1. Inspire2be

    Safe outdoor weeds? Please help. Appreciate responses! (Russian)

    I have a new Russian & I live in upstate NY. Can anyone glimpse these 6 (labeled with numbers..click each pic for clear photo) pictures & tell me if these are safe for Oogway to eat or not. I’m sure it’s been asked a ton but I just want to make sure lil dude eats right & appreciate any...
  2. Y

    Help identify some weeds and food help!

    I have these 2 types of weeds growing like crazy in my back yard! I haven’t used weed killer since February and it poured for weeks in the past couple months. Would they be safe at all to eat for a leopard? I also have a watermelon plant that he loves to play with and was wondering if that’s...
  3. alejzp

    Identify weeds, are they eadible?

    Hello all at the TF, I own a sulcata that is around 1 to 2 years. She eats a lot and have found some weeds that she loves, but at the end of my backyard, the grass died under some trees and instead I've gotten weeds grown galore and I have tried to identify them using the Google picture...
  4. TortoiseAndTheLagomorph

    Are these weeds safe?

    I have some weeds growing in this pot, and despite looking at a bunch of identification sheets, don’t feel 100% comfortable feeding them to my Russian tortoise without a second opinion. Does anyone know what these are and if they are safe?
  5. Lady Ashthorn

    Planning ahead- is this safe?

    Hello! Ez and I made it a week! I know this is incredibly early, seeing as how it's still winter up here in Canada, but I'm wondering if the plants which grow naturally in my yard are safe for a redfoot tortoise. The one I have been having trouble getting any information on is called "heal all"...
  6. baileypete

    How to avoid bugs when planting grass in enclosure?

    Hi! I've been wanting to plant grass in my enclosure again for Vic, my baby leopard tortoise. He loved having it in his enclosure before, however, after awhile of having it, there were very small bugs flying around the grass, and also flying around Vic and crawling on him. I took the grass out...
  7. laciem23

    is this spurge?

    Are both of these (the small more round leaves and the bigger, more fuzzy leaves) spurge?
  8. laciem23

    weed identification

    Anyone know what kind of weed this is? I live in south Florida.
  9. tort_us

    Low-Oxalate Weeds

    I can’t find a ton of info online about low-oxalate weeds (only the ones that are common for humans to eat). What are some good feeds that aren’t high in oxalates?
  10. B

    Uk good weeds and flowers

    Hi everyone! I’m in the uk and I’m struggling for wild weeds and flowers ! I really want bolt to have all the good things he need ! If you know any weeds or flowers (other than dandelions) please let me know ! If you know any good veg I could feed him that would be great too ! I feel like I’m...
  11. turtlebean

    My Tortoise Has Evolved

    Hi all! Little update on my little bean. When I first got Tortillini I was feeding him a diet of mostly grocery store greens. The occasional tortoise pellets soaked and mixed in. Mostly escarole, chicory, some spring mix, small amount of red and green lettuce maybe some spinach, some turnip or...
  12. A

    Hatchling soaking and diet

    I am a new owner of a little guy named Elvis. I have noticed my leopard hatchling Elvis doesn’t drink the water he soaks in. Is this normal? I have noticed that when we take him outside on the grass he eats plenty of clovers and clover flowers(which I have read are good for him), and he also...
  13. Ruszian Tortoise

    Weed And Feed! Help!

    So almost 4 weeks ago Weed and Feed was put in our yard. Front and back. There's been torrential rain storms since then... But since I don't know what type of Weed and Feed it was, I should not feed my tortoise weeds grown in the yard, right? Any advice as to what I should feed? Most of my...
  14. Russian eating weeds

    Russian eating weeds

    Eating weeds that I grow myself.
  15. E

    Weeds for Hermie ID! Thank you!

    Hi all! We have these weeds in our front yard and I keep trying to use the plant photo apps and it just isn’t working. Hermie absolutely loves being outside, running, climbing and especially grazing. He’s a Russian tort! Would anyone be able to help me ID these so I can pull them if needed...
  16. A

    Weeds growing in a garden shared by dogs, is it safe?

    This is my first time posting so please bear with me. I have weeds growing naturally around my garden that I would love to give to my torts however I have 3 dogs that use the garden for their business... Is it safe to feed the weeds to the torts? (The ones that are not toxic obviously) Also...
  17. A

    Which Weeds are Okay?

    Good afternoon all. Perhaps fortunately, due to the neglect of our backyard lately, we've had a variety of natural weeds growing. We use no fertilizer or pesticide of any kind and live in California's high desert. I have a 22 year old Russian box tort. What can I feed her? We have the long fans...
  18. E

    Russian tortoise PNW weeds?

    Hi all! My Theo (Russian tort) is doing great so far! Sadly he’s a little obsessed with the lighter leaf lettuce I got him (it’s a romaine) so I found a garden group in Seattle and asked people with untreated yards for weeds! We have two dogs and our HOA treats the front usually so ours doesn’t...
  19. Paulastortoisejourney

    Tortoise food and seed mix

    Hi guys! I am from The Netherlands and I’m new to this community. Already read a lot of articles. I love it so far! Super helpful. In a few weeks/months I’ll be getting myself my first Greek Hermann’s tortoise when everything is set up and ready. I have some questions about the food I should...
  20. H

    Weeds for Sulcata?

    Hi, everyone. So my sulcata has grown to about 3 inches now. I'm thinking of taking it outside. I don't have grass but I have weeds, instead. I was wondering if this type of weed is okay for the sulcata to eat. Thanks~!!!!