1. Derekphan97

    Leopard tortoise's shell problem

    Hello guy, i need some advice about tortoise shell. It appear to have round mark under my leopard's plastron. I don't know if this is shell fungus or not. Is somebody know what are those marks is ???
  2. Prenchpries

    Yellow fungus in baby sulcata

    Hi all, It's been a tough week since Ube started acting sick. We went to a different vet today to get a better diagnosis, thanks to the reco of a family friend who's owned torts for a long time. Sadly, the vet’s diagnosis is yellow fungus, which could’ve come from many sources. I reckon it was...
  3. N

    Need help some substance on the lining of my salcata tortoise belly.

    Really concerned of what this might be 3 of the new baby tortoise got this problem. I think it is fungus, probably not but the stuff accumulated there is hard and rocky type substance. Is this something that baby salcata tortoises are born with and usually falls within time or is this something...
  4. S

    Tiny spot on baby sulcata's head and cracking on its cheeks.

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum and I hope that it would potentially solve my problem or at least decrease my paranoia. So recently I purchased a baby sulcata from an 'experience' breeder. When I first got it it was a typical baby sulcata, energetic, eats a lot and yeah. After a month it...
  5. L

    Does my tortoise have a fungus?

    It was suggested to me that my tortoise has a fungus on its shell. I have attached a few pictures. I live in Florida where the weather is very hot but she stays under foliage that retains water (bromeliads) and is under the trees so it can tend to be damp if it is raining a lot. She's had the...
  6. Chantel

    Shell question

    Dozer is 3 years old and 10 lbs. Yesterday I notices these faded areas on his shell. I touched it with my nail and it scratched easily. Fungus? If so, which antifungal is advised?
  7. EryninCebu

    Plastron fungus - advise needed!

    Hello everyone, Please have a look at the plastron of Drew and provide suggestions on how to best treat the dry white areas as shown on the photo. From reading and looking at all the other post, I understand that this is a fungus issue, please do correct me if I'm wrong. I have done what was...