shell rot

  1. A

    Gender & suspicious spots?

    I am wondering if my Banjo here is a male or female? Banjo will be 3 years old this summer! Also, what are these spots on the plastron?
  2. betweenshells

    redfoot shell rot or fungus?

    can anyone let me know if they think this is shell rot or shell fungus? she's a rescue redfoot tortoise, anywhere between 3-5 years old. upgrading her indoor enclosure this week to a 4x2x2 from dubia. her poop has also been rather stinky and loose. not sure what i could be doing wrong. her...
  3. betweenshells

    New Redfoot Tortoise - is she healthy? any tips?

    Hi everyone, I just got a new redfoot tortoise. She was living in pretty bad conditions, in a chicken coop here in central Texas for who knows how long. I believe she is about 2 years old. She has shell rot on the bottom of her shell and has mild pyramiding. My brother has had her for 6 months...
  4. T

    Shell rot?

    Hi there I had my tortoise out earlier and was inspecting her and noticed what looked like signs of shell rot on her plastron? The top of the shell looks okay to me but is the bottom normally supposed to look like that? She hasn’t been eating as much the past few weeks which I chalked up to...
  5. bbbokchoy

    What is causing this flaking?

    The flaking started off more subtle and a vet told me to use diluted betadine, brushed along scutes once a day for two weeks. It didn't seem to do anything. I tried applying coconut oil to shell every couple weeks which got rid of the ashy color but Tort ended up starting to smell like old...
  6. L

    Worried about shell rot

    Hi All, I is the attached picture something for me to worry about?
  7. M

    Possible emergency: tortoise might have fungus on shell

    My Russian tortoise, Boris, has a mark on his shell that looks like fungus. It has been developing over a couple of weeks; I only started to notice it in the past three days. I posted these photos to Reddit and overwhelming people said it was fungus or mold. I was recommended to treat the spot...
  8. C

    Shell Rot? Plastron Fungus? New parent paranoia???

    Hello all! Took my baby out for some sunshine earlier and noticed a little bit of his plastron seems to be raised or lifting. It's the same consistency as the rest of the plastron, no smell, it feels just slightly lifted. Could it be rot? Fungus? Nothing at all? While I have your attention...
  9. K

    White spots on shell? Help!

    Hi there! I’m a new red(yellow?) foot owner. I’ve had Tortilla for going on three weeks now. Thursday while soaking I noticed these white spots on their shell. I’m not sure what they are because it’s not chipped. After looking back at pictures Tortilla had them when we first got him as well...
  10. B

    HELP!!! Baby Cherry Head Tortoise Shell Problem!

    I have had my baby cherry head tortoise for a month. I am getting worried about the condition of his shell. He began to have white spots. At first, I thought they were mineral deposits. When I put 50/50 water and vinegar I do not see any reaction. So I don't think they are mineral deposits. When...
  11. Eightball

    Beginning of a Possible Shell rot ?

    Worry that might be the beginning of an infection. What do you think ?
  12. snailpeekoutofshell

    Rot on plastron? :(

    Hello! I posted a bit ago about how Beans had suffered a dog attack, and since then he’s just been in a completely separate room and it’s been working quite well. He had suffered some damage to his top shell which seems to be fine, and the plastron which I’m more concerned about. Initially I had...
  13. ayrgrn

    Is this shell rot or is it normal?

    Hi, I just noticed these patches of grey after soaking my hermanns tort I can’t tell whether this is normal because of the pattern or whether it’s something to worry about - I’ve not noticed it before but that might be because it is just his shell pattern? also those white lines between each...
  14. Marisa_marie17

    Please help!!! (shell rot?)

    My tortoises shell has been roughed up since the day I got her and Ive always been cautious of it and I just noticed some things that I really don’t like and I’m panicking bc something isn’t right. Please give all advice and help me with what this might be. I’m super worried about my babe. Like...
  15. yay14

    Shell rot?

    Are those kind of white circle things in the middle of his shell shell rot? The thing at the top that looks like paint is just the reflection of the light
  16. akcoff

    Is this shell rot??

    Just got this redfoot tortoise a few days ago and noticed the black spot. Is this shell rot?? Is he going to be okay?? I've never had to deal with shell rot before and I'm terrified. Please help!
  17. L

    Does my baby RFT have shell rot?

    Hi all! This is my first post here in TFO. I've already looked up a few threads on shell rot but haven't really found anything to help me so I thought I'd post my own. I've had this baby red foot for about two months, kept in a 36*24 cement mixing tub with a 60/40 mix of reptibark and organic...
  18. A

    Shell rot?

    Hi! So, I noticed on my baby Hermann's a soft spot on the under side of his shell. I didn't know if that was shell rot starting? If so, what causes that and how can I treat him? The top side of his shell seems to be okay.
  19. T

    Is this shell rot?

    I'm watching my neighbors russian tortoise and I need to know if the bottom of its shell has shell rot cuz it looks a lil weird.
  20. K

    New Russian Tort Possibly has shell rot..? Please help!

    I recently got a Russian tort and he's very active, but I noticed his shell is peeling on very small parts and on the underside of the shell, he's got a white spot, almost like exposed bone? It was this way when I purchased him but I didn't think it was shell rot until I looked it up to make...