redfoot tortoise

  1. D

    Inactive Adult Redfoot

    My 11 year old male redfoot tortoise has become a bit more inactive recently. I'm not too worried, just want to see others opinions. I live in South Florida where its mostly always warm and humid. I have him living outside with a smaller 8 inch female. I've noticed he became more inactive once i...
  2. dzzxmm1919

    2yr old Redfoot not eating for more than 10 days Please help!

    Hello tortoise lovers. Here is another thread about my redfoot tortoise: he has been not eating anything for more than 10 days, meanwhile, no poop at all. Here are some photos of his enclosure down below: We built this new enclosure on April 2 because his old enclosure might be contaminate by...
  3. Lillers

    Baby redfoot tortoise beak length

    Hi guys, So I have a baby redfoot tortoise that we've approximated is just around 9 months old. I'm a relatively new tortoise owner, I've only had him for about 7 months now. Recently I noticed a clicking noise when he (idk the gender yet but I say he) would eat, and I realized it was his top...
  4. unifiedsouls122333

    Selling an adult redfoot tortoise

    Hey guys I have an 11 year old female redfoot tortoise (Loki) that I unfortunately think I need to find a new home for.. I am getting busier and our recent home situation has made it harder for me to care for her on the terms and to the level that I would like. I’m just wondering if anyone has...
  5. unifiedsouls122333

    Redfoot “cool spot”

    Hey I guys I am new to this forum.. however I have always came here for info on my now 11 year old redfoot tortoise Loki. I live in the Northeast of the US where we have pretty cold winters (can get down to about 10 degrees at lowest) I have a 8 by 4 enclosure (stock tank from tractor supply)...
  6. EllisEditz

    i have cactus i wanna put in my enclosure

    so i bought 3 tiny cactuses and want to put them somewhere in my enclosure where the tortoise cant get too, im wondering what soil do i need to replace it with.? As ive heard they could have all sorts on them
  7. G

    For Sale: 2.5 year old Female Redfoot Tortoise

    I am looking to rehome my 2.5 year old tortoise named Basil. She is energetic, so entertaining, and loves head scratches. Basil is the perfect tortoise, she has never had any health or appetite issues and in the 2 years I have had her, her shell has grown from 3 inches to 5 inches long. I went...
  8. obiwantortellini

    Substrate Question / Coconut Fiber + Reptibark

    I have a redfoot tortoise hatchling coming on wednesday, I have read some people saying that they need finer substrate like cypress mulch or something and that repti bark isn’t good enough for them. My temporary set up looks like this so far (still missing the uvb strip) should I add more...
  9. R

    Red foot for adoption Florida

    I have had a red foot tortoise for about 5 years & am looking to give them up for adoption to the right home. The tortoise has had a well balanced diet, adequate home, etc for the 5 years I’ve had them. The reason for adoption is that recently (about 6 months ago) they started to bang on the...
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    Michaelangelo basking with the log.
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    Raphael eating watermelon.
  12. T

    Greenhouse for redfoot

    I have a 6 month old redfoot in great health but I am looking to boost the humidity in his enclosure by use of a small indoor greenhouse(4x2’). I need any advice I can get on if I need to vent it or not. And some pros and cons please. I want the best life for my lil tort buddy. Thank you!
  13. R

    Correct amount of UVB since it’s too cold outside

    Hello everyone! I have a 6/7 month old red foot living in a 3x5 enclosure I built that has a sealable top! I’ll post add a photo for reference. I wanted to double check and make sure I have the correct amount of UVB. I am using a reptisun t5 ho 10.0 bulb that is 20 inches from the substrate in...
  14. R

    UVB help!

    Hello everyone thank you for taking the time to read this. I have a 5 month old red foot and with winter coming I won’t be able to take him outside for his UVB anymore. What type of UVB light should I get it and how long should I use it daily? It would hang approximately 2 feet above his...
  15. Ein’sMom

    Adult Male Redfoot-Looking For Tropical Paradise!!!

    Hello friends, I’m T, Einstein’s current mom. Ein is 35 I bought him 5 years ago from a local store here in Spokane and it’s been wonderful ever since. You see I’m not posting this out of need or desperation.. I had a dream. That Ein was running in the sunshine somewhere humid with other...
  16. CliffordtheredfootTORT

    Redfoot Hatchling temps

    Hey everyone I have another question for you guys about temps. So I set up a 40 gallon breeder for my hatchling I closed the top of it so it’s basically a closed chamber now should I have a cold and a hot side or should I just keep the whole tank at one temp right now the humidity is at around...
  17. huntertao

    Has anyone had an experience with a cloudy eyes?

    Greeting all, This is my first post here on this forum, as I've just eventually got my first Cherry head tortoise last month. I've noticed that my Cherry head's right eye is cloudy, I can see that there is a very thin film-like layer over it. (Both eyes are all opened normally as they would...
  18. siigri

    Redfoot inside for winter

    We got our first redfoot last spring. Fortunately we can provide a outdoor home for him in the summer but now the winter seems to be a little problem. He has a nice DIY home, big and open from the top but he has a strong will about his freedom of walking. He has found every way to escape and...
  19. kona the tortoise

    Kona the Redfoot

    I have decided to start a thread about Kona, my eight month old redfoot tortoise that I got at a reptile expo. I take her out everyday because obviously she loves eating all the clovers :) I will update you as often as possible, enjoy!
  20. Lulubadger7

    Female refoot not eating enough?

    Hi! I have a 3 year old Female Redfoot (Lucy) lately she hasnt been eating much? I can't get her to eat many greens, and she seems to only want to eat banana, some chicken (once a week) and maybe a grape or two. She has a varied diet and eats basically what I eat (I am a health nut/ I go out of...