turtle care

  1. S

    Does AC has bad effect on turtle health?

    from where i am, nowadays average temp remains at 42 C (107.6 F) and goes up to 48 C (118.4 F), my turtle most of time is in water but from what i noticed it is more active if its in a open container with minimum a fan turned on, without fan she kind of became dull. so put i her container in...
  2. S

    advice for my turtle's diet

    Hello everyone, Recently, I sought advice for my turtle's diet and was told that feeding it chicken daily was not healthy and that I should offer fruits instead. So, I introduced a variety of fruits such as mango, banana, peach, and Falsa (Grewia asiatica), among others. Despite my efforts to...
  3. S

    Worried about my turtle

    I am quite concerned about my turtle; I had two of them. Unfortunately, one fell ill and didn't survive. She would often sit in the corner for extended periods and stopped eating, which ultimately led to her death recently. The other one, whom I'll call "Demo," was very active and had a hearty...
  4. M

    White spots on shell

    I got an Eastern Painted Turtle last week. She arrived with these white spots on her shell. There was a mix up with the delivery and she was in the package for 2 days without sunlight. So far these spots have not grown but the company we purchased from has recommended that we apply Lotrimin to...
  5. L

    indian star tortoise keeper need help (sleeps a lot, poor appetite)

    hi i am relatively new to turtle keeping I have 1 Indian star which i think 4-5 months old i need help as it only sleeps and i have wake it up to feed it it only eats cucumbers i have tried lettuce and a lot of other greens pls help. and do i have to leave him water or something
  6. L

    Hemorrhoids in my red eared slider turtle!

    Hell everyone it's my 1st post here and I really need your help. I had this turtle for the last 2 years and suddenly few days ago he stopped eating and his tail is swollen today I saw such bruises in his tail . I have kept him along with 3 other turtles and I don't know how it happened and what...
  7. S

    Hungry turtle?

    Hello! I'm relatively new to keeping turtles. Over the last year or so I've fostered a few and now I have one of my own. My turtle is an Eastern painted turtle, and he's quite active and friendly. Whenever someone is near his tank he starts swimming/pawing at the glass. Could this mean he's...
  8. T

    New Turtle Pond & Stream w Questions

    Hi Everyone, I want to share my completed turtle pond and stream with everyone and I am looking for comments or concerns. I want to soon house and breed Spotted Turtle and maybe African Dwarf Mud Turtles. The pond is about 1500 gallons and ranges from 4000-8000 gph. There is a shelf around...
  9. Z

    Mother found hatchling please advise/ identify

    Hi all! My mother found a hatchling on our land in West Virginia and was determined to bring it home to Fort worth, Texas and care for it. I have no idea what species it is or how to care for it. I've been doing my best with Google results but I know how hit and miss that method is. Please help...
  10. D

    Tortoise Help - Is my tortoise sick?

    Hi guys! So i have a tortoise that lives in my garden ( soil there is no grass atm) Anyways my tortoise is active and very fast! but recently (4 days ago) she started sleeping for too long! like a day and half at the same spot, while sleeping her head isn’t completely inside. In the last two...
  11. T

    Did I find my lost turtle or is this a different one?

    Around 13 years ago I had a small pet turtle and I had him for around 3 years until one day, he disappeared and never to be seen again. At that time, I was a kid, and I did not know if that was a male or female turtle, but for now lets assume that's a "he". I have attached his picture below...
  12. J

    turtle with runny poop and other issues :(

    hello im new to this forum and i just made this account because i have a question on what to do . my turtle has never had this type of poop before, its like a mixture of diarreah and solid poop, I was doing homework when I noticed he was acting strange and he had poopd all over his blanket. Hes...
  13. P

    Seeking opinions/advice on my reeves hatchling's health!

    So for some background info, "he's" fairly young (almost 2 months old) and we're just worried about him and want him to be happy and healthy. We adopted him towards the end of August, and the day we brought him home he seemed quite inquisitive and energic and he ate all of his food...
  14. C

    Help Planning Tank Setup For Turtle

    Hello! I might be getting a couple razorback musk turtles soon, and I have been doing some research about what they would need. I would like to give them as much space as possible so I was looking at getting the Aqueon 55 Gallon LED Aquarium Kit. But it doesn’t look like the hoods would provide...
  15. H


    Hi! I have raised 2 Red Eared Sliders and am looking for a home for them. They are amazing little turtles, (Pago & Kuba), and are about 2 years old. We have a nice setup for them, and they are very active. Usually let them roam freely around the house every other day or so. They also come to me...
  16. Redeared_Kingking

    HELP! Turtle head twitching!!! :(

    Hello everyone, this is my first time seeking help from forum. My red eared turtle has been found her head twitching these days, with the paws scratching her eyes. She has normal and clear eyes, stable and unchanged eating diet norm. What can I do to help?? Tysm!!!!
  17. BentoNeko

    My Eastern Box turtles front legs seem to be rubbed raw?

    Hi everyone! So my box turtle is about a year and a half old, when i picked her up the other day, I noticed her legs were considerably paler on the parts that she uses to wipe her face if she gets food in her face. It seems as though shes rubbed that part of her legs raw... any ideas on whats...
  18. M

    Read ASAP ! Box turtle isn’t cared for

    There is a box turtle that my step brother “rescued” from the wild. He found it one day and took it and kept it on a land that his dad owns. He named it Bob and isn’t taking care of it. A little back story on my brother : he is my mom’s fiancé’s son. His dad bought him 2 sulcata tortoises just...