redfoot tortoise

  1. kona the tortoise

    New- Need Help with Redfoot Tortoise

    Hello! This is my new redfoot tortoise Kona. She is currently 8 months old and 4.5". I recently got her 5 days ago. I soak her daily and mist quite often. I take her out daily and let her eat the clovers in our yard. I also feed her a variety of foods in her enclosure such as clovers, romaine...
  2. sned25271

    Russians, Pancakes, Marginateds, Redfoots, Leopards

    Hatchling season is in full swing here and we have several species available. All are over 2 months old and are doing great! All these were captive bred and born from my adult groups. Russians- $175 Pancakes- $375 Marginated- $125 Leopard- $125 Redfoot- $100-125 Prices do not include shipping...
  3. P

    Looking for older sulcata

    Looking for an older sulcata that needs a home,or a few redfoot tortoise's I live in Michigan and have both indoor and outdoor enclosure
  4. Ayotl

    New Enclosure

    Hello I have received my new red foot grow out enclosure. However I have a couple questions. The dimensions are 80Lx20Hx20W The enclosure is made out of birch plywood and the front is made out a single piece of red oak with a hand cut opening for the glass. The interior is drylok extreme...
  5. Lulubadger7

    Hi New here! Redfoot mom

    Helllooo! :) I am new here and not the best with posting tech etc... I have a redfoot who I adore named Lucy. She is hilarious.
  6. georgecarlintheredfoot

    Shell Rot

    I am a new tortoise owner. I have a Redfoot Tortoise hatchling and I’ve noticed some unusual spots in between his scutes. I was unable to scrape or clean them off. Is this marbling or rot? I cannot tell.
  7. E

    Redfoot won’t eat

    i have a year and a half old redfoot and she’s never eaten a lot and is very fussy, but usually eats the mazuri I give her but for the last week she has barely eaten and I’m struggling to even get her to eat the mazuri now and she’s starting to seem very weak and I’m not sure what to do
  8. Flores93k

    Hello from CA

    Hello my wife and I have been interested in a tortoise for some time now I purchased a red foot hatchling a couple weeks ago and my wife surprised me with another hatchling here they are enjoying a soak in the sun
  9. Jgk1

    Redfoot Morphs

    Quick question here Are there any redfoot or yellow foot morphs? I have only seen pictures online never in person. Thanks (pictures from
  10. Jgk1

    Red foot help appreciated

    Hello I am new here I recently purchased a red foot hatcling currently I am having a bit of trouble raising its basking temperature I have a 100w heat bulb with a 15w uvb in a zoo med mini combo lamp However I have switched my uvb bulb with a 60w red heat bulb in a effort to raise the...
  11. Kelp

    Looking to fulfill my redfoot's dream to roam & meet other tortoises

    Greetings! Thank you all for your generous assistance, I have lurked on this forum for years learning to care for my Redfoot. Ninja is a marvelous tortoise, adopted 4 years ago from a Middle School Science Teacher. He had been living in an enclosure but relentlessly tried to escape, so we let...
  12. J

    HELP!! New member and can't figure out how to post on visible threads

    Hi, I am a new member and cannot for the life of me figure out how to post on visible established threads. I've used the "contact us" part of the site for help twice weeks apart but I've had no reply and certainly no help. I've had Genus: Gopherus native desert tortoises since I was a child...
  13. J

    Aspiring tortoise keeper, DFW

    Greetings from DFW, Texas. I have always been fascinated by tortoises and have just recently realized they can be pets! I want to get started on tortoise keeping but would like to choose the right breed for me. I have been doing a lot of research on various tortoise breeds and wanted to know...
  14. Cinnawho

    Hows Daisy looking?

    Hi I wanted some opinions on how Daisy the yearling redfoot tortoise is looking? :)
  15. H

    Coconut substrate sticking to head/neck and slightly in shell

    I just got a redfoot tortoise a few days ago. She is doing great so far other than she keeps getting filthy from the coconut coir substrate. After she gets out of her water, the substrate is sticking to her and it is all over her head and in and around her neck. I rinsed her off this morning but...
  16. Cinnawho

    Should I be worried?

    Good evening everyone, Im currently as happy as can be with Daisy my red foot tortoise but the other day while i was bathing/soaking her I noticed this whitish mark on her right foot and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is and whether or not i should be worried. Thank you so much
  17. M

    Cleaning a Tortoise's Shell

    My partner and I adopted a red-footed tortoise from a less than ideal condition last August (now March). He had been living with two old dogs who would sometimes pee and poop on the floor and he roamed the same indoor space they did so, when we got him, he had the smell of dog urine on his...
  18. P

    Greetings! New red foot and some issues

    Hi all! We got a new red foot tortoise about a month and a half ago. All seemed well until about a week ago when she became super sluggish, wasn’t walking around as much and was just burrowing and staying burrowed for the day. We took her to the vet and he gave her a vitamin shot and didn’t...
  19. H

    Dealer says it's a boy what do you guys say?

  20. K

    Enclosure Idea: Looking for some feedback or pros/cons

    Hello there everyone, We have followed the forum for maybe ten years but often enjoy reading posts more than we make them. Recently our large custom glass tank broke and we had to transfer our redfoot Speedy into a temporary smaller enclosure. We had been debating a new enclosure anyways and in...