1. JesseS

    Cherry head or not?

    Ok I know this is asked a lot but I'm curious on opinions. We acquired Nebbie from a rough spot in a 25 gallon tank with 2 other redfoots twice her size, no sign of humidity and vet immediately dx a LRI. She's on injections now. I was told she is a cherry head. What are your thoughts? (Pics...
  2. catullus

    Two-year-old cherryheads

    Available for adoption in the East Bay, CA (no shipping). Healthy and lively! Incubated at high temps. Approx 5 inches. More details and photos available for serious inquiries. Let me know roughly where you're located, and what your experience is with redfoots or tortoises in general.
  3. S

    Help with indoor enclosure!

    I have a juvenile redfoot tortoise that, although adorable, eats every single plant I put into his enclosure. He's super active and loves to explore, but his enclosure feels bare and I'm looking for some ideas! He has a warmer end with a uvb bulb and food dish, a humid hide in the middle, and a...
  4. EllisEditz

    Redfoot Tortoise & Chicken

    Hello people, I want to switch up my torts protein diet and try feeding some chicken I’m just wondering if any of you have before how did you prep the chicken.? Boil it?,oven? I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ The Chicken 👇🏻 Was it bought fresh.? Was It A Whole Cooked Chicken From any ordinary grocery...
  5. D

    Introducing new Redfoot

    I am curious to know how I properly introduce a new female redfoot to my male redfoot? I've read that you have to quarantine the new animal. But I am not sure how long for? And also they cant be in the same enclosure. I want to make sure I don't get my male sick of course and also be able to...
  6. 0

    Garbage bags okay for liners?

    Seen some posts on here that mention shower curtains as liners a lot but a few posts that also say trash bags work too. I just put a trash bag liner underneath my redfoots substrate today but am nervous about leaving him home with the heat lamp on tomorrow. Is this a fire/toxin hazard? Has...
  7. MandyLLL

    Redfoot baby shell deformed - birth defect?

    Hi guys! My Redfoot baby Dingleberry has a slight shell deformation from since I got her (see pic). She (assigned to be female for now) eats, poops, and acts all healthily. I bought her 3 months ago at a small pet store. Soon after I found TFO. After extensive research and realizing the care...
  8. EllisEditz

    redfoot tortoise spider plants

    would you guys reccomend these spider plant seeds for my redfoot tortoise? (amazon link below)
  9. P

    9” Redfoot!

    Hey guys! I have a quick question if anyone can help me out. I live in the panhandle of Florida. I recently purchased a 9” redfoot tortoise from California she was born and raised there. I was wondering if had to worry about her not acclimating well.
  10. dzzxmm1919

    Redfoot weird white mucous stool

    Hello tortoise lovers! I just found my 2 yr old redfoot pooped weird white-yellow mucous thingy on his substrate. Here is the photo of it- He refuse to eat for a month, so I syringe feed him every day of 0.5ml critical care. I also soak him every day to keep him hydrated. I use CHE and MVB...
  11. B

    2y/o cherry head update pix

    Hi everyone… enjoy pictures of my cherry head red foot who turned 2 back in February (:
  12. milesm916

    Redfoot making coughing/throat clearing noise?

    So recently my juvenile redfoot has started making a strange sound every so often that worries me- like a cough or a throat clearing type of sound. He does it a few times every few hours and then stops, but this has been going on on-and-off for about 4 days now. He doesn't have any other...
  13. dzzxmm1919

    2yr old Redfoot not eating for more than 10 days Please help!

    Hello tortoise lovers. Here is another thread about my redfoot tortoise: he has been not eating anything for more than 10 days, meanwhile, no poop at all. Here are some photos of his enclosure down below: We built this new enclosure on April 2 because his old enclosure might be contaminate by...
  14. Tonks_the_Tornado


    Hi all, I’ve been wanting to post for a while. New-ish tortoise owner, got her from Petsmart in September. I’ve been reading this forum since I got her, trying to take the best care of her and give her everything she needs for a healthy upbringing! She is a a redfoot, not sure how old, about 6.5...
  15. EllisEditz

    redfoot tortoise and broccoli.??

    is broccoli okay for redfoots to eat? and how would you guys prep it?
  16. EllisEditz


    just wondering from your guys experience and loads of research what substrate would you guys say is best for a redfoot tortoise.?
  17. CharSparda

    New member of the family!

    So I went to a reptile shop for the last… 5-6 months? And I developed a relationship with a red foot, every time I came to visit the store he/she would come to me and would start moving around its small enclosure. Today I decided it was time for him to join the family (we’re two cats and a...
  18. S

    Critique on young redfoot enclosure and thermostat?

    I am adopting my first tortoise (redfoot) and trying to get as healthy a setup as possible. He will be starting in a 40 gallon tank (I know not ideal being glass) that is coming with him until I build an enclosure that will last many years in the near future (He is around 4.5 inches now). I...
  19. TerrenceRedFoot

    UK Vivariums pictures

    Hi, please can I see pictures of your red foot vivs in the uk…would like to make Terrence’s nicer for him
  20. BuzBuz

    Merry Tortoisemas!

    Heidi: *Sigh* just take the photo hooman..