General thoughts on Bytril and Respritory infection


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Jul 12, 2023
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Hey everyone.

I have a redfoot tortoise who stopped eating and would flush her nose with water and bubbles would come out.

She seemed more drowsy and didn't want to eat but would soak for long periods of time in her water.

(This started when having her outside for a few hours and had her covered during rain due to a pest treatment in my house. She stayed outside for 4 hours before it was safe to go inside)

After that treatment was when these symptoms aroused. I finally made the decision and took her to the vet where they said she seemed to have gotten a respiratory infection and watery eyes. So she prescribed antibiotic shots for 7 days or Baytril.

She ate once but hasn't ate again.. she seems more tired than before but moves around a little more than before. It's also obvious that her front legs are sore from the injections..

I want to know how others have handled the Baytril?

Has your tortoise have respiratory infections and did baytril work?

I just need general point of views on this cause it's the first we have used that and the first she has gotten sick..


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Sep 23, 2012
I have used baytril for infections a couple of times. In one relatively bad case a respiratory infection morphed into a nasty eye infection. It worked, but took 3+ weeks. This tortoise was not responding to fortaz. The tortoise did not eat for more than a month and would not drink unless soaked.

Yes it does make their legs very sore and they absolutely hate it. But they are alive…

Watch the tortoise carefully after the week is up. If it improves (gradual increase in activity, bowels moving, drinking on its own) you can wait it out. If no improvement or gets worse you may need further treatment. Also make sure the tortoise is kept warm and humid, mid-80’s F at all times.


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Jul 16, 2014
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I've had a REDFOOT that was treated with a series of antibiotic injections. And she did stop eating. And she became so sluggish that she was eventually unresponsive and for 48 hours I was sure she was dead.
She survived and is thriving today.

Try to keep the tortoise hydrated and warm and let her/him rest.
You might be able to jump start the eating with a bright red chunk of watermelon or mango. But it might not happen on the first try.
If she will drink while being soaked, you can add a little fruit baby food into the soak water.

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