health concern

  1. C

    Underbite Hermann's Tortoise

    Hello! My tortoise (testudo hermanni boettgeri 4 yrs old) has an underbite. I rescued it from my cousin because he got it for his kids and was keeping it in bad living conditions (inside glass enclosure with a very small layer of soil, no uvb, only feeding lettuce and dandelion leaves). It has a...
  2. K

    Does my Russian tortoise have shell rot?

    Does my Russian tortoise have shell rot? I just noticed this today on his shell I haven’t touched it yet. What can I do to help him? Please help me.
  3. S

    Are my sulcata’s eyes sunken?

    Recently I noticed that the eyes of our sulcata, almost 2 years old, look slightly different. The crease under his eyes and the one going from his inner eye down towards the end of his mouth looks more prominent, and I’m worried that his eyes or that part of his face is sunken or a sign of being...
  4. S

    Baby Redfoot Shell and Overall Health Issues - Advice Wanted

    Hello! (This is a long one, sorry.) I am in need of some advice/recommendations on an ill baby redfoot. I received Walter, my redfoot tortoise, on January 24th. He hatched on December 1, 2023. I got him from Southern Reptiles. The first few months I had him, he was doing very well; eating...
  5. Ashley & Rolo

    Wonky spinal scutes?! Help!

    Hello tortoise friends! New to the forum and hoping you can share your vast tortoise-y knowledge! I'm in panic mode right now! I got this little guy a few months ago, hatched July 2022. I was looking back at his weigh in day pics and noticed his spinal scutes are progressively moving off to...
  6. H

    New Sulcata hatchling owner… is this normal

    Hello! Recently purchased a Sulcata hatchling (?) I can’t tell how old it is. Based on weight and length I’m assuming around 2 months old. I have some concerns about its face though. When we purchased it. It looked very dry and the substrate provided wasn’t ideal. We have improved its tank...
  7. Coconikki

    Healthy Eyes?

    Hello! My Leopard Tortoise will be a year old Feb 15. Currently weighs 379 grams. Does its eyes look healthy? I noticed the area surrounding the black part of the eye? And wondered if this so normal? Its eyes have always been like this since I got him/her in May of last year. *Temps/ Humidity...
  8. W

    New Tort / Is she healthy?

    Hi! I just brought home my first red foot tortoise yesterday and I am concerned that she is not healthy! She is about five inches in size and I purchased her from Petco. When I brought her home I noticed her eyes had a milky coat over them that came loose after she soaked in her water bowl...
  9. Eckgirl88

    I think he’s dying

    Artie is lethargic and his shell is softer than it should be. His enclosure is a large tote with a ceramic heat bulb, a MVB at 75w (we added today from the one that is like spiral and white), and also an incandescent bulb at 65watts. His cool side is 80 and the warm side fluctuates based on...
  10. I

    Large growth on my tourtoise face

    (would just like to preface I am taking my tortoise (Timmy) to the vet tomorrow ) I have had Timmy for around 2 years now and got him off a friend who could no longer take care of him anymore. He has always had slight respiratory problems and sneezed a lot etc but has never had trouble eating...
  11. 1<3TurtleTheTortoise

    Beak Discoloration?

    My tortoise is a african spurred tortoise, the beak used to be darker. now it looks almost white. any idea whats going on?
  12. L

    TORTOISE URI RESEARCH PROJECT- need all the help I can get :)

    Hi all, My name is Kristy. I’m a student at ASU doing some research on tortoise upper respiratory infections and I’m looking for tortoise owners who could be able to help me with this study. I have a Sulcata of my own who suffers from a URI, so I made this brief research survey to help me find...
  13. V

    Leopard Tortoise Shellrot on Plastron?

    He's my first tortoise and is a few months over 1 year old. I went a bit too long letting him live in his hatchling terrarium that was too small (I've recently rehoused him into an awesome gigantic diy enclosure I'm really happy with) and since it's got colder and I couldn't take him out to...
  14. D

    recently adopted a 22 year old male sulcata who was fed improper diet.

    I have had my sulcata for about 2 weeks now after adopting him from a woman who could no longer take care of him. She fed him an improper diet of dogfood and bananas for all 22 years of his life, so he has some deformation in his shell and is small for his age I believe. I have tried fixing his...
  15. sowwer

    RE: Emergency

    i have a leopard tortoise that's not older than two years old. I put him in this indoor enclosure with his heat lamp on, sense it's too cold outside. He has complete stop responding to any stimulation. I've had him sense Abril and everything has been fine. I'm so scared he is dead. His legs are...
  16. E

    Something sticking out of its behind!

    Hello everyone. Today, my husband noticed something hanging out/ sticking out of our tortoises behind. I am that tortoise parent that freaks out about everything and this object i did not recognize! If anyone can please help? Should i be rushing him to the vet?
  17. Grxciea

    gooey bloody poo?

    My 5 year old female greek tortoise has what i can only describe to be a gooey, jelly like bloody substance coming out of her. We’re taking her to the reptile specialist but to calm my nerves does anyone have any idea on what this may be?
  18. Henry_andres

    Sulcata help

    Hi my name is Henry my friend bought a sulcata tortoise about 2 years ago he moved away and decided to give him to me his name is Carlos. I don’t know too much about him so I have been reading constantly about how to raise him. I have been feeding him all the greens I can buy going from lettuce...
  19. N


    Hey I was just wondering if the lower part of mouth is normal or an underbite that should be trimmed? He eats fine and is very active so I’m to believe he’s healthy.
  20. M

    Keep his tail tucked

    Hey y’all, I’m looking for some advice or clarification, whatever people can provide. Here’s the situation, we have a mature (~20 yr old) red-foot tortoise who, due to some mineral deficiency in his early days before we got him, has a larger than normal concave portion on his underside (he’s...