1. I

    Outdoor Tortoise Enclousure

    Hey guys! I'm definitely going to need to build another enclosure for my hermann tortoise. She has outgrown her environment indoors and the weather is finally starting to look nice for her species! I want to get everything right the first time so she can be happy for years to come. Here are...
  2. A

    Looking for Radiata in Texas…also Burmese Stars

    Looking for a bunch of radiata in Texas High yellow=any size Or adults generally Also looking for a few adult Female Burmese stars Maybe a male Two10540840two -Troy
  3. atx95

    Outdoor baby Sulcata

    Hello forum! I have been keeping my Sulcata baby outdoors in the Texas heat for the last month. Temperatures get above 100 degrees everyday. He has plenty of shade and I soak him 3 times a day. I was wondering if there is anything I should keep a eye on or pay special attention too. He is very...
  4. Jamieclvrt

    Russian Tortoise

    Hi, I am looking for a captive breed Russian tortoise in Texas. Any information will help. Thanks!
  5. Ashlyn Eastus

    Devastated friend

    My good friend who retired a year ago from 35 years of being an English teacher, lost her beloved 6 year old Sulcata to a rare disease. She has a ranch with an enclosure that would put any one else’s to shame! She spent lots of time with him and truly cares about the animals she surrounds...
  6. iceysea

    Tortoise found, What species of tortoise is this?

    Hello! I'm a new tortoise owner, but I cannot figure out what species he/she is (my family is assuming female after doing some research but we can't be sure). My parents found a small tortoise outside while walking the dog two days ago and we are assuming she is an Egyptian tortoise. She's...
  7. P

    Looking for loving home for male Russian Tortoise adult

    We have had a male Russian Tortoise for the past 15 years and are looking for a loving home for him. He is really mellow and likes attention. An outdoors pen should be available for him during the warmer weather. We would provide the lighting, our indoor pen and all rocks, etc. to whoever...
  8. H

    Need to rehome juvenile Testudo Tortoise

    I need to rehome a Testudo Tortoise that I took for a friend. He had the tortoise for about 3 years before he moved away and could no longer care for it. I took it in but have quickly realized that I don’t have the time nor the qualifications to properly care for him. I want to find him a home...
  9. Dfwgolden

    Rehoming 3 Adult Box Turtles

    i am needing to rehome 3 adult three toed box turtles. They have been captive their entire lives ages range from 13 to 33. Two of them were rescues and came to me with severe MBD. They required beak reshaping procedures and still require regular filing and toenail trims. Two males and a...