marginated tortoise

  1. A

    over weight??

    so I've had my baby tortoise for a little over a month now. But he has double in weight. When we first weighed him (3 weeks ago), he was .53 oz. He now weighed at 1.16. I feed him a shell size of greens for breakfast, and some clover for lunch/dinner. He poops and pees, and takes his baths when...
  2. feefofum

    Clear bubbles coming out of nostrils

    Hi everyone! I just got a 2-month old marginated tortoise last Wednesday and named him (going with him right now but who knows haha) Houdini. This is my first time raising a tortoise so I did all the research I can beforehand. Also read Chris' care sheet on marginated tortoises and that's...
  3. B

    Any general advice?

    Hello, I have recently taken on 2 Marginated tortoises and I was wondering if anyone has any advice? One is slightly bigger than the other (7 inches and 8.5 inches) and both males however I do not know the age. They both have indentations on the underside of their shell, is this normal...
  4. Alissa Manning

    Elvis & Elsa the marginated tortoises

    Hello my name is Alissa and I have 2 beautiful, 5 year old Marginated Tortoises Elvis and Elsa. Before purchasing them I built my own tortoises table and did intense research so I could be prepared for anything. The only thing I am unable to identify is the difference between Female and Male...
  5. A

    cage and general info

    I have just set up the enclosure and I want to double check everything and is ready for a baby marginated tortoise. It is a 40 gallon breeder tank, the temperature for basking is around 96 degrees, other side not as high. Night time temps are in the low to mid 70's. The humidity is around 73%...
  6. Animalis

    Marginated baby will not eat

    Hi, we found a baby 6cm Marginated Tortoise hurt, holes all over his body and took him home.He is fine, active,not afraid of us,three days now with us..but will not eat.We are in Greece, the weather is not cold yet, I give lettuce and a variety of sprouts I find eating.Is that...
  7. A

    Marginated cage

    Hello all, I am looking into getting a marginated tortoise, and the first set is building a cage (woodworking is a second hobby). I have attached a preview of it in a CAD file/pic. Please note that the cage is 5'x3'x2' (give or take). And that the front side (not shown) will be able to open...
  8. J

    Marginated Tortoise - Male or Female?

    Hello. I've had my tortoise about 8 years but I think she (maybe he) is about 11ish, we got her from a family friend as they were moving away. I think she is as she but I can't seem to find anything online that's clear enough to confirm so I thought I'd ask for some opinions! Attached is a...
  9. sned25271

    Russians, Pancakes, Marginateds, Redfoots, Leopards

    Hatchling season is in full swing here and we have several species available. All are over 2 months old and are doing great! All these were captive bred and born from my adult groups. Russians- $175 Pancakes- $375 Marginated- $125 Leopard- $125 Redfoot- $100-125 Prices do not include shipping...
  10. pauline_fri

    Tortoise is sick, help

    Hello, our marginated tortoise went to the vet's about two weeks back and was apparently sick, so the doctor kept him for a bit, gave him some antibiotics that didn't help, then some that did, and we took him back home. This was a week ago. Since then, he hasn't been eating or pooping. He...
  11. C

    Walks in the yard, local plants help

    Good morning everyone! I live in the panhandle of Florida and I think my little Marginated Tort is ready to start taking some little walks in the yard to graze (because I would swear I bought a horse with how much he eats!). I took some pictures of the plants I have growing in my yard and was...
  12. C

    Eating Behaviour

    Just wanted to know my 1 year old when he is out of table and wandering around house or conservatory he will non stop eat food from his bowl or floor however in his table he rarely eats. Is this normal? Does anyone else have this?
  13. C

    14 days and still not eaten

    Marginated still not eaten after 14 days of having him. Offered fresh weeds daily, tried bathing daily mornings still nothing. Have lost 2 grams weight is this normal?
  14. C

    marginated heat

    Hi out of interest when using a heat temp gun the floor under the basking is registering 44c/111f is this to hot or not as it's not air temperature
  15. C

    Marginated Flipping Over

    Hello, does anyone marginated flip over? I have had him 2 days and all he seems to do is go to the corner of table or sides and try to climb leading to flipping over. Is this just a matter of the little tortoise being curious? Is a 2016 hatchling
  16. K

    5 year old marginated tortoise help

    Hi I have a 5 year old marginated tortoise that lives by itself on a 1.3m by 0.6m tortoise table. He has lived indoors his whole life and he seems to be pretty bored. He only comes out of his hide away area when I give him food and he basks rarely or explores his enclosure. He doesnt seem to be...