outdoor enclosure

  1. atx95

    Outdoor baby Sulcata

    Hello forum! I have been keeping my Sulcata baby outdoors in the Texas heat for the last month. Temperatures get above 100 degrees everyday. He has plenty of shade and I soak him 3 times a day. I was wondering if there is anything I should keep a eye on or pay special attention too. He is very...
  2. Outdoor enclosure russian balcony

    Outdoor enclosure russian balcony

  3. Part of russian outdoor enclosure

    Part of russian outdoor enclosure

  4. Russian outdoor

    Russian outdoor

    Part of russian outdoor enclosure
  5. Greenhouse


    Greenhouse with basking lamp and 2 plexiglass plates that let's 90% uvb through
  6. IMG_2948.jpg


    Rainbow in his/her outdoor enclosure.
  7. IMG_2946.jpg


    4.25" and 550 grams. Enjoying the new outdoor enclosure.
  8. ayrgrn

    permanent outdoor enclosure for Hermann's?

    Hi, I'm planning on making a permanent (or semi-permanent) outdoor enclosure for my 1yr8month old Hermann's tortoise and need some advice/guidance on what to do if anyone would be willing? I've looked at some other threads on outdoor enclosures but they all seem to be on adult torts but not...
  9. Z

    Keeping indoor/outdoor tortoise?

    Hey forum! I got a 10 month old Mediterranean Spur Thigh Tortoise about a month ago and up until now it has not been good enough weather to keep her outdoors but it has recently warmed up a lot. I was wandering if it is a good idea to keep her outside during the day and bring her in at night...
  10. E

    I think im doing everything wrong with my suclatas please help

    Ok so I got two sulcata for 3 years now, They are about 4 years old now, They were together in a glass tank of 40 gallons for about two years. 3-4 months ago I separated them because i saw one of them wasn't growing and the other one was growing bigger and bigger. The small one is living in a 10...
  11. J

    Horsefield, UK- when should i put outside

    I have recently adopted a tortoise, currently he is living inside but I would like to know when I can put him in an outdoor enclosure? He is fully matured. Lots of conflicting information online and I dont want to get it wrong, Many thanks 😊
  12. Kadels

    Moving to Phoenix

    Sometime in the next few months, I will be moving to Phoenix from Dallas. I have a 7-year-old Sulcata - she's maybe 40 pounds? I need lots of advice and help. 1) What is the best way to move her? I am not planning to make the drive, but I will if that is what is best for her. 2) Arizona...
  13. kirbytherussian

    How hot is too hot for a Russian?

    Hi all, I recently just moved from New Hampshire to sunny Florida. Leo, my 6 year old russian tortoise loved playing outside during the summer in NH. He would spend hours outside if I let him, and would even go on daily walks with me on the sidewalk. So naturally, I thought he would LOVE an...
  14. ShellbyDaTort

    Shellby’s new enclosure

    Something temporary until I can create a huge one. Half log added after. Excuse the narration :’)
  15. K1RK

    My Outdoor Ornate enclosure

    My outdoor enclosure. Hope you like it. Any questions feel free to ask.
  16. Revasius

    Russian tortoise in Florida: advice needed!

    Hi everybody! I am new to this particular forum but look forward to meeting some fellow tortoise owners. Background: I have a rescue Russian tortoise who I quite literally found abandoned on a median here in Florida. She was clearly neglected in her previous home, having an incredibly...
  17. K

    Russian Tortoise Habitat - Outdoor

    http://i67.tinypic.com/6z0k0z.jpg Hello everyone! This is my new Russian Tortoise Habitat. I live in Colorado and in the summer it gets to 75-85 degrees.The heat lamp is just tempararily for now.I planted some Testudo plants for my tortoise as well as the plants you see. Just wanted to hear your...
  18. Poslo

    Hello from Ventura CA

    About a week ago I was driving from Ojai when I saw a little tortoise crossing highway 33. I pulled over and picked up the little guy (or gal) from the hazards of the road. Having never seen a tortoise in this area, I was very curious what kind of tortoise he was. Having grown up in the...
  19. FreddieTheTort

    Outdoor enclosure for Russian Tortoise

    Hi! It is becoming warmer outside and I want to know the best way to build an outdoor enclosure for little Freddie. Anything I can add like plants or weeds? Thanks in advance!
  20. Lucky The Tortoise

    Can Russian torts be kept outside in Florida?

    Lucky's fine in his current setup (it's a bit small and I plan on making it bigger now that I have room) but I was also considering moving him outside. I'd need to pull up the grass and weed frequently but other than that, I wouldn't have problems keeping him outside since I have a big yard with...