefully) so my whole family can see...
  5. jwebb418

    Which breed would be best in the Pacific Northwest (PDX)?

    Trying to do my research as to which breed would do best up here in Portland, Oregon. I definitely can't go Sulcata big. I'll be keeping the future tortoise in my basement (in winter) which seems to maintain a humidity of 60% on it's own. Also would like one that likes petting.
  6. Carolina Vivariums

    Outdoor Sulcata Enclosure (Built for COLD weather)

    I am currently in the process of building my male sulcata his outdoor permanent enclosure. Here is part 1 of the build that I posted on my youtube channel! If you have any advice or tips as I finish please let me know and I will post part two and pics once its done!
  7. Michael Naz

    Winter turtle

    so i live in central florida and my florida box turtle has usually been underground all day with moss atop her, and she hasnt eaten in a while or gone in the water. florida box turtles dont hibernate and she is not, but is it normal for her to not eat in a while through this cold? its been...