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  1. G

    Redfoot Restoration

    Never had a redfoot before but this guy came from a shitty pet store on Christmas Eve and his shells looking pretty dismal to say the absolute least, he’s staying wet and warm and someone said coconut oil on him will help but what else can we dooooooooooo, he’s been getting soaks and kinda eats...
  2. C

    New Desert Tortoise owner

    I recently received three hatchlings from a friend whos tortoise had a surprise clutch hatch. They haven't had her around the male for a couple years so they can hold the sperm for a loooong time. They didn't notice any nesting behavior either but all of a sudden baby tortoise were all over...
  3. H

    New to forums and torts

    Hello I’m to to forum and the tort game so I’m really hoping I put this in the right spot. I saved this guy/girl from petsmart and it just said “assorted Testudo tortoise” I took him to reptile store and the lady (who looked 12) just said it was a Testudo then. I’ve been doing my own research...
  4. V

    Help! I don’t know what to do!

    Hi there. I’ve had my sweet tortoise for about a year and a half now. I love him so so so much, and I’ve done so much research and tried my very best to care for him the best I can. But lately, he doesn’t seem right. He won’t eat, doesn’t want to even come out of his hide anymore. His eye...
  5. S

    New Cherry Head / Red Foot Hatchling—Enclosure

    We are about to be first-time tortoise owners / parents. We have purchased a CH/RF hatchling from Ryan at Southern Reptiles (he has been amazing, BTW). He has given us some great info for starting out, but would love to get some feedback on our choices. Here’s what we have ordered, so far: Zoo...
  6. Aaru.


    I have a star tortoise. It's my first time and i don't know his age as it was previously owned by someone else. He seems comfortable in the new environment and is friendly with all of us but i have noticed during his meal he makes a choking kind of sound. It happens once or twice every time he...
  7. M

    Tortoise identification! Please Help!!

    Hi everyone. My auntie and uncle have had two tortoises since before I was born nearly! (I’m 25) they have lived in there garden for the whole time with a small house to go in when they want shelter and warmth as we live in the UK, Liverpool). They hibernate outside. They have now given these...
  8. AmzBond

    Hello from Chesterfield - UK

    Hey all, I hope you are all staying safe. I’m looking into getting my step son a tortoise, ideally a hatchling. I had a tortoise previously but sadly had to re-home during my divorce. I’m rusty now, so any advice would be more than welcome. ideally best place to purchase table, accessories...
  9. L

    New sulcata owner. How to decrease humidity? HELP!

    Hi everybody! My names Lauren and I recently rescued a Sulcata Tortoise from being abandoned by a lake (his names Edison, eddy for short) The previous owner had him for a little over a year but didn’t want to take care of it anymore. I’ve never owned any kind of reptile before so this is a whole...
  10. Rlogreen

    Help Learning About Tortoise

    Hello, We recently rescued our tortoise from a friend who wasn’t taking the best care of her. We’ve had her for about 2 months, built a new enclosure, taken her to the vets and she’s definitely getting healthier and putting on a little weight. We have noticed these pale lines start to appear...
  11. R

    New to the tortoise world

    Hi, my name is Pascal. I live in northern California and have always wanted a turtle. Recently I have built a 100 gallon pond with a large basking and hide area as well. I was wondering what turtle I should get. I’ve had my sights on a mud turtle but I’m unsure if it’s a good starting turtle and...
  12. Bo's Mom & Dad

    New Marginated Tort Parents

    Hello everyone! My wife and I are new to the Forum, as well as being new tortoise parents to our favorite little guy, Bo! He just turned about 3 months old! Check out the picture, and you can see why we are head over heels for him! Since we are new, I wanted to see if we are doing things...
  13. pillowkale222

    what breed is my tort?

    hello, we have had our Reggie for over 3 years now, we got her from a family friend who was moving away. We had her in an enclosure but she kept scratching at itt and always got herself stuck trying to open the it! She currently lives on my bedroom floor, this is super contreversial I've seen...
  14. F

    Help! Getting a tortoise from a bad situation. Never had one before

    Hey everyone new to the group and owning a tortoise This little thing was given to a friend of mine. He has no idea what to do with it but original owner didn’t take good care of it. The tortoise is very small about 4 to 5 inches big and five years old. Breed unknown I don’t know anything...
  15. M

    Identification please

    Hi All, As a child I had a mature Horsfield tortoise and always wanted a pet tortoise with my kids. I love them, but confess to being a novice. Completely out of the blue and with no prior warning my farther-in-law bought his grandchildren a tortoise for Christmas. He doesn’t know the...
  16. Beetle_Rain

    First time owner!

    Hi I’m going to be getting a young leopard tortoise in a few weeks and I really want to make sure I get everything as right as I can. Does anyone have any recommendations on lamps and bulbs that they found work for them?
  17. mikaylasii

    Hi!! Looking for suggestions!!

    Hi, I am new to this and was look for advice for my Russian Tortoise!! I recently have got him and have only had him for a couple days. I have been feeding him mustard greens and carrots, as this is what my research has said is okay. I’m looking for suggestions so he may live his best life! I’d...
  18. C

    I’m new and need some tips

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me something ups on how to take care of my tort I got last night. It’s a marginated tortoise, I have a tortoise table with substrates, dishes and a pool. I’ve ordered some fake foliage as well. I was curious on is there any tips I can do to help it settle...
  19. J

    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    Hello everyone, I just bought some Zoo Med eco earth loose coconut fiber substrate but i’m worried about having a mite infestation. I wanna know if others have had pleasant experiences with this substrate, or how I should clean it before adding it into the enclosure. - Thanks in advance!
  20. V

    Need help with learning how to take care of tortoises

    My siblings got two new tortoises and I'm looking to help care for them, from what I've heard certain tortoises vary in how they're cared for so if anyone can help educate me that be great. I'd like to know what's the ideal enclosure size, what kind of substrate I should use, what I should feed...