sulcata baby care

  1. J

    New Member - 7 month old Sulcata

    Hi! I am new here and I have a 7 month old Sulcata. I got him/her last September (2021) at Reptile Expo Anaheim. I just want to know what a tortoise that age should weigh and look like. He/She really loves to eat Mazuri pellets and a bit of lettuce, kale, and clover sprouts. Weighs 233 grams and...
  2. fourtorts

    Why are tortoises so cute?

    Why are tortoises so darn cute? I wish I was exaggerating when I say that I could/do watch them all day. Here are my babies post soak, enjoying a snack ??
  3. D

    Baby Sulcata Left Eye Problem

    Hey all! Just got a baby sulcata last Sunday. I took him out in our garden to graze on some grass this morning. He was energetic and loved walking around the place. Now, I noticed that it's left eye is not opening up as well as the right eye after it took a nap. Sometimes the right eye is...
  4. H

    Baby Sulcata

    I purchased my first sulcata tortoise yesterday! I was told it’s about 6 months old and it measures about 4 inches long. I have it set up in an indoor enclosure, 2ft by 4 ft plastic tub with a mixture of Timothy hay grass, organic soil and cypress mulch as the substrate, one large wooden hide, 2...
  5. ashleymiller28

    Night time temperature for young Sulcata?

    Hello, I was wondering which way I should go about temperatures during the night for my young sulcata. I recently just purchased a 100W CHE to use during the night to keep temperatures warm, however under the CHE my thermometer is reading 92-95 degrees while it is 82-84 degrees on the opposite...
  6. ashleymiller28

    Proper lighting for youngSulcata Tortoise tank?

    Hello! I recently just read somewhere that mercury vapor bulbs are too strong/bright/dry for young sulcata tortoises. What is a better option that will still keep temperatures hot enough?
  7. J

    Humidity Levels

    I have a 1-year-old Sulcata and he lives in an indoor enclosure. I've been told that they need a good amount of lighting, heat, and humidity. To be completely honest, I've always been confused about the humidity part. How would I regulate it and are there any items I should be buying preferably...
  8. J

    1 Year Old Sulcata Tortoise

    Hi everyone, I bought my Sulcata tortoise about a year ago. So far he has grown only an inch and is now 4 inches old. I was concerned that he/she hasn't been growing as much due to the diet I've been giving him. I heard that a 1 year old Sulcata should be around 6 - 8 inches if kept healthy and...
  9. Torta21

    (New Owner) Help, is this set up good for my baby Sulcata baby!

    His enclosure is fry wood and the dimensions are 38inch (L) x 24inch (W). His temperature is always around 80+ and his humidity in his closed chamber is usually around 70-80%, I use coconut coir mixed with Orchard bark. I live in SoCal, around the inland empire valley so it’s usually not lower...
  10. C

    Need advice/help withba sulcata

    I noticed today one of my Sulcatas thats very solitary and grunoy it seems, nit as active as my other sulcata that he lives with, hes always chilling by his self digged in or sleeping, the ither is always active and moving and aware as the other isn’t buthe seems fine and healthy. He gets active...
  11. T

    adding another baby

    I just bought my very first tortoise and decided to go with a baby sulcata. I've had it for a few days now and he/she is very healthy and eating well. i've decided i want to go ahead and buy another baby sulcata in the next couple of days because honestly im hooked. i have all of the time and...
  12. S

    Help! Sulcata hatchling squeaking, not eating

    I was given a Sulcata hatchling Sunday evening (12/29). Just the baby, no lights or any materials to help keep her alive. I went to a local exotic pet store first thing in the morning to buy as much as I could to house her, and I bought more online that should be arriving Friday (1/3). I'm doing...
  13. Gando_Salo

    Newbie Sulcata Family

    Hello all. I'm Gando Salo.. Awesome forum and I am looking forward to your responses and help. I live in Dubai and have 4 baby Sulcata Tortoises. They are very young and weigh just under 50 grams each. They were bought from a local breeder but after reading about 50 threads here and @Tom 's...
  14. Hendrixthetort

    Sulcata tortoise changing up his routine..

    Hi all, I have a 3 mo old sulcata and we live in NorCal. I have a few concerns and was wondering of I could get yalls opinion. I will copy/paste the info I have to someone else. Yea we have had him about 9 weeks and the last 5 weeks or so weve gotten into a routine where I wake up and turn his...
  15. Tory1871

    Is My Sulcata Set Up Adequate?

    Hello I purchased a Sulcata Tortoise a few months ago, he’s around 9 months old now. I have him in a tortoise table made from a book case, I used the hide from his original table that I purchased him with as it seemed small to keep him in. He is 3.5 inches long his enclosure is 2ft by 1ft. I...
  16. ToryTort

    Help with my Sulcata Tortoise

    Hi all I purchased a Sulcata Tortoise from what I thought was a responsible breeder, When purchased he provided me a small tort table with a bad fluorescent bulb. I had done a lot of research before hand and read that it was ok to spray the terrain etc to keep the humidity up. After doing a...
  17. Sdmunoz125

    Baby sulcata tank set up

    For my sulcata I have a 10 gallon tank with Cypress mulch as the bedding and a couple of rocks around. He has a bowl of water and a hiding place. The 2 bulbs I have are a 10.0 uvb reptisun bulb and a 60 watt heat bulb (Zoo med). I the uvb on for 12 hours a day and the heat one on all day due to...
  18. Kingsley7

    Abscess on Baby Sulcata?

    Hi Everyone, I have been dealing with quite an anomaly for the past few months with my 7 month old HET for ivory sulcata. I purchased him from Randy at tort Stork in December and noticed in late January a slight bump under his right eye on his cheek. We concluded it was probably an irritation or...
  19. S

    Tiny spot on baby sulcata's head and cracking on its cheeks.

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum and I hope that it would potentially solve my problem or at least decrease my paranoia. So recently I purchased a baby sulcata from an 'experience' breeder. When I first got it it was a typical baby sulcata, energetic, eats a lot and yeah. After a month it...
  20. H

    Help Check if condition of baby sulcata is ok

    Hello! I am new to the forum and certainly very new to tortoise keeping! I have recently bought a baby sulcata this month during a reptile show. The sellers said it was a hatchling and that the babies hatched last August. I wanted to know if my new sulcata looks okay at the moment. I'm...