leopard tortoise

  1. Coconikki

    Healthy Eyes?

    Hello! My Leopard Tortoise will be a year old Feb 15. Currently weighs 379 grams. Does its eyes look healthy? I noticed the area surrounding the black part of the eye? And wondered if this so normal? Its eyes have always been like this since I got him/her in May of last year. *Temps/ Humidity...
  2. baileypete

    Male or female?

    I've had Victor for almost 4 years now, and am wondering the gender. I think male? But I'm not sure.
  3. Coconikki

    Boy or girl?

    Hello! My Leopard Tortoise will be a year old in February. Just wondering if anyone could take a guess on the sex? Still too young? His/her tail almost always looks like this in the photo! Thank you.
  4. Coconikki

    Worm in enclosure

    Hello! I have posted before asking about a tiny worms I found in my Leopard Tortoise enclosure. This evening I found this worm. It’s seemed bigger than the others I found previously. Could it be a garden worm of some type?? I do purchase local organic greens and I do my best to rinse well before...
  5. V

    Leopard Tortoise Shellrot on Plastron?

    He's my first tortoise and is a few months over 1 year old. I went a bit too long letting him live in his hatchling terrarium that was too small (I've recently rehoused him into an awesome gigantic diy enclosure I'm really happy with) and since it's got colder and I couldn't take him out to...
  6. Coconikki

    Worms in substrate

    Hello! I was doing enclosure maintenance on my Leopard Tortoise enclosure this evening and noticed these tiny worms in the substrate under the Orchid bark. They look almost iridescent with a dark line/vein going through their bodies. I have a lens that amplifies photos for my phone so I was able...
  7. J

    Just some pics of my little dudes

  8. Coconikki

    Bump/Dip Leopard tortoise shell

    Hello! I have a Leopard Tortoise almost 7 months old. 161 grams. I notice there seems to be a bump or a dip towards the back of the shell above the tail area? Can you see it, is this something to be of concern or normal? Temps/Humidity are all within range. I check daily. Arcadia UV, radiant...
  9. biochemnerd808

    Pure SPP leopard tortoise, 18 months old

    This beautiful 1.5 year old, 550g pure SPP leopard tortoise needs a new home. Known parents feom a reputable breeder. I raised it from 1 week old, and it's smooth and perfect. It spent the first year in a closed chamber, high humidity habitat. Daily soaks, natural UV during warm season...
  10. Coconikki

    HELP! Basking bulb issue.

    Yesterday my 65w Incandescent flood light went out. I went to the hardware store to find out they have now been banned???? What should I get? My enclosure is 48 x 24x24 ( I also have a radiant heat panel for night) Thank you for the help!!!!
  11. P

    Is this mini greenhouse good for my 6m old leopard

    Not available to link it right now, sorry. If there's a better one you recommend please suggest it
  12. biochemnerd808

    Dark dark dark leopard!

    This little one is turning out to be SO dark! I love the coloring. Its neck has some amazing marbling on it, too. I'm curious what it will look like fully grown. Whether it will continue dark, or end up with more light coming in? 19 months old, outside 24/7 since May this year. Before that, in a...
  13. biochemnerd808

    My pure SPP

    Phoebe is thriving outside! I moved her out there 24/7 in April from the closed chamber. She (ok, might be a he) is growing so much. I'm dreading winter, because she is used to roaming a whole big area outside that is more than twice the winter habitat. I got her at 1 weeks old weighing 22g...
  14. Trieste

    Bowser the Leopard loves showers!

    Hey y’all! Wow, Bowser really loves his showers. I can’t wait for this heat wave to pass! Stay cool :)
  15. J

    New setup

    Finally got around to getting my torts a new set up. I wanted something that they had plenty of places for them to explore and hide. My other tortoise got a similar set up in his tank.
  16. biochemnerd808

    17 month old leopard tortoise SPB/SPP mixy

    I have a beautiful, nearly 400g yearling+ leopard tortoise available. I got it at 2 months old from a TX breeder who soaks their babies daily. I also soaked daily and have raised it in a high humidity closed chamber, fed on weeds and garden greens and grass. Good eater, friendly, used to...
  17. fangurley

    Pest Control Safety- Termites?

    Im currently house hunting and the house I've liked the most in the last 3 years actually has active termites. The sellers are already getting it treated with bait stations. Of course Im concerned with my leopard tortoise's safety so Im wondering what I should do, my agent/mom is telling me that...
  18. Y

    Would an AC UNIT bother my tortoise?

    I am looking to build my 2.5 year old leopard tortoise an outside enclosure for pretty much permanent living (unless temps get extreme). He is going to be about 4 feet from my ac unit outside that goes on every now and then and is a loud humming. Could this possibly bother my tortoise? Also any...
  19. Coconikki

    New enclosure check !

    Hello! I am putting together a new enclosure for my baby Leopard tortoise arrival. It is a 48x24x24 -I am using a 32 inch Arcadia 14% UVB -75 watt Arcadia Halogen for basking currently reading 93 at the hotspot. -80 watt radiant heat panel for evenings to keep up temps. - substrate is coco coir...
  20. X

    New Owner Enclosure

    Hey there! This is my new tortoise! I was gifted him by a family friend that had to move. They said he’s about 2 years old, he’s about 12 inches long. Not sure exactly what kind of leopard he is or how big he will be. Right now he’s is in an indoor enclosure but I would love to build him a nice...