hermann tortoise

  1. DirtyDogs304


    After a lot of research I finally found a breeder that I felt comfortable with and got my very first tortoise. I think he looks great but I’m very new to this so I was hoping you all could let me know if you see any concerns. He’s eating, drinking, using bathroom well. He’s very active but puts...
  2. I

    Help me identify species and sex of my tortoise

    Hello! New tortoise owners here! We purchased our first one at a local reptile shop. We were told he was male and Hermann and relinquished from another owner. When we took him to the vet….the vet said it looked female based on their shell and that it is a mixed species with Hermann and...
  3. C

    Are my tortoises eastern or western Hermann’s?

    Hi there! New to the forum, we’ve had our two Hermann’s since April. They’re about 1 year old now. We’re looking at a rough guide of how big they’ll grow in the future so we can plan for a new enclosure and have seen that there is a size difference in Eastern and Western. Would appreciate it if...
  4. Melodieyy

    Home upgrade!

    Nugget my 1 year old Hermann's tortoise just got her home upgraded from her old Home Depot Cement mixing tub, to a new 6×2ft enclosure! It's still definitely a work in progress and it looks a little janky for the moment, but she's loving all the extra space! Can't wait to keep decorating it🐢💚
  5. BennyandJackJack

    Best Substrate For a Hermanns?

    Hey All, New here and I have my first tortoise, a little Hermann's (I believe an Eastern) - currently I am using ProRep Tortoise Life Mediterranean but it gets really dry really quick, I have read that Top Soil with play sand and coconut coir is good for helping keeping it a little more...
  6. Sallythehermanntortoise

    Sally enjoying some much

    Sally 1st time eating dandelions
  7. Sallythehermanntortoise

    New tortoise mummy

    Hello group! I'm new to the community and being a tortoise mum. Meet Sally, she turned one in march, she's a Hermann tortoise who's full of character. I've had her since February and I'm totally in love with her 😍 Any advice I would love to hear..
  8. H

    Rehoming beautiful Western Hermann - Brighton UK

    Im so sad to be rehoming my beautiful Western Hermann tortoise Greta. She’s the absolute loveliest pet and I adore her, but I worry I can’t give her the space she needs. She is 2 years old andp loves to roam, climb, snooze and eat. She’s low maintenance but is much more active when there’s...
  9. P

    Sexing by plastron?

    Hi there! I took my little Reggie to the vet today, and the vet said he thinks he is a she, because his plastron is very flat; he said himself that indicators vary species to species, and everyone there asked if he was a Russian, so it's not like they're Hermann's "experts," just a local exotic...
  10. saaba041

    Hibernating my Hermann tortoise

    Hi all tortoise-friends! I have just got into this forum, and I need som tips and advices on my Hermann Tortoise. Franklin Dumbledore is a 4 year old Hermann Tortoise. I’ve had him(I think it is a boy..) since October 2020. I have never hibernated him before, but I’ve read that he should be...
  11. C

    Hermann NY

    Please message me if interested: 4 y/o male Herman's for a very low price. very healthy and active. I don't have a 2nd enclosure so looking to re-home the lil fella. I am in NYC.
  12. C

    NYC Hermann Trade

    hi - I have a male tortoise that I am willing to trade for another Hermann, preferably a female but open to male also. my male is not getting along with the rest of the group and I don't have space for another enclosure. thanks.
  13. C

    Is my humidity too high for my Herman’s Tortoise?

    Hi there, So my little tort is a 3 year old Herman’s tortoise and after a recent visit to the vets I have him in new vivarium. However I’m noticing that the humidity is really high (mid to high 70s sometimes 80) firstly is this too high? (I’m finding online info very contradictory. And secondly...
  14. C

    Hermann group: Am I in trouble? Female?

    Hey tort lovers - I have a group of 4 Hermann living outdoors. I know one of them is a 4 year old male, but I am not 100% sure on the 3 pictured in this post. I believe 1.Squirtle is female and so is 2.Speedy after lots of research but I am not confident. Anyone disagree? Also, I think...
  15. Tortoise Rescue Brenda

    Positive Identification needed

    Hello everyone, I haven't been on here in quite sometime. Life has been keeping me too busy. The tortoise rescue I work with got in these two lovelies recently. I want to make a positive ID so I can ensure proper care. I think the black and grey is a Hermanns and the Yellow and black one...
  16. M

    My Hermann tortoise has a greyish white spot on shell where it should be black

    I tried rubbing oil on the area with a toothbrush and it didn't do anything. Maybe it's got something to do with the nutrients he's getting? I've been feeding him dandelions/clovers from the wild so I'm wondering if it could be the result of pesticides, too much oxalic acid or protein...any...
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    Tort buns
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    Breakfast in the bath of his own volition lol
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