Albino Sulcata Tortoises-Worldwide Shipping!

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Feb 4, 2009
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Albino Sulcatas! $2500each plus shipping or export related costs for Worldwide shipping.
100% Het. Albino available @ $500each!

Worldwide shipping, US Federal Master Cites Approved Breeder! Cites permits ready to go, this means no waiting for International buyers!

*100% Live Arrival Guarantee! If Delta/SouthWest is not the chosen for Domestic shipments, the live arrival guarantee is voided and is the responsibility of the purchaser. *Please read the terms of the sale at the bottom*. Interested parties, please send me your name and phone number. I can also be reached via email at [email protected] or by cell (305)788-0340

Thanks for your interest, Joe...

Disclosure of Terms:

100% Live Arrival Guarantee with all Delta shipments. Animal (s) must be picked up within four (4) hours of their scheduled arrival time. This refers specifically to the time they arrive (when the plane lands). I am not responsible for mechanical failures, weather, mishandling by the carrier, or carrier delays that could void the live arrival guarantee. All animals are insured through Delta, and shipment must be opened at the Delta counter (upon pickup) to verify their condition for insurance purposes. If there is any issue with the shipment or the animals, I must be notified immediately upon the animals arrival,(when you are at the Delta Counter), for insurance purposes. There are no other guarantees/warranties expressed or implied once you have taken possession and confirmed the animal(s) live and safe arrival. Thank you


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