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Jun 30, 2018
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I post a lot of pictures of my box turtles in their tort tables in the house. In my last post I never did say that...
the box turtles stay in the tort tables at night as I have predators here...and I don't hibernate them so they stay in when it's cold...but in decent weather the box turtles are outside in a pond...I will weed eat it before the turtles are put in there. They hunt for slugs and with water in the pond they bask on floating wood are a birdbath. I had a Redfoot who loved swimming in there...100_0299.JPG
and here comes Mary...100_2484.JPGI just wanted to show that my box turtles are outside also and they really need to be outside as they, mine anyway, are very this is the whole pond...100_2482.JPG
just that...the end100_2361.JPG


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