health concern

  1. megnlong

    Orange Gummy waste?!??

    I need some help I found this weird waste next my tortoises food bowl. It’s orange and gummy in texture.
  2. Ftme2000

    Black Mark under shell

    Hello everyone Hope you doing great :) Honestly I faced an issue about my Greek tortoise that i wanted to share and get consultation I've had my tortoise about 9 month (found her in front of house) & from the beginning she had a black mark under her shell & i was wondering if that mark is sth to...
  3. T

    Live mealworms came dead

    Hello! I have a question on mealworms. I normally get mine live from a reptile shop that's a little ways away for my leopard gecko. I was running low on my current supply while on vacation so the person watching him got a cup of live worms from PetSmart in case the other worms ran out. When I...
  4. indy&squirt

    Please help me (tortoise subdued, poor appetite)

    Hello, I am desperate for some help & advice, This is my first post sorry if it's in the wrong area. I have 2 Testudo graeca Spur thighed Tortoises both around 4 years old named Indy & Squirt, both females. Recently in the last 2 months Indy who use to be very active climbing moving around...
  5. milesm916

    Redfoot making coughing/throat clearing noise?

    So recently my juvenile redfoot has started making a strange sound every so often that worries me- like a cough or a throat clearing type of sound. He does it a few times every few hours and then stops, but this has been going on on-and-off for about 4 days now. He doesn't have any other...
  6. Eve0810

    Respiratory infection

    Please help - respiratory infection We had bark as our hermann tortoises substrate which was suggested to us. We think he must have caught himself on it or some furniture and has had sepsis as a result. We took him to the vets for a course of antibiotics (10 injections). The sepsis has gone but...
  7. LakersSteve

    Is this prolapse? (Desert Tortoise)

    So this is a roughly 5 month old desert tortoise that I recently noticed a small bulging “sac” coming from her rectum. I was told she was a female when she was given to my family. Her enclosure is pure coco coir, with nothing she could have accidentally eaten since I’ve had her at 3 days old...
  8. E

    Lucy swallowed a screw!

    Hello everyone! I need as much advise and information everyone is willing to provide. This past Saturday, 2/5. I was soaking Lucy and I noticed her breathing was odd. Later that day, i noticed she had watery eyes and mucus running down her nose. I made an appointment with the vet immediately...
  9. T

    Lost my 2 girls within a week of each other

    My two Herman’s tortoises have passed away, one last Saturday and one tonight. Both showed no signs of illness at all other than being slightly off their food which I attributed to the time of year. I am absolutely devastated, I have had them since they were babies. They hatched in 2016 . Dolly...
  10. E

    Tortoise Eye Problem HELP!!! Please

    !!!!Please Help!!!! Hello thank you for reading. My boyfriends tortoise has been poorly for a while now and we are really struggling to figure out what’s going on or how to help her. Her eyes closed shut and would not open, we tried everything we could find online: bathing them, vitamin a...
  11. C

    Tortoise noise, scales or something else

    Hey, So I noticed after soaking my tortoise some stuff on his nose. Did a scale come off or is it something else. I will monitor it and if it gets worse I'll take him to a vet. I was just wondering if anyone knew off the bat.
  12. T

    Black ring on tortoise

    Hello, i recently noticed a black ring appearing around my tortoise shell I rescued him recently from my home of 15 years and have no idea what this is and I am confused as whether or not it is shell rot or if it is dangerous to him and what to do to treat it if it is please help me identify...
  13. G

    Redfoot Restoration

    Never had a redfoot before but this guy came from a shitty pet store on Christmas Eve and his shells looking pretty dismal to say the absolute least, he’s staying wet and warm and someone said coconut oil on him will help but what else can we dooooooooooo, he’s been getting soaks and kinda eats...
  14. N

    Dry shell? Shedding shell?

    The top part of her shell in the middle is kinda wrinkle looking and a little pinker/ red than the rest of the yellow I’m wondering if it’s a burn cuz she bask so much . Is to dry? Shedding? I’m worried she is just getting over an RI so I need advice and what to do . Will shell saver work?
  15. C

    Any help is appreciated... Thank you in advance!

    Hello everyone, I am writing this post as I have recently rescued a snow leopard tortoise, I had noticed a guy had one up for sale on kijiji and the condition of him looked horrible so I picked him up the same day and immediately took him to the vet. I named him Jambo. Jambo is two years old...
  16. S

    Red Foot Itching Neck

    Hi, first time posting. I got a baby red foot tortoise a few months ago and she's been doing great. She's active, eats, and explores her enclosure a lot. I give her daily baths and used to take her outside for a little when it was summer (too cold now). Recently, she'll tip to her right side...
  17. motherofCHAOS

    Swollen cloaca with blisters/bumps?

    Hello, Professor Chaos is currently dealing with some issues with his back end area. Today during his soak I noticed some reddish looking tissue and some blisters/bumps on the tissue. Does anyone have any idea what these bumps/blisters are or if this is normal/signs of infection? Progression...
  18. turtleneck_boy

    Adult Russian Tortoise Smell and Humidity?

    Hello! Im new to the forum, I have an adult female Russian tortoise that’s about 12-14 years old, we’ve had her 2 years. We live in the Midwest and it’s starting to get really dry in our house, my tortoise’s humidity remains around 40% during the day. Since it has been getting dryer, I’ve been...
  19. P

    Indian star Tortoise's teeth got brownish

    From last one month Indian star tortoise's teeth got brown colored. It don't have any problems he eats normally as he was eating before just because of his tooth colour changed we are concerned. Here I'm sharing it's photo.
  20. L

    Hibernation help!

    I have fasted my hermann for 3 weeks now with daily soaks, where he also drinks, he started to poop a couple days ago but never managed to get it all out. I was waiting for him to pass it ready to put him in the fridge today but he still hasn’t had this poop come out. Do I wait another week and...