health concern

  1. R

    Redfoot Whistling

    Hi, I just got an 8" redfoot 3 days ago and since then I have noticed that she has been whistling through her naves. It is pretty constant and noticeable whether basking after her bath, excited or exercising. Alongside that, we noticed that she has watery eyes sometimes. I think it could be just...
  2. V

    White areas at corners of Leopard Tortoise's Scute?

    Hey all, The Problem: Recently I started noticing white areas at the corners of the scutes and wanted your guys' input on whether it is an indicator I might need to make a change in his care/environment. Note: I ask that if you respond, please be kind, don't speak in absolutes (having positive...
  3. M

    Hatchlings Shell develop

    Hi everyone, I’m really concerned about my Sulcata hatchlings health! I’ve incubated some eggs from my adult female sulcata. I have had two successful babies and one is unfortunately not the same. The baby was struggling to get out of the shell, with only its head being out. So with the...
  4. frankie_is_the_best

    Eating less, less active.

    I have a 6-8 month old sulcata tortoise. When I first got him, I listened to the misinformation online and kept him dry. A couple months ago, I was told this was incorrect and have changed his enclosure completely. He now has a humid enclosure with the proper lighting, substrate, and soaking...
  5. H

    Respiratory infection??

    My leopard hatchling has been blowing bubbles out of his nostril lately, but they’ve been eating, sleeping, drinking just fine. Their activity level doesn’t seem to have decreased or anything, and we’ve been monitoring the temperature and humidity as closely as possible, both of which are at...
  6. naya the tortoise

    Need help with my tortoise!

    Hi, I’m a new tortoise owner from Ireland and is hoping to get some advice on my tortoise. I got my western Herman tortoise who is 9 months old about two weeks ago she’s being trying to escape for the first two day she got here but soon settled in. Though just recently she started scraping the...
  7. T

    Is my tortoise preparing for hibernation?

    So over the last few weeks I’ve noticed my 2 1/2 year old Horsefield tortoise slowing down a bit. She appears healthy still, weight is good, eyes and nose are clear, pooing less as she’s eating less but urates and urine looks good. She’s kept indoors as the weather in the uk now isn’t as...
  8. peanut&tofu

    absolutely ridiculous poop -- now what?

    ok first time posting, here it goes.. Over the past week and a half, my juvenile (just under 1 year) Russian tort Tofu fell ill. Sleeping constantly, hiding, not eating, not even opening its eyes except for a bath time (but then would fall asleep in the water). I've been in a moderate panic...
  9. C

    help-- scale blocking torts nostril

    my tort has a scale almost growing over his nostril- its causing him to be a bit wheezy and have his mouth open a bit, as you can see in the image. overall he's a happy active tortoise, eating and reacting to things normally. the closet reptile vet to me is an hour away so ideally id like to...
  10. O

    Leopard Tortoise not gaining weight

    Hello, I have concern about my Leopard Tortoise, Tommie. Ive had him since 7/10/22. I’ve seen very little growth. And since I started weighing him 8/15/22, he’s been the same weight pretty much. He still feels soft. He seems pretty active especially when soaking. I’m use to rasing Sulcata’s so...
  11. O

    Weird bumps on my new sulcata tortoise

    Hello, i just purchased my new sulcata and noticed it had two bumps, The bump that was on the top of his head looks like it might be healing but the one on the side of his mouth look like its growing. Would anyone be able to tell me if there is anything i can do to treat it? thank you
  12. A

    looking for advice caring for my tortoise

    so, ive had my indoor russian tortoise for around a year now. she was young when we got her - the pet store said she was around 2-3 months old. in all honesty, our care for her has not been optimal. i listened and have been following the advice of an aunt with a russian tortoise, and my tort...
  13. Scollins17

    Tortoise is no longer active

    Hi Everyone I have a 2 year old Marginated tortoise. Has always been very active. I went on vacation for 4 days, came back and the last couple days he wont come out of his shell for anything. Wont bask, eat or drink. I left him a whole head of lettuce and a full dish of water. He ate most of the...
  14. megnlong

    Orange Gummy waste?!??

    I need some help I found this weird waste next my tortoises food bowl. It’s orange and gummy in texture.
  15. Ftme2000

    Black Mark under shell

    Hello everyone Hope you doing great :) Honestly I faced an issue about my Greek tortoise that i wanted to share and get consultation I've had my tortoise about 9 month (found her in front of house) & from the beginning she had a black mark under her shell & i was wondering if that mark is sth to...
  16. T

    Live mealworms came dead

    Hello! I have a question on mealworms. I normally get mine live from a reptile shop that's a little ways away for my leopard gecko. I was running low on my current supply while on vacation so the person watching him got a cup of live worms from PetSmart in case the other worms ran out. When I...
  17. indy&squirt

    Please help me (tortoise subdued, poor appetite)

    Hello, I am desperate for some help & advice, This is my first post sorry if it's in the wrong area. I have 2 Testudo graeca Spur thighed Tortoises both around 4 years old named Indy & Squirt, both females. Recently in the last 2 months Indy who use to be very active climbing moving around...
  18. milesm916

    Redfoot making coughing/throat clearing noise?

    So recently my juvenile redfoot has started making a strange sound every so often that worries me- like a cough or a throat clearing type of sound. He does it a few times every few hours and then stops, but this has been going on on-and-off for about 4 days now. He doesn't have any other...
  19. Eve0810

    Respiratory infection

    Please help - respiratory infection We had bark as our hermann tortoises substrate which was suggested to us. We think he must have caught himself on it or some furniture and has had sepsis as a result. We took him to the vets for a course of antibiotics (10 injections). The sepsis has gone but...
  20. LakersSteve

    Is this prolapse? (Desert Tortoise)

    So this is a roughly 5 month old desert tortoise that I recently noticed a small bulging “sac” coming from her rectum. I was told she was a female when she was given to my family. Her enclosure is pure coco coir, with nothing she could have accidentally eaten since I’ve had her at 3 days old...