leopard tortoise

  1. Zenpsyche

    Baby leopard enclosure 🐢

    Hi everyone! My name is Kristin and I am new to this forum. I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading about how to care for leopard tortoises and in particular when they’re babies. I have an idea how I want her space set up but I need help on how to either build or find someone who can make...
  2. baileypete

    Male? Female?

    Over two years of age.
  3. N

    Mating/sexual maturity question

    Hi there! I have a pair of leopard tortoises, the older (and larger) one is the female, she was hatched in the summer of 2019 and is about 2500 grams. The smaller one is the male, he hatched in January of 2021. He weighs about 1000 grams. I know he’s male because the last few months, he has been...
  4. R

    Closed Enclosure Build/Idea For Others.

    This is my first post so I'm hoping I do this correctly! Thought I'd share some pics of our new enclosure upgrade for our 1.5 year old Leopards. Enclosures are 6' x 6' galvanized steel stock tanks, tops are framed chicken wire that hinges in the middle for easy access (we have cats that we...
  5. T

    Moving to new house, backyard has been treated by lawn company, help!

    I'm moving to a new house in a few weeks and my plan was to have my adult leopard tortoise free range in the backyard. I just found out from the previous owner that they have been using a quarterly lawn company that treats the yard for weeds and fertilizes it. :( How long are these chemicals in...
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    Quick, getting big 🐢
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    Quick, catching some rays 😎
  8. H

    Help identify this plant

    Hello, Could I please get help identifying this plant and if it is safe for tortoises? He already nibbled a little. Thank you
  9. dzzxmm1919

    3yr old leopard tortoise severe intestinal gas/constipation. Please help!

    Hello tortoise lovers. This is my first post about my 3 years old leopard tortoise, Strong. My husband has already posted her basic information on another thread: https://www.tortoiseforum.org/threads/help-my-3yr-old-leopard-tortoise-lost-appetite.197149/ We took her to a vet immediately when...
  10. Sulli1423

    Leopard tortoise outdoor habitat

    I have 2 leopard tortoises and I feel they are big enough to keep outdoors now so I made this “tortoise table” habitat for them and I was looking for some more advice. I live in Orange County Southern California so temperature ranges from 70s-90s in spring and high 70s to 90s most of summer. I...
  11. Skogkatt2

    Introducing Peanut

    Good morning everyone! Thank you for accepting me into the forum. My name is Eric and I would like to introduce Peanut, a spunky 36g Leopard tort. He became a part of my family 5 days ago. I soak him twice daily in the sun for 20 mins and lets him walk around a bit after that for 10 mins...
  12. L

    New Leopard Tortoise Owner

    Hello everyone! I am the new owner of a 2.5 inch Leopard Tortoise, his name is Tank. This tortoise was given to me by a friend but I have some concerns about his shell. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. His shell has a fair amount of white outlines toward the top and I...
  13. C

    Any help is appreciated... Thank you in advance!

    Hello everyone, I am writing this post as I have recently rescued a snow leopard tortoise, I had noticed a guy had one up for sale on kijiji and the condition of him looked horrible so I picked him up the same day and immediately took him to the vet. I named him Jambo. Jambo is two years old...
  14. A

    Leopard Tortoise eating flowers

    Hi! I am new here, taking care of two Leopard Tortoises. Not too sure how old they are; one is 148g and the smaller one is 109g. Picking up between 5 and 7g a month. I am reasonably educated in their care. They are healthy and seem content in my garden. However l noticed one eating a flower...
  15. C

    Is it ok for leopard tortoises to eat moss?

    There is moss growing in my garden, and I sometimes let my leopard tortoise roam around there to bask under the sun and eat some weeds. And every time when it sees moss, it would nibble on them. When I see this, I always pick it up and put him/her somewhere else because I'm scared the moss might...
  16. F

    Rehoming 5 Leopard Tortoises

    It is with a heavy heart I have to put my Leopard Tortoise colony up for sale. I used to be very active on this forum but life got very busy. My dog needs surgery and my house need repairs and although I love my tortoises dearly I need to sell them and hope they find a home that will have more...
  17. L

    My first winter while she is so active

    I am genuinely asking… please keep unrelated comments about what you think I am doing wrong to yourself. I am not an expert but I do really try my absolute best to take care of my girl :) My female leopard tortoise is 2 years and 7 months old. She weighs 1,605 grams and is 8 inches long. This...
  18. L

    Leopard Tortoise Plants

    Hi I'm pretty new to the form mainly because I got my first tortoise about a week ago and I live in a colder climate with my new baby leopard tortoise Zarha meaning she has to stay inside all the time and she's only 32grams so pretty small I was just wondering what kind of plants I could put in...
  19. F

    Red and purple spot on leopard plastron

    Today, my leopard tortoise had a strange sign. There's a red and purple spot on his plastron. Any one have an idea what's going on? My leopard size 6.5 cm Plastron still hard.
  20. Y

    How do I know if my leopard tortoise is growing too fast??

    pictures and details on the comments on Reddit! short version he has grown from 44 grams - 250 grams in 6 months and I’ve never heard or seen anyone else with a story like that ?