1. Loribwp

    How much and what types of food do I need to feed a 60lb Sulcata tortoise each day?

    It's been a few years since I've been on the forum. We live in Ohio and 8 years ago we adopted a 8yo Male sulcata. Now that's he's aIround 61 lbs. I often wonder if I'm feeding him enough and all the variety he should have. A couple times a week he gets Mazuri. He gets grasses, plantain, and...
  2. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    Natural looking indoor plants for marginated tortoise

    I’m building a naturalistic enclosure for my marginated tortoises indoors. I want to find some plants that don’t look tropical or exotic, just plants that look like they are from their natural habitat. Any suggestions?
  3. Speedy and Pokey TheTorts

    What shrubs should I use for my marginated tortoise enclosure?

    Hi I’m trying to mimic a hilly scrubland for my marginated tortoise enclosure. I’m already going to put grasses in there but I want to know if some small shrubs to put there. Any ideas?
  4. S

    Upgrading Redfoot Enclosure

    Hey everyone! I have a beautiful ~7 month old redfoot that I purchased from Southern Reptiles last year. He's already more than doubled in size and quadrupled in weight since October. He will occasionally explore his enclosure, but I think he needs more plants/coverage to feel fully comfortable...
  5. I

    Buying plants from local nursery

    I have a local nursey that sells plants that are edible to my tortoise and apparently. I did ask them if they were safe to be eaten by my tortoise. Apparently, they do not use insecticides or pesticides on their plants but they do use only this with their plants...
  6. Khanmahn

    Double T’s new crib

    SUP Tortoise Tribe. Double T has been mad patient during the construction of this build and his virtue has paid off for now he lives in a grand chateau that should be a thriving zone for the next year. TORT LOVE
  7. B

    Plants for shallow indoor enclosure

    I was wondering if there’s any plants I could use for a pretty short indoor Russians tortoise enclosure. There’s about 9’ of headroom between the substrate and the top, which has a wire ceiling.
  8. tort_us

    Low-Oxalate Weeds

    I can’t find a ton of info online about low-oxalate weeds (only the ones that are common for humans to eat). What are some good feeds that aren’t high in oxalates?
  9. R

    Types of plants to keep humidity in indoor enclosure?

    I have a baby red foot and I want to add moisture to my indoor enclosure by adding plants. What type of plants will be good to keep good moisture levels high? Thank you!
  10. M

    New / any help, tips, suggestions appreciated

    Hello Everyone, My name is Marleine and I just moved to a house in Granda Hills, CA. Two desert tortoises were sprung on me-- age 4. I am loving these guys/girls but I just have so many questions to make sure I am giving them what they need. So, Id like to know their gender? How can I check...
  11. CliffordtheredfootTORT

    Please help with Redfoot hatchling lighting!

    Ok so I have been looking at about a thousand threads now about lighting and there are so many different opinions my Brain is gonna explode! I will be getting a Redfoot hatchling soon and want everything to be perfect when he/she arrives! Right now I have a enclosure that is 3 feet long 2 feet...
  12. N

    Bamboo or something similar

    Hello everyone! New to the forums and about to get my firsr tortoise next week! Im going to be getting a baby sulcata and while decorating his new tub I thought some bamboo or another similar standing plant would look great in there. Im really looking for an edible plant, or at least one that...
  13. B

    Slow and Steady for our future Tortoise

    Hi all! I found this forum about a month ago when I was researching into tortoise care and I've already learned a ton and love the community here. We just bought a house with a large backyard (large for Mesa, Arizona) and want to get a backyard tortoise. We are going to apply to adopt a Desert...
  14. A

    Fake or real plants?

    I am looking to decorate a marginated tortoise tank. I do not have one yet, just getting it set up. For the plants: -Do they mistake the fake plants for real ones and try to eat them? -I was thinking of having both fake and real ones in the cage. Will they get confused on which ones they can...
  15. Centrochillys

    Pyrus pyrifolia fruit/leaves safe for sulcata?

    Hey everyone, I am planning on building a new outdoor enclosure for my 3yo sulcata Aesop, but the space I want to use has a large asian pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) growing in the center. It gives good shade and hasn't fruited in years, so I was hoping that it would be safe for Aesop to eat the...
  16. TurtleyTom

    Tortoise safe plants for decoration?

    I wanted to furnish my tortoise's enclosure with some plants. What are some tortoise safe things that I could plant in there? Also, would they try to eat fake plants and would this harm them? Thanks in advance.
  17. C


    Hi guys! I’m new to the community(though I’ve read some threads before) and I had a question. I have been growing some plants for my dear baby Ben and they are getting eaten by something. The spinach plants are in a pot, and I was wondering if it would be okay to put cayenne pepper on the...
  18. R

    New and looking for suggestions

    Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca. I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. My family is looking into getting a Russian Tortoise. The breeder says the tort will be about 5 inches big when we get him/her. I have been researching Russian tortoises for awhile now. Our indoor enclosure will be 3 feet long...
  19. O

    are these plants safe for a Russian tortoise . URGENT

  20. M

    Sliders living together

    Hi. I have 2 baby slider turtles, both boys, both about the size of a quarter. One is a Red Ear Slider, I call him Sheldon. The other is a Cumberland Slider, I call him Leonard. They’re in a 20 gallon tank for now, but I know as they grow I’m going to have to upgrade a good bit. They have...