1. G

    For Sale: 2.5 year old Female Redfoot Tortoise

    I am looking to rehome my 2.5 year old tortoise named Basil. She is energetic, so entertaining, and loves head scratches. Basil is the perfect tortoise, she has never had any health or appetite issues and in the 2 years I have had her, her shell has grown from 3 inches to 5 inches long. I went...
  2. T

    Rehome Depression?

    Hey Tort Team!! New to group and new Tortoise Tender. I had a friend who’s Sulcata had outgrown her back yard. She asked if I would take him and was happy too. I’ve had “Crush” for a week now. He lives in a fairly large fenced area with my two goats. He doesn’t appear he’s eating. I have...
  3. G


    Hi, I feel like I need to rehome my sulcata. Sadly he has pyramiding. He is a year and a half old. I’m unsure if it’s a male or female. I feel like I need to rehome him to hopefully fix his shell and give him a better life. I’m located in East Texas.
  4. casstom702

    Rehome gopher tort in Vegas

    I need to rehome a 10 to 15 year old male gopher tortoise. A friend of mine was moving out of town and the person who was supposed to take him flaked last minute so she asked if I would take him. He had nowhere else to go so I accepted, but he does not get along with any my other tortoises at...
  5. A

    Male Russian and Female Sulcata needing rehoming

    I have a male Russian box and a female Sulcata (we think) that needs rehoming. They were both rescues given to me at different times a few years ago, and I haven't been able to give them the care and dedication they deserve. The Russian is at least 8 or 9 years old; the Sulcata might be less...
  6. steven nix

    *wanted* terrestrial turtle in Georgia

    I don’t know if these wanted posts ever get any traction but thought I’d try it. I would like to adopt a couple of box turtles, or elongated tortoise, or Russian. I keep red foot tortoises currently, so I am not new to keeping turtles, but would like to expand to other breeds. I’m in Georgia...
  7. A

    Needing to rehome, any suggestions of safe ways to do so?

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well and having a good day. I have had my russian tortoise Sheldon for about 3 years now and I love him with my whole heart and wish more than anything that could continue to care for him. However, due to some recent health issues I unfortunately...
  8. For Love of Everything Shell

    Posting for a free tortoise in need of rehoming on “Nextdoor” app 💔

    I just found this advertisement for a “free tortoise needing rehoming”. I asked the lady to pull her ad, and to list the little fella(s ?) on this forum and ... I provided her the website and my cell phone. Just in case... I hope she contacts me back and I hope to help guide her to one of the...
  9. J

    🚨Want to re-home Russian tortoise named sleepo🚨

    sleepo has a different walk but it does not affect him. Basic care requirements: need to be fed a variety of wild weeds, grasses, broadleaf weeds. They need a good variety calcium rich diet, I usually feed mine Monday through fri then I don’t feed them on the weekends. There enclosure needs to...
  10. V

    Help! I don’t know what to do!

    Hi there. I’ve had my sweet tortoise for about a year and a half now. I love him so so so much, and I’ve done so much research and tried my very best to care for him the best I can. But lately, he doesn’t seem right. He won’t eat, doesn’t want to even come out of his hide anymore. His eye...
  11. J

    UPDATED - Want to Re-Home Russian Tortoises, their names are Sleepo and Turner.

    Basic care requirements: need to be fed a variety of wild weeds, grasses, broadleaf weeds. They need a good variety calcium rich diet, I usually feed mine Monday through fri then I don’t feed them on the weekends. There enclosure needs to be 8x4 feet or larger per tort they can be housed outside...
  12. J

    Rehoming Tortoise- Located in Maryland

    I couple of months ago I had found a tortoise on the side of the road almost getting run over. The tortoise is not native to Maryland or the east coast so I must have been a released pet. I figured she is either a 1.5 - 2 year old Greek or Sulcata Tortoise. She wasn't taken care of well, her...
  13. Emily Anderson

    ADOPT - Super friendly Red-Footed Tortoise - Seattle

    Hello Everyone, It is with a very heavy heart that I find myself writing this post. Due to upcoming moves and an uncertain future, I am not going to be able to provide for my little man, Boris the Tortoise, and give him the quality of life he deserves. Boris is Red-Footed tortoise about 13...
  14. apecares

    Rehoming a Red Footed Tortoise

    I am looking to rehome a female red-footed tortoise. I took her in May 2018 from a terrible situation. The previous owners (a relative of my boyfriend) had her in a 10 gallon aquarium and their dog had already attacked her. They were threatening to just let her go in the yard. I took her...
  15. D

    Looking into Re-homing options for a 3 year old female Russian.

    When I bought my tortoise from PetSmart, I was 19 and stupid... I have since been browsing this forum for a while, looking into ways to better care for her. Over the years, I've gotten better at tortoise care, though I'm not sure if it's enough. At the moment, I have her in a 3X4 indoor...
  16. R

    A two year old Russian Tortoise is looking for new home [SF Bay area]

    Female Comes with the enclosure $100 re-homing fee
  17. C

    Re-homing Tortoises

    Hello! I have an eight year old Russian tortoise who I have had for about four years. When I got her, I used the instructions provided by Petsmart, which I have since discovered are unhealthy and inadequate for Russian tortoises. After reading many posts on this forum, I've realized that I do...
  18. J

    Sulcata in need of good home

    I have a male sulcata tortoise named Eli. He’s very sweet, curious, and gentle. He will be 4 years old in September; I’ve raised him from a hatchling. He’s large for his age, measuring about 12 inches, no pyramiding. He LOVES being outside and sunbathing, as well as taking warm baths. He’s...
  19. sammi

    Looking to remhome male Russian tortoise (southern california)

    Hello! I have had Ernie for about 10 years now. The vet estimates he was between 3-5 when I first got him, so he would be about 13-15 years old. Unfortunately my husband is military and we have to move to a place that does not allow exotics, and Ernie cannot come with us. I am in Southern...
  20. Ashlyn Eastus

    Devastated friend

    My good friend who retired a year ago from 35 years of being an English teacher, lost her beloved 6 year old Sulcata to a rare disease. She has a ranch with an enclosure that would put any one else’s to shame! She spent lots of time with him and truly cares about the animals she surrounds...