Building Norbert, our 4 year old Hermanns an outdoor play pen


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Feb 4, 2021
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Hi all, my Daughter and I are new to this site!
we have a baby hermanns who so far has been living in our indoor inclosure (we’ve had him 6 months) and want to let him enjoy the outdoor world now the weather is better.
Ive been trying to do some research and am a bit overwhelmed by the choices!
I have a carpenter who is willing to help build something and I read about ideas of using a cold frame within a larger walled space and planting appropriate weeds/plants.
then I read that blocks may be better than wood… but I have a dog and want to keep Norbert super safe.
I’d bring him in at night and am aware he’s still small so need something sturdy, balancing sun and shade. I’ve read a few ideas of the type of soil, but again so many ideas seem to be conflicting when I research.
I’d be so very grateful if any ideas of size, materials and security.
We adore him and want to build him a happy home 🏡🐢