1. HorrorHaru-Redfoot

    Im a little worried my cousins might have given the tortoises to much dry food.

    Im a little worried my cousins might have given too much dry food and mealworm to my tortoises, im not sure about the amount they ate. So I gave them 2 small pieces of prickly pear each, is there anything else i can do or give my tortoise to make the journy out easier ? I thought they might get...
  2. Lucy


    Releasing the ‘monster’ into the wilderness (that I still need to plant 😄) so far, she’s not impressed!
  3. T

    Questions regarding enclosure for my baby redfoot.

    Hi this is my first post, I've lurked around this forum for awhile and decided to join since I had some questions and were making me doubt my decisions a lot. Some info on my baby tort is that it is a Redfoot and around 3 months or so of age and I've had him for about a week. I live in the...
  4. H

    Redfoot breathing

    Hi, guys I just took my red foot out of his enclosure to see how he was doing. When I put my ear up to his nostrils I can here a “pft” noise every few seconds like when you breath out through your nose with slightly more force. Also when he’s in his enclosure I see him “yawn” but never seen him...
  5. H

    Redfoot tortoise poo weird looking ?

    Hi guys! I have a redfoot tortoise who was bred some point in 2020 and we’ve had him for a few months now - he usually poops normally but today his poop looked like this - the only reasoning I can give is that he usually lifts his bum to poo but decided to do it lying down this time 😂 any...
  6. milesm916

    Vertical/ramp climbing for enclosures?

    So I have a juvenile redfoot, and he loves to climb. Outside and indoors, all he wants to do is climb and explore, which is good, but he keeps accidentally flipping himself over in his enclosure which scares me because I have to be gone for work during the day, and can't stay awake 24/7 to keep...
  7. B

    Pausing to think (photo)

    You guys ever catch your Torti in a compromising position? Well now and then I'll walk by or check my camera to see what Heidi is doing. Today I caught this girl stuck in a tight spot. It's funny because you can literally see her pausing to figure out how she's going to maneuver her way out of...
  8. C

    Red Foot shell Discoloration

    Hi Everyone: New user here trying to figure out what is going on with two of our tortoises. Two of them are developing these white lines on the shells at the joints (see pictures). What is this? What is causing it? How do we treat it? Thank you!
  9. B

    Redfoot Nightmare

    Hello everyone, I know this is super strange but I want to share a dream I had with you all. So this afternoon while taking a short nap I had a dream (more like a nightmare) that I went to go check on my girl Heidi and when I went to touch her shell, it looked super pale and was paper thin and...
  10. Benda183

    Normal head peel?

    I’ve noticed Lucy’s head is getting more scaly and dry. Do I just soak her more or is there anything dietary that causes this?
  11. G

    Seeking red-foot owners worldwide for research! (update)

    Hello everyone, I'm sharing this far and wide across the Internet to try and reach as many red-footed tortoise owners as physically possible. I'm currently undertaking a master's level research project looking at links between how owners perceive the cognitive abilities of their tortoise and...
  12. B

    Brown mark and bump on redfoot head

    Around a week ago I noiticed a tiny brown mark on my redfoot's head, I didn't think of it much then but I was going to book a vet appoitnment. I've just checked today and to me it seems like it has gotten worse. I'm extreamly worried about it now and I'm going to book an appointment at my vets...
  13. S

    When to upgrade redfoot enclosure??

    Hi everyone! I have an approximately 9 month old redfoot and am wanting to upgrade his enclosure. He's growing like a champ and his current enclosure is getting on the small side. I am planning on going ahead and building a tortoise table but want to make sure that the climate is good for his...
  14. Benda183

    What am I doing wrong? Humidity hating tortoise lol

    I’m struggling here…I’m new to tortoises and have had my rf for about a month now. She lives outside and I bring her in for the night where she lives in this box. I changed things recently to accommodate her behaviors and me trying to understand her needs. She had this box outside at first...
  15. Lucy


    My pretty girl or a boy 😄 checking out her new hide 😁
  16. nightoff

    RF hatching carapace problem?

    I’ve had three RFs hatch out in the last couple of days. The third one hatched out yesterday morning. The yolk sac was so big he would tip over onto his face. 😊 I know this is normal. I had him on damp paper towel with damp paper towel loosely over him with a breathable cover. I noticed last...
  17. Benda183

    Need some insight into red foot outdoor living

    Hi all this forum is heaven sent for me I tell you! being a new red foot mama, I’m stressing a lot trying to make a good home for my Lucy. For now she has a temporary place outside until we finish our wall and backyard. she loves being outside, but since I moved her box to a new more spacious...
  18. B

    Is my Redfoot growing too rapidly?

    Hello All! So my baby Redfoot, Heidi is about 3 months old now and I just measured her for the first time. she is 3.5 inches wide and 3.25 inches long. Now I've looked around online and a few sources I've read say that, that is the approximate size a 1 year old! question to you guys is...
  19. R

    How do my cherry heads look?

    I have owned this guy's for about 4 months now. The larger one I got from a pet store when I saw he was not being properly cared for. The smaller one I got from a breeder. I give them a few hours of outside time and keep their enclosure very controlled at the recommended settings 80f on...
  20. Lady Ashthorn

    A myriad of questions.

    Ok, I have several related questions. I currently have a baby redfoot who is going to be 3 months tomorrow. I have seen that this is a debatable topic, but would I be able to house multiple (specifically 2) baby to yearling tortoises together. Are pairs ok? Can a yearling and a hatchling be in...