redfoot tortoise

  1. D

    What locality? 🤔

    Hello! I would like to ask the experts what is the locality of my male redfoot? Thank you so much! 😘🙏🏼
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    Christmas pictures
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    Tis the season
  5. S

    Help is this shellrot? My Redfoot losing plastron scutes

    I was giving my 3 yr old redfoot a bath and I noticed one of her plastron scutes had fallen off. I was kind of horrified by that but after a lot of research I started immediately treating her with Beta iodine and a topical skin cream. I also used Chlorhexidine diluted to clean the area scrubbing...
  6. T

    General thoughts on Bytril and Respritory infection

    Hey everyone. I have a redfoot tortoise who stopped eating and would flush her nose with water and bubbles would come out. She seemed more drowsy and didn't want to eat but would soak for long periods of time in her water. (This started when having her outside for a few hours and had her...
  7. Alana

    Redfoot prolapse or penis?

    Hi all its been a while, I have a redfoot , Yoshi, who is roughly between 7-8 years old. The past 2 weeks, periodically, I've noticed after soaking him that there is a pink-like mass that is protruding from his cloaca. It protrudes after he poops and if I lift him up to observe after a few...
  8. A

    Hatchling with URI (failure to thrive?) Update

    Hello, My hatchling redfoot went to the vet. They gave him subcutaneous fluids, ceftazidime, and a gentamicin eye drop. They said he may just be a hatchling that fails to thrive but I wanted to give him a chance. I soak him a few times a day in warm water. Sometimes I had Mazuri diet, carrots...
  9. H

    Lighting advice?

    Hello, I just got a new baby red foot tortoise. My initial plan was to get the set up for a yellow belly slider aquatic turtle; so I had gotten a zoo med basking lamp 75w and a zoo med reptisun 10.0 uvb 13w lamp, which I put both of these in one of those combo light fixtures. I had asked the...
  10. TortTown

    New to Austin

    Hi, I recently moved to Austin with my three Redfoots. Is there a reliable boarding/sitting service in the area? My research did not find anything besides sitting for the wagging friends. I would be open to start a coop with other tortoise nerds. Any input is appreciated, thanks
  11. Hello


    Family of a great friend aka tortoise Welcome nova hoping to learn more
  12. D

    Inactive Adult Redfoot

    My 11 year old male redfoot tortoise has become a bit more inactive recently. I'm not too worried, just want to see others opinions. I live in South Florida where its mostly always warm and humid. I have him living outside with a smaller 8 inch female. I've noticed he became more inactive once i...
  13. dzzxmm1919

    2yr old Redfoot not eating for more than 10 days Please help!

    Hello tortoise lovers. Here is another thread about my redfoot tortoise: he has been not eating anything for more than 10 days, meanwhile, no poop at all. Here are some photos of his enclosure down below: We built this new enclosure on April 2 because his old enclosure might be contaminate by...
  14. Lillers

    Baby redfoot tortoise beak length

    Hi guys, So I have a baby redfoot tortoise that we've approximated is just around 9 months old. I'm a relatively new tortoise owner, I've only had him for about 7 months now. Recently I noticed a clicking noise when he (idk the gender yet but I say he) would eat, and I realized it was his top...
  15. unifiedsouls122333

    Selling an adult redfoot tortoise

    Hey guys I have an 11 year old female redfoot tortoise (Loki) that I unfortunately think I need to find a new home for.. I am getting busier and our recent home situation has made it harder for me to care for her on the terms and to the level that I would like. I’m just wondering if anyone has...
  16. unifiedsouls122333

    Redfoot “cool spot”

    Hey I guys I am new to this forum.. however I have always came here for info on my now 11 year old redfoot tortoise Loki. I live in the Northeast of the US where we have pretty cold winters (can get down to about 10 degrees at lowest) I have a 8 by 4 enclosure (stock tank from tractor supply)...
  17. EllisEditz

    i have cactus i wanna put in my enclosure

    so i bought 3 tiny cactuses and want to put them somewhere in my enclosure where the tortoise cant get too, im wondering what soil do i need to replace it with.? As ive heard they could have all sorts on them
  18. G

    For Sale: 2.5 year old Female Redfoot Tortoise

    I am looking to rehome my 2.5 year old tortoise named Basil. She is energetic, so entertaining, and loves head scratches. Basil is the perfect tortoise, she has never had any health or appetite issues and in the 2 years I have had her, her shell has grown from 3 inches to 5 inches long. I went...
  19. obiwantortellini

    Substrate Question / Coconut Fiber + Reptibark

    I have a redfoot tortoise hatchling coming on wednesday, I have read some people saying that they need finer substrate like cypress mulch or something and that repti bark isn’t good enough for them. My temporary set up looks like this so far (still missing the uvb strip) should I add more...
  20. R

    Red foot for adoption Florida

    I have had a red foot tortoise for about 5 years & am looking to give them up for adoption to the right home. The tortoise has had a well balanced diet, adequate home, etc for the 5 years I’ve had them. The reason for adoption is that recently (about 6 months ago) they started to bang on the...