shell rot

  1. T

    Is this shell rot?

    I'm watching my neighbors russian tortoise and I need to know if the bottom of its shell has shell rot cuz it looks a lil weird.
  2. K

    New Russian Tort Possibly has shell rot..? Please help!

    I recently got a Russian tort and he's very active, but I noticed his shell is peeling on very small parts and on the underside of the shell, he's got a white spot, almost like exposed bone? It was this way when I purchased him but I didn't think it was shell rot until I looked it up to make...
  3. H

    What's the bluish coloration for?

    He has shell rot with hemorrhaging, I've been doing the betadine treatments and he also has an oral antibiotic. This is his second round with it as he crashed again a few days ago and hasn't eaten since then. The betadine treatments havent been seeming to help much, if at all, and the oral...
  4. A

    Shell chipping

    My tortoise Liam’s shell is kind of chipping in one area. Is this normal or could it have something to do with shell rot?
  5. slugthebug

    Possible Shell Rot?

    Hey there, So recently I received an about 7 year old male Russian tort from a home that couldn't take care of him anymore. He used to live with one other male in the same tank. I noticed that little chips in his shell were missing with white spots underneath, and after further research I'm...
  6. A

    Is This Shell Rot?

    good afternoon all. This little Russian tort is 22 years old, and was sadly neglected half his life - in former owner’s care for 11 years he had no UV light, no outdoor access, was never soaked, ate only Romaine lettuce, and probably had his enclosure cleaned 2-3 times (it’s a miracle he’s...
  7. M

    My Russian tourtise- I am an overthinker and need help.

    Hi! I made an account to post this and am excited to meet new people. I need help with my Russian tourtise named Tuttle. He is 8 years old and got him when he was around a year old. History: I changed his cage from a terrarium to basically what is a 6 × 3 box of wood less then a year ago. In the...
  8. B

    Red foot tortoise shell rot?

    Hello, After checking my tortoise I've noticed two light blemishes on the dark part of her shell. Is this normal and does the bottom of her shell look healthy or is this something to be concerned about like shell rot? I do wet her substrate but it does dry up very quickly. I did take this photo...
  9. D

    Shell rot?

    I recently just picked up this tortoise from a friends family, I don’t know how well they kept up with the tortoise but I know we have been treating her well at our home the last few weeks. I’m not quite sure if this is shell rot, I haven’t had any experience with tortoises in the past.
  10. Questingbeast

    3-legged box turtle with shell damage - need some help

    I received this rescued 3-legged box turtle from a wildlife rescue and museum to work some magic with, but there is SO much going on with his shell that I'm honestly a bit confused with what kind of damage this all is or how to tackle the problem areas. I am more than willing to take him to the...
  11. Father Zimbabwe

    Concerned about possible shell rot on new red foot

    Hi, about a month ago I got a young cherryhead red foot tortoise from tortoise town after they said they'd send it for 3 weeks. Poor guy was incredibly dehydrated when he came in and did nothing but hide and drink for the first week and a half. It wasn't until a few days ago that he started...
  12. S

    Does my girl have shell rot?

    I was giving my little one a soak and as usual, I check over her shell to see if she is okay. (When I first got her, she had chips missing from her shell) Nothing seemed out of the usual until I flipped her over and seen this pink spot. It's not soft, but it does bubble out VERY slightly. I'm...
  13. erinbug

    Redfoot shell rot

    I discovered shell rot on my guy yesterday; there was a lot of the white substance I’ve read about and I immediately went out to get an antiseptic cleaner, providine iodine, and antifungal ointment. Today the white stuff seems to be gone but this black spot remains - is this serious? It’s not...
  14. kona the tortoise

    shell rot?

    I have had Kona for a month now and have been noticing that there is something on her marginal scutes. She doesn’t have it anywhere else on her shell. The humidity in her enclosure is around 80-95% at all times. The temperature is at around 80-85 degrees F. Do you think this could be shell rot?
  15. zbarry

    HELP I dont know if this is shell rot

    Hi so I've had my russian tortoise Donatello for a year now and I've recently started to notice how his shell doesnt look as nice as other shells. I've tried to do some research but I felt like I was just getting my self worried about it being something really bad so I decided to come here and...
  16. T

    HELP Russian tortoise shell damage?

    Hello everyone! I've owned my Russian tortoise, Ivan, for around 3 years now (he's the first tort I've ever owned). Maybe 3 weeks ago I noticed that a small spot of his lower shell, on his belly, had an odd reddish-brown color. I assumed it was a small abrasion of some kind, I didn't think much...
  17. T

    Shell rot redfoot

    Is this shell rot or shell fungus? is this anything to be worried about?
  18. blizzard-king

    Cherry head tortoise shell rot?

    In November I received my "well started baby" cherry head tortoise (I suspect he was about 6 months old then and about 9-10 months now). Over the past month I've noticed some white rough spots on the bottom his shell. February: March: The spots are somewhat soft (I can scratch them with my...
  19. TortyDxb

    Aldabra squiggly lines on shell- shell rot?

    @ALDABRAMAN @Yvonne G @Tom hope you all are doing well! I need a bit of expert input Re the photos, and I also thought putting these photos up might be helpful for future reference (as they contrast very well I feel). Could you take a look and give your opinion- whenever is convenient of...
  20. churlishcurls

    Mystery Spot Under Shell?

    Double O's had a spot on her shell for at the very least the last 4 months or so. Sink photo is from 3 months ago, and the plastic tub photo is from today. The white chip is from old damage- I'm more curious about the little reddish spot on the rear acute. It looks like it's under the surface...