1. mattgrizzlybear

    Rehoming 11 year old Redfoot Tortoise (Cleveland/Pittsburgh areas)

    Hello, I am looking to re-home my 11 year old redfoot tortoise, Tommy . She has been a great companion over the years but I believe it will be very difficult for me to continue to own her going forward. As you can see from my profile, I used this forum a lot when I was younger (I cringed pretty...
  2. Y

    Anyone in Ontario Canada willing to ship/sell/give me 1lb of mazuri tortoise food?

    Cant seem to get my hands on any sample size smaller than 25lbs and my redfoot is so picky, it’s been tougher tryna supplement his diet during the winter (I’ll pay for however much shipping comes out too plus some on top of that) Also if you live in the GTA I could come pick it up myself Thank...
  3. C

    White spots around redfoots eyes

    My partner and I are brand new Tort parents. We've only had our little lad for a few months. In the last couple days there seems to be small white spots on the corner/just above his eyes. We tried to see if they would come off while he was soaking, but it doesn't seem to be effected. I noticed...
  4. MesOak

    New Build Design Questions

    Hi all, I'm designing an enclosure for my Redfoot, ~15M. Just have some design and placement questions Specs: 8'x4' x2' tall. Two hides, second story over the larger one. My first question is if there are any design flaws any veterans can identify, things like hides being too big/ too small, or...
  5. EllisEditz

    do you guys give your torts rainwater? is rainwater safe and better than any other water?

    hey guys just wondering is rainwater safe and better than any other water? i normally boil water let it cool right down then use that water for his soaks/water dish i do also use fresh bottled water but i was thinking about collecting rain water in a clean way and saving money is it safe people :)
  6. betweenshells

    redfoot shell rot or fungus?

    can anyone let me know if they think this is shell rot or shell fungus? she's a rescue redfoot tortoise, anywhere between 3-5 years old. upgrading her indoor enclosure this week to a 4x2x2 from dubia. her poop has also been rather stinky and loose. not sure what i could be doing wrong. her...
  7. JaimeJPC_PR

    Baby Redfoot, indoor enclosure UVB

    I have a question regarding an Arcadia T5 D3+ Desert 12%. I have one installed in my RedFoot enclosure, that is about 15 inches high (Following the Arcadia introduction In my current setup I put the light on top of the Exo Terra Large...
  8. R

    Redfoot Whistling

    Hi, I just got an 8" redfoot 3 days ago and since then I have noticed that she has been whistling through her naves. It is pretty constant and noticeable whether basking after her bath, excited or exercising. Alongside that, we noticed that she has watery eyes sometimes. I think it could be just...
  9. betweenshells

    My redfoots poop...

    Hey y'all, sometimes my redfoot's poop is a bit unformed. What's this mean? I have only had her for a couple weeks now, I believe she's anywhere between 3-5? I've started to feed her everyday, but was mostly feeding her every other day for some time because that's what I was initially instructed...
  10. betweenshells

    New Redfoot Tortoise - is she healthy? any tips?

    Hi everyone, I just got a new redfoot tortoise. She was living in pretty bad conditions, in a chicken coop here in central Texas for who knows how long. I believe she is about 2 years old. She has shell rot on the bottom of her shell and has mild pyramiding. My brother has had her for 6 months...
  11. J

    Spike looks like he got hurt!! Help!!!

    My tortoise (ive never found out if he/she is a redfoot, or yellowfoot) but it appears he has a scab of some sort on the inside of his shell. Spike is usually so excited to be interacted with and loves to explore and be soaked. Today, i noticed he had his head tucked in most of the time during...
  12. A

    Hatchling with URI (failure to thrive?) Update

    Hello, My hatchling redfoot went to the vet. They gave him subcutaneous fluids, ceftazidime, and a gentamicin eye drop. They said he may just be a hatchling that fails to thrive but I wanted to give him a chance. I soak him a few times a day in warm water. Sometimes I had Mazuri diet, carrots...
  13. JesseS

    Cherry head or not?

    Ok I know this is asked a lot but I'm curious on opinions. We acquired Nebbie from a rough spot in a 25 gallon tank with 2 other redfoots twice her size, no sign of humidity and vet immediately dx a LRI. She's on injections now. I was told she is a cherry head. What are your thoughts? (Pics...
  14. catullus

    Two-year-old cherryheads

    Available for adoption in the East Bay, CA (no shipping). Healthy and lively! Incubated at high temps. Approx 5 inches. More details and photos available for serious inquiries. Let me know roughly where you're located, and what your experience is with redfoots or tortoises in general.
  15. S

    Help with indoor enclosure!

    I have a juvenile redfoot tortoise that, although adorable, eats every single plant I put into his enclosure. He's super active and loves to explore, but his enclosure feels bare and I'm looking for some ideas! He has a warmer end with a uvb bulb and food dish, a humid hide in the middle, and a...
  16. EllisEditz

    Redfoot Tortoise & Chicken

    Hello people, I want to switch up my torts protein diet and try feeding some chicken I’m just wondering if any of you have before how did you prep the chicken.? Boil it?,oven? I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ The Chicken 👇🏻 Was it bought fresh.? Was It A Whole Cooked Chicken From any ordinary grocery...
  17. D

    Introducing new Redfoot

    I am curious to know how I properly introduce a new female redfoot to my male redfoot? I've read that you have to quarantine the new animal. But I am not sure how long for? And also they cant be in the same enclosure. I want to make sure I don't get my male sick of course and also be able to...
  18. 0

    Garbage bags okay for liners?

    Seen some posts on here that mention shower curtains as liners a lot but a few posts that also say trash bags work too. I just put a trash bag liner underneath my redfoots substrate today but am nervous about leaving him home with the heat lamp on tomorrow. Is this a fire/toxin hazard? Has...
  19. MandyLLL

    Redfoot baby shell deformed - birth defect?

    Hi guys! My Redfoot baby Dingleberry has a slight shell deformation from since I got her (see pic). She (assigned to be female for now) eats, poops, and acts all healthily. I bought her 3 months ago at a small pet store. Soon after I found TFO. After extensive research and realizing the care...
  20. EllisEditz

    redfoot tortoise spider plants

    would you guys reccomend these spider plant seeds for my redfoot tortoise? (amazon link below)