health concern

  1. E

    Something sticking out of its behind!

    Hello everyone. Today, my husband noticed something hanging out/ sticking out of our tortoises behind. I am that tortoise parent that freaks out about everything and this object i did not recognize! If anyone can please help? Should i be rushing him to the vet?
  2. Grxciea

    gooey bloody poo?

    My 5 year old female greek tortoise has what i can only describe to be a gooey, jelly like bloody substance coming out of her. We’re taking her to the reptile specialist but to calm my nerves does anyone have any idea on what this may be?
  3. Henry_andres

    Sulcata help

    Hi my name is Henry my friend bought a sulcata tortoise about 2 years ago he moved away and decided to give him to me his name is Carlos. I don’t know too much about him so I have been reading constantly about how to raise him. I have been feeding him all the greens I can buy going from lettuce...
  4. N


    Hey I was just wondering if the lower part of mouth is normal or an underbite that should be trimmed? He eats fine and is very active so I’m to believe he’s healthy.
  5. M

    Keep his tail tucked

    Hey y’all, I’m looking for some advice or clarification, whatever people can provide. Here’s the situation, we have a mature (~20 yr old) red-foot tortoise who, due to some mineral deficiency in his early days before we got him, has a larger than normal concave portion on his underside (he’s...
  6. M

    Weird patch on shell

    Hey guys! My best tort bud here has been with me a couple of weeks. I recently started noticing these weird 'patches' on his shell as you can see in the photo. Is this something serious or just a normal part of shell growth? He's active, seems healthy, has got his lamp on daily for 12 hours and...
  7. M

    Discharge near eye

    Hi, I have been noticing my spur-thigh/Greek tortoise having a white color discharge near one of his eyes for about 2-3 days now. He sleeps a lot nowadays (maybe since it's hot here?) though he eats and is active. He excretes and poops normally too. I would like to know if this is normal?
  8. S

    Three toed box female with rubbed spot on foot.

    Hello, newbie here with a question about my TTBT. She has a rubbed spot on one of her back feet. She gets a scab on it, but when I soak her, the scab falls off. Also, she acts as if the scab is pulling or irritating her and will favor the foot until the scab falls off, and then she walks more...
  9. W

    Underbite or overgrown beak?

    Hi, so we’ve just acquired Delia, a 40 something year old (we think greek?) tortoise from an acquaintance who’s moving country. My mum has had a tortoise before so we know at least the basics. My question is, can tortoises have an overgrown bottom beak/jaw? I’m wondering if it’s an underbite or...
  10. B

    Damaged shell

    Hello, I’ve just noticed some damage to the underside of my 10 year old Horsefield’s shell. His behaviour hasn’t changed and is still eating and active all day. He climbs a lot and does fall, but this seems like an odd place to damage from a small height and a soft landing. I’m not sure how...
  11. S

    Sulcata tortoise prolapse

    Hi everybody , I am an owner of a sulcata tortoise and he’s private area seems to be stuck and not able to go back in, I have tried sugar soaks and keeping it moist however it’s still not gone back I called the vets and they said to just keep soaking him however I’m getting concerned. I have...
  12. S

    Black growths around mouth

    Noticed these at the corners of his mouth today. Any ideas what they are? One side is noticeably larger than the other.
  13. D

    Tortoise cut on head

    Hi im sorry if im posting this in the wrong place i am still learning how to use forms but i am just concerned about my baby she keeps getting a cut in the same place on her head i will link pictures but i dont know how she is doing it i checked her shell for sharp parts and there is nothing and...
  14. I

    Only This Frontal Scute Is Pyramiding On This Hermann's Tortoise

    I have tortoise called Phoenix. She is a 7 month old Hermann's Tortoise. I got her while she was sick. She was stressed and she didn't eat for a while. I hand fed her every day and after a while she turned normal. She was really healthy until I noticed one of her frontal vertebral scutes were...
  15. G

    Desert tortoise health is questionable :( need guidance.

    Tortoise has questionable health. Need guidance. Hang in there with the details. My desert tortoise is around 40 years old. I adopted him about 2 years ago. According to a previous owner, he has had a rough 40+ years and it shows in his shell. He has been fed dog food most of his life (this...
  16. R

    Redfoot Whistling

    Hi, I just got an 8" redfoot 3 days ago and since then I have noticed that she has been whistling through her naves. It is pretty constant and noticeable whether basking after her bath, excited or exercising. Alongside that, we noticed that she has watery eyes sometimes. I think it could be just...
  17. V

    White areas at corners of Leopard Tortoise's Scute?

    Hey all, The Problem: Recently I started noticing white areas at the corners of the scutes and wanted your guys' input on whether it is an indicator I might need to make a change in his care/environment. Note: I ask that if you respond, please be kind, don't speak in absolutes (having positive...
  18. M

    Hatchlings Shell develop

    Hi everyone, I’m really concerned about my Sulcata hatchlings health! I’ve incubated some eggs from my adult female sulcata. I have had two successful babies and one is unfortunately not the same. The baby was struggling to get out of the shell, with only its head being out. So with the...
  19. frankie_is_the_best

    Eating less, less active.

    I have a 6-8 month old sulcata tortoise. When I first got him, I listened to the misinformation online and kept him dry. A couple months ago, I was told this was incorrect and have changed his enclosure completely. He now has a humid enclosure with the proper lighting, substrate, and soaking...
  20. H

    Respiratory infection??

    My leopard hatchling has been blowing bubbles out of his nostril lately, but they’ve been eating, sleeping, drinking just fine. Their activity level doesn’t seem to have decreased or anything, and we’ve been monitoring the temperature and humidity as closely as possible, both of which are at...