1. M

    Finding the right UVB bulb and fixture

    Hello all, I am struggling with finding the correct UVB bulb and fixture for my Western Hermann’s tortoise. I currently have a 10.0 UVB bulb in a dual repti zoo dome fixture because my tortoise was a baby and in a small enclosure. Now that he’s getting larger I upgraded his enclosure and am...
  2. P

    Red foot tortoise lighting

    Hi everyone! I’ve barely had my tort for about a week now. I have a dual dome lamp, with 60W heat bulb and a 5.0 UVB bulb. I got a thermometer and the temp was 74-76s. So i changed my 60w heat bulb up to 100w PLUS a nano dome with a 40w CHE. And I still cant get the temp into the 80s🥲 I dont...
  3. C

    Please advise on lighting controllers and lamps.

    Hello This thread is about my families tortoise Terry. He is meditaranean and I think Greek. I can find his detail soon by talking to my mum. Recently we have been having trouble with the uv lights. We regularly let him roam the house and sometimes outside in summer. What we have: Infra red...
  4. J

    Cherry head season change and lighting advice

    Hello, I've moved cherry and berry into a new home (pictures attached) and I have some questions about lighting. Its fall here in MN and I noticed that they were slowing down and eating less, which seems like it's normal for cherryheads. I also have seen a lot of conflicting advice on basking...
  5. J

    redfoot tortoise enclosure plant lighting

    hey guys so i have been organically growing some spiderplants lemon balm and other plants for my redfoots enclosure, im just concerned that my 24w T5 uvb light will not be enough to keep plants alive is there any led lights i can safely use in my enclosure for my plants to grow ? they do not get...
  6. zarawyon

    New Enclosure Lighting Enquiry

    Hiya. I have just got my new outdoor enclosure for my 8yr horsfield and I’m not sure how to go about the lighting / heating for the house section. I am thinking of using a Zoo Med Powersun UV Flood Lamp on a timer. I don’t know if i need other lighting or heating or if this lamp would provide...
  7. R

    Tortoise lighting and enclosure

    Hello, I have had my tortoise for two years now, she is about 6 years old Russian Tortoise. When I first got her I got a long Guinea pig wire enclosure, the height was perfect and she did well with her lighting (100 W uvb zoomed powersun) and everything, no issues. Then I started having trouble...
  8. T

    Redfoot lighting and humidity

    I'm planning on adding a small grow light for some hanging plants to provide shade and a UVB light into my 4ftx2ft redfoot enclosure. I don't really have time to give my redfoot outdoor baths any more so I want to ensure it gets enough UVB. What length should I use for the lights? I currently...
  9. L

    New tortoise owner, would this lighting be fine for an Egyptian tortoise?

    Hello, I am a new tortoise own here. I saw this lighting option on amazon and it seems to have great reviews. But since I am new, I am not too sure if it would be a really bad idea, etc. Would be happy to hear your thoughts, thank you in advance!
  10. P

    Questions about lighting

    I have a few questions regarding lighting required and I'm finding it really difficult to find some information that makes sense to me on this topic. For context, I'm currently looking into getting a russian tortoise (haven't bought anything yet). I live in the UK and would be housing indoors...
  11. zarawyon

    Help with Improving my Esio’s Enclosure

    Hiya I have a 9 year old horsefield that I got quite young and I am now endeavouring to improve her enclosure. She currently lives in a basic set up with a mercury lamp over a tortoise table but it’s just way too small. I want to get her an outdoor tortoise house (retaining the table for bad...
  12. I

    All In One Bulb

    Hello guys. I need one of those all-in-one bulbs. I have found this bulb called Jbl ReptilDesert. Is it good? Thanks for all of your replies.
  13. I

    Arcadia D3 Arc Pod

    Hello. I need an extra uvb and I saw this arcadia d3 arc pod and the arcadia euro range desert 10% uvb. Are they ok to use for greeks and hermanns? Please let me know. The product links:
  14. I

    Fluorescent Uvb

    Hello guys. I have recently bought a 13w coil bulb from exo terra but while I was doing some research I learned that it was bad for the tortoises eyes. Thankfully I have never used it before reading that. I have decided that I'm going to buy a new fluorescent uvb and I have 3 greek tortoises and...
  15. T

    Tortoise lighting/heat

    Would one of these dual light fixtures be suitable for use when hung over a tortoise table, one with a UVB bulb and the other heat bulb, each socket has independent switches so both can be thermostatically controlled. And if not what would you recommend as I need to upgrade both. Thanks!
  16. C

    Above Tank Lighting Setup

    Hi, Apologies if there is a thread asking a similar question, I've been browsing for information all day and haven't found anything that can answer my specific question and have been getting overwhelmed with the amount of lighting information that doesn't actually answer my question. I...
  17. M

    Arcadia T8 - Distance?

    I just moved my Greek Ibera from a table into a 4 x 2 x 2 vivarium. The issue I am having is the height of the vivarium in comparison to the bulb I am using. The bulb is an Arcadia Euro Range 10-Percent D3+. At the moment, it hangs down at the side, not in the middle as would be preferable...
  18. M

    UVB help

    Can I use this UVB for hatchlings (5 weeks old) They live in a tortoise house at the moment while a larger more appropriate enclosure is being built. What do you recommend? A strip light? 10 or higher? How high?
  19. C

    Mercury Vapor Bulb Recommendations

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to switch my Yellow Belly Slider from a separate Heat and UVB bulb to a Mercury Vapor Bulb. Sheldyn was just at the vet because she wasn't feeling well and the Dr. recommended switching to a Mercury Vapor Bulb. Can you let me know what brand you use, what wattage...
  20. V

    Wooden habitat with black mold underneath

    I have a Hermanns, and he is not himself. I was given the tortoise by someone who did not want him any longer. He came in a ZooMed Tortoise House. Given the humidity needs etc it did not seem like the correct habitat. His house is on the floor in the kitchen which is above the garage so it can...