1. snailpeekoutofshell

    Urate in food dish?

    Beans got to work chowing down on the dried food from yesterday before I could get up to grab him some new food this morning, but he also had left pee/urate. I use a large terracotta saucer for feeding so it soaked in quite a bit, although it was still quite easy to clean. He's only done this a...
  2. IMG_20210919_101055_9.jpg


    Having a soak, urates and the splits
  3. yay14

    Still passing gritty urates

    So my 1 year 2 months old hermann tortoise just passed some gritty urates again, at first i thought that the reason he was getting gritty urates were just becuse he was kept to dry before and that it should clear up now eventually now that the humidity is good, but now he has been kept in good...
  4. yay14

    Gritty urates

    Did not get any replies on other thread so i will try again haha. Hi everyone my yearling hermann tortoise has passed some gritty urates recently, It started around mid december and i made a post about and got recomendations to higher humidity soak more and spray food with water and i did all...
  5. J

    My baby sulcatas don't excrete white substance but I see them pee.

    Hello, I have two baby sulcata tortoises about 2 months old. I am from Southern California where it's pretty dry so I soak them everyday in warm water for about 20-30 minutes. A few weeks ago, I noticed the white stuff was a bit grainy so I'm worried about dehydration. However now, I don't...
  6. F

    Not sure about the pee

    Hi. My horse field tort, Frankie, is nearly a year and a half old. I think he's in good health but today did this wee in his bath. It looks slightly discoloured and like he's shed the lining of something inside. He usually does pass the urates but this has freaked me out a bit. Should I be...
  7. J

    my tortoise has no urates just liquid that is colored white.

    I need help I soaked my tortoise for about 45 mins and later that day. I took her out and put her on my floor with a table cloth there and her urates were non-existent and just white liquid.russain tortoise
  8. KhairulTort

    Asian Tortoise Trade, Sulcata Hatchling Health, Hard Urates & Other Observations

    Tortoises in Malaysia & Thailand I recently got my first tortoise. But the where I got it, raised a lot of questions about tortoise keeping in my part of the world. I hope this gives you all a glimpse into a different part of the hobby. It's been about two months since I became a tortoise owner...
  9. TortSpeed

    To URATE or to NOT URATE??

    Again... I read many threads on urates, and the right consistency, the amount, frequency, and not clear on this. Can someone tell us the basics... How often should we see the urates?? and is produced because of too much protein or dehydration? The consistency should be similar to toothpaste...
  10. A

    Difficulty with Urates

    Hey guys! So I have a 5-month-old Sulcata named Gilbert. He's doing great, very healthy, energetic, you name it. I have been weaning him onto cut grass instead of just spring mix and clover flowers (which he'd been eating for a bit as he wouldn't eat grass before -- this is now getting fixed...
  11. Reznov666

    Abnormal Urate--do I call the vet?

    My geriatric russian tortoise just woke up yesterday from a 2 month hibernation. I soaked him today, and this is his first urate since waking up from hibernation. Is this just a weird fluke while his body gets back on track, or is there a problem? He has not eaten much since waking up-- he ate...
  12. margosha

    Gritty Urates.. is it my fault?

    Sorry in advance for the length! I've had my baby Russian tortoise for about a month (he's about 6 months old), and for the past few days he's been passing fairly gritty urates. And today, he seemed to strain for a few minutes before passing a pretty large chunk of gritty ones. Afterwards...
  13. isobull

    how long do chalky urates take to normalize?

    I have a ~1 year old hermann's tortoise that I've had for about 7 to 8 months. Everything has been really good so far aside from a minor RI that he just recently got over. I'm concerned now because his urates have become chalky. I've increased the amount of soak time he gets, how many times a...
  14. Samyak Dadda

    Need help ASAP! Indian star tortoise not passing urate!!

    Hello! I have a indian star tortoise couple[both are quite small]. Recently the female one has not passed out the white substance [ urate] in her urine for the past 5-6 days. I am really worried about her. I tried feeding her banana and she ate a little but that's it. I give all sorts of greens...
  15. ScStange891

    Blockage/Massive Urate Stone- Cause for alarm?

    Hi, All, Just had a little episode with my Lini today. So he (not sure of gender yet but easier to refer that way) ate some normal breakfast, consisting of spring mix (he likes the dark purple leaves), and probably 2 full small pellets of Mazuri. He then proceeded over to his basking spot and...