tortoise diet

  1. M

    Tortoise diet questions

    Hello! I am getting a Hermann’s tortoise in July and am trying to research a variety of weeds and plants that my tortoise will be able to eat. I just purchased Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis and three African violets. I also purchased seeds for cat grass that include oat grass, rye grass, and a few...
  2. pimudh

    Thoughts on Tetra Tortoise?

    I've seen a thread about this exact food on here, but it's from 2016 so I wanna see if anyone else has experience with it since then. First off, I primarily want to feed fresh greens to my western Hermann's, named Kimi. I am an avid gardener and have grown many veggies for myself over the...
  3. T

    Sub-adult male Hermann's... extremely picky eater or wrong diet entirely?

    Hi all, I'm currently keeping a sub-adult male Hermann's tortoise. I've had him since last fall, and he's just great. However, I do have a few questions about his diet. I was told by the previous owner he was fed fresh fruit daily (strawberries, mangos, etc). To my knowledge, his diet was far...
  4. GingerTheRussianTortoise

    Tortoise only eats dandelion flowers

    My tortoise will not eat anything else other than dandelions. Is there anything I can do about it?
  5. C

    New Russian Tortoise Update- Still Settling In?

    Hello all! I thank those who responded to my previous post about the concerns I had with my new Russian tortoise (ordered online, received a month ago). He is moving around A LOT more each day. He is basking more which is great. He started eating a little (emphasis on a little) bit this past...
  6. Honeybunnfarms

    Feeding a Russian Tortoise

    Hi! I just got my first Russian Tortoise yesterday and I was curious what would the best diet to give her? She has already eaten Spring mix (No spinach), a small apple slice, a couple pieces of tortoise chow from Flukers, dandelion and a blackberry. Also from what I read she seems to be eating...
  7. Isabel Casiño

    How do I feed tortoise pellets to a baby tortoise??

    I wouldn’t say these are Mazuri pellets but I bought them at petco for about $450 pesos and it’s grassland tortoise diet. I would’ve preferred to buy actual Mazuri but US won’t ship to Mexico and MX amazon sells a bag for about $200 dollars. I’m wondering how do I feed this to my baby RF? They...
  8. B

    6 month old Med Spur is she pyramiding?

    hi there! i’ve had my baby tortoise for 2 months now and she is 6 months old. She’s always had a couple lumps and was the largest out of her brothers and sisters. I am worried she is showing early signs of pyramiding and am looking for advice on how i can help/if it’s an issue. Attached below...
  9. 2turtletom

    Zoo Med and Dried Flowers and Herbs

    I just made a video on how I use @Kapidolo Farms dried flowers and herbs and Zoo Med tortoise food. Who else is using dried flowers and herbs to supplement their tortoises' diets through the winter?