hermann tortoise

  1. C

    Is my humidity too high for my Herman’s Tortoise?

    Hi there, So my little tort is a 3 year old Herman’s tortoise and after a recent visit to the vets I have him in new vivarium. However I’m noticing that the humidity is really high (mid to high 70s sometimes 80) firstly is this too high? (I’m finding online info very contradictory. And secondly...
  2. C

    Hermann group: Am I in trouble? Female?

    Hey tort lovers - I have a group of 4 Hermann living outdoors. I know one of them is a 4 year old male, but I am not 100% sure on the 3 pictured in this post. I believe 1.Squirtle is female and so is 2.Speedy after lots of research but I am not confident. Anyone disagree? Also, I think...
  3. Professor Brenda

    Positive Identification needed

    Hello everyone, I haven't been on here in quite sometime. Life has been keeping me too busy. The tortoise rescue I work with got in these two lovelies recently. I want to make a positive ID so I can ensure proper care. I think the black and grey is a Hermanns and the Yellow and black one...
  4. M

    My Hermann tortoise has a greyish white spot on shell where it should be black

    I tried rubbing oil on the area with a toothbrush and it didn't do anything. Maybe it's got something to do with the nutrients he's getting? I've been feeding him dandelions/clovers from the wild so I'm wondering if it could be the result of pesticides, too much oxalic acid or protein...any...
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    Tort buns
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    Breakfast in the bath of his own volition lol
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  9. RatQueen_Irene

    Sex of 4 inch Hermann

    Hello, my eastern hermann tort is probably still a little young, but I heard you can sex them sometimes at above 4 inches long, and the tort is a bit longer than that measuring straight horizontally down the shell. Casually curious, as the tort was I believe temperature sexed at a higher chance...
  10. RatQueen_Irene

    Thank you to the tortoise forum!

    Just wanted to say thank you all for giving me advice in the beginning and seeing all the advice given in the past, I'm so glad I found you when I did. I thought I had everything together, but there probably would have been pyramiding due to ambient humidity issues, and he has a nice varied...
  11. S

    Male Hermanns tortoise biting finger/hand/foot

    Hey everyone, we got our little Wilson when he was only a few months old and adorably small as he was back then we tended to occasionally hand-feed him. Fast forward he is now 2 1/2 years and while he would occasionally bite a finger when we were to move a hand in his territory to replenish or...
  12. P

    Cute pic of Tortellini having a poolside snack 😊

    living the good life 💕🌱
  13. B

    Tortoise Constantly Digging Nests

    Hi, I have a female Hermann tortoise around 10 years old, Recently she keeps digging nests, she tries a few times a day digging then filling them in and starting again. I keep her inside as it gets too cold over here in the winter to keep her outdoors. I have fairly deep substrate however...
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    New bigger bath :>
  15. RatQueen_Irene

    Some extra veggies for breakfast

    In his sunning box disclaimer, has a full enclosure with substrate and all c:
  16. L


    I’ve starved my hermann for 3 weeks now with daily baths ready to pop in the fridge for hibernation, but i noticed a couple days ago he went to do a poop but it didn’t come out. I was going to wait for him to eventually pass it but he hasn’t yet. Should I wait for him to poop before I put him...
  17. RatQueen_Irene

    Kepler's Growth

    He's grown so much, from 1.25 inches to 3 inches in 5 months c:
  18. H

    Help! My Hermann's tortoise keeps getting substrate in his mouth!

    Hi I have a 4 year old hermanns tortoise and i keep finding pieces of substrate hanging from his mouth. I use zoo med forrest floor and it seems to get in his mouth and i have to pull the strands out. I’m not sure if he’s trying to eat it or if he digs and the pieces get in his mouth? Is there...
  19. RatQueen_Irene

    Humid Enclosure Idea for Juvenile Hermann

    I've finally found something that works really well for me, and I wanted to share for those with similar issues, and for feedback! The container is 21 by 39 inches, 17 inches high, with opaque sides. I have 4-5 inches of coco coir substrate, soaked from bricks to remove dust and squeezed for...
  20. T

    Trade male russian tortoise for hermann tortoise

    Hey guys, I am looking to trade my male Russian tortoise for a Hermann or Greek tortoise. I just got my Russian tortoise about two weeks and have an outdoor enclosure for him. However, I recently learned that Russian tortoises do not do well in a subtropical climate because of the high humidity...