Brazilian Cherryhead Redfoot

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Oct 13, 2011
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I have a true Brazilian Cherryhead Redfoot that I am looking to place into a great home. This little Cherry has had 110% love and passion that went into raising her. Trips outside on sunny days in a beautiful outdoor set up, me up late night worm catching, outside cutting clover and dandelion greens/flowers with scissors She/he is 2.5". Hatch date was May 29th, 2017. I am selling it as unsexed although incubation temps were a bit on the higher end resulting F, at 87-88 degrees. She/he has a tiny split scute as you can see in the pictures provided.

This Cherryhead is growing smoother than smooth growing up in perfect conditions and getting soakings dailyEnvironment being @ 80% humidity, 78-86 degrees. Feeding on grasses, weeds, clover, worms, slugs, pill bugs, dark greens, mushrooms, cactus pads, mazuri, dried herbs from mountain rose and had small pieces of strawberry, mango, and/or papaya on occasion.

I am selling this beautiful bright eyed red headed tortoise for $299 shipped (packing material, shipping/PayPal fees all included). 100% PERFECTION GUARANTEED Local sales are welcome and will take off $50.


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