1. philjkeel

    Newbie Tortoise (Horsfield) owner looking for reassurance/advice please

    Hi All, I am a newbie member to the forum (in fact its my first time ever posting on any forum!) and to Tortoise ownership in general. We purchased Twig the Horsfield (which I think I am right in saying is aka a Russian tortoise) on 28th April and we think 'he' is approx. 6 months old. I wanted...
  2. S

    How old is my tortoise

    Hi, I got my Horsfield tortoise 5 days ago and was told he was CB22, be he seems to small for that when reading others post. I have measured and weighed him today and he is 6cm and 48g. How old would you say he is
  3. S

    Horsfield Tortoise Weight

    Hi everyone! I got my new Horsfield 4 days ago, they told me he was CB22, but I’m not 100% due to his weight. I have been trying to find forums which help calculate his age and size to his weight but I’m struggling. He is 7cm wide and 8cm in length and weights 48g. Is this underweight and what...
  4. L

    Is my horsfield growing too fast?

    Hello. My horsefield is over 10 years old. He was living with my parents for this whole time until last week when he joined me. His condition was not good, he was living on fake grass no substrate, basking lamp which was 50 Celsius, eating only lettuce with no supplements the list goes on...
  5. S

    Looking to rehome 7 year old male Horsfield tortoise - Lancashire, UK

    Unfortunately, due to my living situation changing and not having the time to care for him anymore, I am looking to rehome my 7 year old male Horsfield tortoise. I took him into my care 6 years ago as a rescue. He wasn't well looked after in his home before me so I did my best to research and...
  6. mrpresitort

    Very lethargic Russian tortoise (2yo, M) - Is he sick?

    My russian tortoise is a 2 year old (ish) male. He's usually very active in the mornings and goes out in search of food, but for the past week, maybe week and a half, I have had to encourage him to come out of his burrow to eat something, and then once he's eaten he goes right back to his burrow...
  7. V

    My Horsfield is uncharacteristically lethargic

    Hi, this is my first post here after lurking for years. I need an opinion on whether or not this is an emergency for my tortoise. The earliest exotic vet appointment is August 5th so I don't know if I should wait or not for his check-up. I moved a little over a month ago and my Horsfield...
  8. No1much

    Is my tortoise getting enough of his meds.

    TLDR at the end. Hey guys . Bit of background I'll keep it brief. Both my russians got lethargic about a month ago. Went to exotic vets. Poop check of one says worms (they're kept separate). Given wormer to give to both every 2 weeks. Had to remove all substrate (organic top soil) replace with...
  9. tort_us

    Ate miracle gro potting mix

    I turned around for two seconds to weed a plant and found my 3-year-old Russian tortoise eating miracle gro potting mix. He took between one and three bites of dirt and may or may not have eaten perlite pellet(s). I’m really worried but it doesn’t have any sort of insecticide or weed killer—...
  10. Aries98x

    Horsfield tortoise and buttercups

    Hey I have a 4 year old Horsfield tortoise. He has a small enclosure n the garden that I put him in when the weathers nice. I pick out any daisies and buttercups that grow in there but I must have missed a buttercup and when I turned around he was eating it. I’ve read that buttercups can be...
  11. S

    Magpie attack :(

    Hi all, I just wanting to post to see if anyone could tell me what this mark is that is on my tortoises neck? A magpie recently got into his outside enclosure and whilst there was no immediate damage (thank goodness) I have spotted this mark today. He's passed urine, urates and pooped since...
  12. No1much

    Horsfield tortoise pooping problems

    Hi guys. I'm new to posting to this site but I read it daily it's an amazing resource. I have 2 horsfields that I've had about a month. Both about a year old. One of them is really straining to poop this week. She is going multiple times per day but really struggling and when she does go it's...
  13. Revasius

    Russian tortoise in Florida: advice needed!

    Hi everybody! I am new to this particular forum but look forward to meeting some fellow tortoise owners. Background: I have a rescue Russian tortoise who I quite literally found abandoned on a median here in Florida. She was clearly neglected in her previous home, having an incredibly...
  14. Taylorannc

    Tortoise Stressed from Moving?

    Hi All, I adopted a tortoise last year who was ill to the point of collapse. He is a 20 year old male horsfield who was kept by an elderly lady who kept him in sub-standard living conditions to say the least. He was intensively cared for by exotic specialist vets and made an amazing recovery...
  15. P

    Species identification please!

    Hello We bought Tolstoy from a breeder, as he had some juvenile Horsfields for sale and we liked their smallness and hardiness. All the research we did to look after a tort was based on this breed. When the tortoise was delayed the guy offered us a Hermanns instead, ready to go. We said no...
  16. Taylorannc

    Importing a Tortoise from the UK to Canada (As an immigrant)

    Hi All, I’m currently in the process of moving to Canada from the UK and have a horsfield tortoise that I would like to bring with me. Based on the Canadian government website it’s legally possible, however, I’m struggling to find a company willing to ship for me. Any advice or...
  17. grumpytort

    humidity? humid hide?

    Hi again, I've got a one year old russian tort, i've had him 3 weeks, he's living in an open top table (4 x 2 ft). I was understanding that tortoise tables were best for these tortoises but after some reading on here i'm worried i've made a mistake. Should the table have a cover on it, if so...
  18. J

    Horsfield outdoor enclosure

    Hello, I've had a male horsfield for a couple of years and he's doing great. This summer we increased the size of his outdoor pen and we are debating on getting 3 females. Would this be big enough? All plants are edible and there are 3 total caves for hiding
  19. B

    Worried first time owners (11 month Horsfield)

    Hello guys. I bought my fiancee and I a Horsfield at the start of the year (it was via www.thetortoiseshop.com) and we've called him Peewee. When we got him, he came with a tortoise table, a lamp with a combination UVA/UVB bulb, bedding (I think it was aspen) and the food bowls etc. (I've...
  20. S

    Advice needed

    I have owned a horsfield tortoise now for 8 months we were wrongly advised by a pet store to get a vivarium. After learning that they are not good for tortoises we are looking at getting a tortoise table. Would this be suitable http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271918123516 ? We have dogs so must have...