1. R

    Chicago outdoor enclosure help

    Hi, my name is Rowan and I have a 12 year old male red foot name Torti! He’s been with me since we were both little and we’ve grown up together! I’m currently in the Chicago burbs and I’m looking to build an outdoor enclosure in my parents back yard! Usually Torti lives with me at college in a...
  2. marlin&emily.jpg


    my little tortoises Marlin and Emily when I first got them. they have been with me for 2 years now
  3. 20211019_120747.jpg


    Marlin is always watching me
  4. O

    baby Olive, age guess?

    This is Olive, her fav fruit is mango! I just got her 2 weeks ago and look forward to keeping in touch with other redfootie friends to learn more tips and tricks! I think she is a cherryhead (?) and she is about 3.5 inches in length. Any guestimates on how old she might be? Thanks!!
  5. B

    Re-home 7 year old redfoot Tortoise

    I am located in northern Colorado and am helping re-home a friends tortoise who is currently in our care. She is 7 years old and her name is Taco!
  6. HiloReds

    Big Island, Hawaii checking in!

    Hello everyone! After about a year on trying to locate red foots here on my island and feeling like I researched enough to feel confident in raising these magnificent creatures. I finally decided to pull the trigger and adopt the 2 red foots I’ve kept on visiting at our local petco. From what...
  7. R

    Is this shell rot?

    I've been treating my tortoise from a fungus in it's plastron for two weeks now. He has recovered very well, I've been applying betadine, chlorhexedine and clotrimazole (betadine just for the first three days). But it still has a black spot on the center of it's plastron, i'm worried it could be...
  8. Mojo


  9. Mojo


    I was telling Mojo some funny stories while he was eating 🤣
  10. Mojo


    Chowing on some Papaya.
  11. Mojo


    Today's looks of distain
  12. M

    Help with red foot tortoise care

    I am about to get 2 baby red foot tortoises, any tips and advice for them? And what is a good enclosure?
  13. Alex and the Redfoot

    UVA requirements

    There is an opinion that UVA is essential for tortoises, because it enchances their color vision, affects feeding behaviour and overall activity. The typical lightning setup for temperate and desert species includes three components: 1. Incandescent bulb: visible light and some UVA, on for...
  14. CanOfCorn

    Cherry head tortoise has dry skin even though humidity is high

    My juvenile cherry head has very dry skin on his front legs. Here are the enclosure specs: 3x4 feet, closed top, 3 CHE’s set at 85F, overall humidity 75-89% depending on how close to the heat lamps, T5 UV light 10hrs daily, cypress mulch substrate. He gets daily soaks in lukewarm water also. I...
  15. P

    Redfoot indoor enclosure

    Heya! First post here as a lurker. I have a 3 year old redfoot ( I’m the 3rd owner of her! Had her for only 3 months now.) for which I am building an indoor enclosure! I have planned it out so that she will have a two level- enclosure with a total walking space of around 34 sqft. My question for...
  16. neelia

    rot on plastron?

    hi, i’m a new tortoise owner and i saw these little white spots on the middle of my redfoot’s plastron. is this some sort of fungus or shell rot?
  17. M

    Need Help, Amazon Redfoot Tortoise

    My Sister -in-law has a Redfoot Tortoise. Who is now living with us. Two years ago Tortie experienced a crack in his shell. We patched it with Duc-tape and it healed. A few days ago she said she wanted us to look at Tortie because she thought she saw another crack. I am up loading a couple...
  18. Dankneepowpow

    Redfoot interesting poop

    Aloha forum, I have a question about my Redfoots recent bowel movements. My redfoot, Chevy, is almost 4 years old and has historically always had the same healthy looking poops that I would describe as firm, solid and greenish brown looking. This week her poops have been slightly more runny but...
  19. L

    Scute fell off, cracked underneath Red Foot Tortoise

    What the hell is going on here??? My tortoise escaped his outdoor enclosure on a day I put him outside when it was 76 degrees in Washington state. We couldn’t find him anywhere and continued to look for days on end. Finally we found him, he was missing from October 10-October 22. Temperatures...
  20. ArtemisRedFoot

    New redfoot owner -- enclosure set up help

    Hi! I am new Red foot owner and was wondering if someone with more experience could look over my current setup and give me pointers. I just got him a week ago. I've been browsing the forums and have been trying to update it where I can but am nervous there is still so much more I could do. I...