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  1. Mrs_Gal1981

    Feral Cat House for outdoor tortoise?

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever used one of these feral cat houses to house an outdoor tortoise...
  2. B

    Red foot tortoise white spots help

    Hey guys, this is my first thread here, i have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my red foot shell it has some white dots some are bigger than other, I tried scrubbing with a toothbrush gently and some would go away but when the tortoise is dry they appear again with no change. I want...
  3. D

    'Air Bubbles' On Tortoise Neck

    Hi this is my first time on the site, and I am extremely worried about my Red Footed Tortoise. She has had these bumps on her neck or skin area which are squishy and seem to be getting bigger. She has also been scratched by my other tortoise in the enclosure today which has never happened even...
  4. R

    Moving red-foots from Canada to Ireland

    Hey, hoping someone with experience shipping reptiles can help me out here! I currently live in Canada and at the end of this year I am going to move back to Ireland. My partner who I met here is coming with, and they have 2 red-foot tortoises and a bearded dragon. So far shipping of our...
  5. SnelgroveLady

    Help!! Female or Male?

  6. T

    Pyramiding in my 5 year old red foot tortoise

    Hello everyone! I found my red foot tortoise about 4.5 years ago when he was just a baby, since then he seems to have developed quite a significant amount of pyramiding. After all of the research I’ve done, it seems to me the only explanation to it is the lack of humidity he is getting since he...
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    Drawing of cherry head by Sophie Walker
  8. Isabel Casiño

    Help Building Baby Red Foot Tortoise OUTDOOR Enclosure

    I am going to build an outdoor enclosure for my year old baby red foot tortoise, we live in Prattville, AL, and it gets pretty hot and humid and I thought of keeping him in our backyard for the rest of the year until winter. Right now temperatures go from 70F and have around 60% humidity but it...
  9. W

    Soaking pool for outdoor enclosure

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this topic has been covered already but I couldn't find a thread on it. I am constructing an outdoor enclosure for my 3yo red foot and would like to have water for him to soak in. My thought was to maybe do an in ground shallow fountain and somehow hookup some time...
  10. Isabel Casiño

    No activity since we changed countries

    After we moved here to Alabama my RF King was having problems adjusting, he still does and its been over 5 months already. In these 5 months he hasn't eaten properly, just a nibble of his food occasionally and he stays in the house area of his new enclosure (a shaded dark area separated from the...
  11. D

    Red Foot tortoise face growth

    My red foot tortoise gets frequent face growths. They go away and come back maybe once a month. Any idea what it is? I will make a vet appointment soon.
  12. NaniRedstone

    What to feed a redfoot?

    Hi Everybody, so Redstone our redfooted tortoise hardly eats 🤔 so far he's had mixes of kale/dandelion leaves/ parsley/ squash/ spring greens/ tomatoes/ superworms/ strawberries & mango (not all at once) but those have been the only things I've managed to get so far, but any way with researching...
  13. NaniRedstone

    Baby Redfoot Help!!

    Hi, Does anyone know what this is that's coming up under his shell?? Hes 1yr2months and we've had him for 11days, currently worried about his care and health! Hes hardly been eating the past few days and mainly sits in his house and hardly ever puts his head in his shell if that's normal? We...
  14. Mrs_Gal1981

    Tiny white bugs...mites? Baby pilbugs? Or beneficial soil bugs?

    Few days ago saw this teeny tiny white almost clear bugs crawling on Enzo when I took him out to soak. I wash them off and came to do some research. Someone mentioned harmful mites are usually black and that the white ones usually come with the soil and help break out decomposing matter. Is this...
  15. K

    Is she okay ??

    So I've had my redfoot tortoise for 3 months and she has always been moving about her vivarium eating living her best life but she has recently stopped eating unless hand fed and just burrows all the time. The only difference in circumstances is my brother has moved out so she has nobody there...
  16. R

    Baby red foot diet advice!

    Hello everyone! I have a baby red foot that’s just a couple months old. I have been feeding him a wide variety of greens and fruits. But my questions is involving protein! I have been feeding him some hard boiled egg once a week or so. I want to offer other high quality proteins such as some...
  17. R

    First timer help please

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this I know it’s a lot! I will attach photos, please let me know what I can do to improve the quality of life for our newest family member. Any suggestions/advice is welcome :) My family and I recently adopted a baby red foot after building...
  18. S


    About a months difference in Henry’s shell. Little baby boy is becoming a man 😂😍
  19. R

    Baby red foot hasn’t ate in 2 weeks!!

    Hi! My baby red foot has not eaten in about 2 weeks. At first her temps were not good but I now recently got her new ceramic heat bulb and a humidifier to keep her temps steady. Temp is always now at 80°+ and humidity at 80%. She is staying hydrated all the time. I’ve only seen her take a couple...
  20. R

    Baby red foot hasn’t eaten in days.

    Hi! It’s been about almost a week and my baby tortoise hasn’t been eating anything of what I’ve been giving her. She’s only taken nibbles and that’s about it. She has been drinking her water and staying hydrated. Is this normal? Help would be greatly appreciated!